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Shadow Casting

I stare at a blank page in front of me, looking for a place to start… seems like that would come easy with the blankness staring back at me. 401 more words


Kicking Television

See the image at the top of this post? Yeah, that’s what my tv screen currently looks like. It is not supposed to look like that. 157 more words

I need someone 

I feel like I need somebody, anyone. Who I can talk to, who understands me. Even if we haven’t met in reali life I really really need someone to talk to.


4 Line Stories: Ready For Action

As word of an alien invasion spread

I dug out my “Alien Invasion Emergency Kit”

Which consisted of reese’s pieces, Alien vs Predator ultimate blue-ray collection and some vintage Chuck Norris jeans… 15 more words



My TalkSpace therapist has suggested, in other words, that I may be too attached to my main therapist. He is on vacation this month and I have been distraught at not seeing him. 942 more words

Roman à clef at Play: An Interview With Author, Donna M. Zadunajsky

As an undergrad, I listened to my professors gush about “The Rape of the Lock” and Dharma bums–famous roman à clef titles of the serious literary wold. 1,082 more words



Blood, guts and limbs everywhere.

I recently bought myself a copy of DOOM after giving in to the endless streams and videos being posted to my Facebook wall. 509 more words

Game Review