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Can't Think of Catchy Title About Cancer

Okay I’m not even sure how to do this, so this is where I begin.

I have a very dear friend – the first friend I made when I moved here in 2004. 375 more words

When your friend is going through a difficult time

When someone you really care about is going through a difficult time or has made some mistakes and feels really bad, it is not of value to your friend or yourself to keep talking about the negative things. 100 more words

How To Allow

I believe in myself

Date stamp – Wednesday January 21, 2015

Wednesday January 21, 2015
Thursday January 23, 2015
Saturday January 24, 2015

Yawn, I’m sleepy and I’m one of those nights that is not my routine. 276 more words

I need a break!

Are you a parent? Are those adorable children driving you crazy? Do you have someone who can help?

A friend of mine has started trading babysitting with me. 183 more words

Family? Friends?

What dream is He giving you?


Family? Friends?

We all call on friends when we are in need or when we want advice. Our friends are our rocks and our Angels sent from above to keep us fighting and focused. 613 more words

Jesus Christ

So - in the event of a shit/fan scenario...

what do YOU do?

Me I get real calm – on the outside at least – and start cleaning it up,
calming other people down, 182 more words