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Ask me why I cycle without a helmet.

We are not against individuals choosing to wear helmets, however we are against mandatory helmet laws and shock-horror helmet promotions.

So say the European Cyclists’ Federation.

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My husband’s kidneys failed several months ago.  He remains alive because of a good doctor and the miracle of dialysis.  He is on a waiting list for a kidney transplant.   491 more words

If the helmet is the solution, then the wrong question is being asked

It was a helmet like this,

that the young nurse was wearing,

when she swerved to avoid,

the door being opened,

by the motorist getting out, 54 more words


The 4 sentence argument for why bicycle helmets should not be compulsory.

  1. Riding a bicycle is a healthy activity and people who do so regularly live longer, on average, than people who do not ride bicycles.
  2. Helmet laws present the message that cycling is dangerous and in turn, reduce the rate of people cycling.
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Voice of a hothead

A few days ago I took Patrick Brady to task for his blog’s terrible stance arguing that cyclists should just accept a mandatory helmet law for California bicyclists. 1,383 more words


New report from research group suggests stricter driving rules

SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Foundation, an influential public policy research group, will publish a report suggesting a range of changes to the rules of the road in Utah, with just about each one making someone angry. 241 more words


Helmet protest / Protestation contre le casque

Helmet protest. Well, where should I start? Before 2010, the helmet was a requirement when driving a motorcycle in Chad. Normal, no? From 2010-2014, they went through a period of helmet/no helmet laws. 1,028 more words