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Moar cat pictures, and the Feed

We had a call from the Daughter In Scotland this afternoon and when she was informed we had kittens she requested I post pictures where she could find them. 997 more words

Daily Feed

Does society have to pay because you choose to take risks and hurt yourself?

Here’s today’s COMMENT FROM AN OLD BLACK FART: Moi lives in the Republic of Seattle where the city muckety mucks admire Europe not only for its socialist leaning governments, but the high number of folks who ride bikes. 529 more words

Screw Bikers.. there I said it.

Every day I ride my bike to work. I like riding my nice quiet bike. It’s easy on the environment plus gives me a workout. It’s a two for one… a way better two for one than yoga.. 376 more words

What’s the Big Deal About Michigan’s Anti-Helmet Law?

January was Helmet Awareness Month. It brought attention, once again, to the importance of rider safety – whether it involves motorcycles, bicycles, or equestrian activities. The awareness campaign also refueled the ongoing motorcycle helmet debate—a heated topic that shows no signs of cooling down. 431 more words

What a Liuser

State Senator Carol Liu from Pasadena (to that area’s undying shame) has introduced a bill to make helmets mandatory for bicycle riders. Scofflaws will get tagged with a $25 fine, and the police will have something really significant to spend their time doing, finally. 624 more words


Bean Day, Monday, and the Feed

What can I say, it’s another Monday, and another Bean Day. I was supposed to get a paying gig to go work on another bike but this is one of those bikes that cannot fit inside a heated room, and the current weather situation is such that I dragged a hoodie out of the closet so I have a decent chance of keeping my fingers warm inside the house. 472 more words

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SB 192

Last week, CA state senator Carol Liu proposed a mandatory helmet law for California.  First, let me say that I almost always wear a helmet when I ride my bike.   1,283 more words

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