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Feeling Lonely

Loneliness- I don’t know what the fuck it means but people feel it.

Well I’m sitting in my room and I don’t have anything to do. 263 more words


Help Me! Brotha! Help Me!

Disclaimer: I LOVE my mother MORE than LIFE itself. She was simply a tool for this blog post. I pray that you never read this mommy. 510 more words


I may need help...

I am absolutely bored at work and I sat for a few minutes looking at how nice it is outside. It got me thinking about a few things. 828 more words


Hello There. How You Doin?

It’s been a while, Blog. I’ve missed you. Let’s start over.

* * *

A lot has happened. I don’t know where to begin. So let’s start on what I’m currently working on. 535 more words


Hai hai, ^_^

Random person here, feel free to read this. ._. Eh so hai….again? Yeah again I said hi at the beggening dur~. This is my very first post!! 143 more words

Help Me Improving Memory

Any suggestions on how to improve memory? I have a problem at memorising new names or something that is unique. They would be gone within seconds poof out of my brain. 79 more words



I got a premade theme on here called Penscratch. And no matter what I pick as a background, a colour, a pattern or an uploaded image, none will show. 58 more words

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