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Can they even help me?

Sometimes it’s hard

feeling like the only one that understands

It’s hard

To be the outcast among the fans

That’s when your mind starts talking. 175 more words




I just wanna share something.

I constantly take down notes, like a journal, when something pops in my mind, like an idea or a situation or a dialogue. 117 more words


I just realised if I died right now, no one would ever get to know my story, which would be fine if I died at a much older age with much more experiences and the realisation that life never goes the way you want it to go, but I’m young and naive and I still want a mark to leave in this world.

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Stuck In A Rut

As I said in a previous post, I’m really struggling at the moment to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

My sticky situation is that I love the people that I work with, the job itself however, I don’t enjoy so much. 260 more words

why does life....

always wanna complicate things. :/ UGH not that not I’m not happy, I’m actually really happy. Things are slowly going back to what it was and things are just getting better from there. 391 more words


The Downward Spiral

Image : Mary Lock on Flickr

After two months that feel like an eternity, I need to speak out.

Back in April, I moved from Japan to Toronto for a new job. 570 more words


When Fear Controls My Body

Right now I’m feeling horrible. I’m scared, my body is shaking and I don’t think clearly, my thoughts are like crazy. I can tell for sure that last night I had the strongest anxiety attack of my life. 710 more words