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There Oughta Be a Law

A common generalization holds that political conservatives favor personal responsibility over big government while liberals support more of a “nanny state.” In reality, however, people are more nuanced. 459 more words

Taking care of business before Mrs. the Poet leaves, and the Feed.

I was running all over town to take care of things like utility bills, phone bills, and paying for the storage unit, after I did my duty as a citizen and voted in the Super Tuesday primary. 712 more words

Daily Feed

Moar cat pictures, and the Feed

We had a call from the Daughter In Scotland this afternoon and when she was informed we had kittens she requested I post pictures where she could find them. 997 more words

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Does society have to pay because you choose to take risks and hurt yourself?

Here’s today’s COMMENT FROM AN OLD BLACK FART: Moi lives in the Republic of Seattle where the city muckety mucks admire Europe not only for its socialist leaning governments, but the high number of folks who ride bikes. 529 more words