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There's A Girl In the Boys' Bathroom

Hey guys.  If you are one of those extreme feminists who think all men are pigs (which they aren’t you morons) you will not believe what happened. 246 more words


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Slowly building up the confidence to move from blog to YouTube! 32 more words


Dear 'what's the difference?'

When I asked you if you wanted the “big lamington or the mini lamington” I thought that would have clarified what the difference is between the lamingtons… 18 more words

Someone help! Weightloss tips!? PLeaseeeeeeeeeeeee

For most of my life i’ve been overweight. I’ve dieted and exercised but nothing ever sticks. Its an emotional rollercoaster I can’t seem to get off of and it feels like it’s speeding at 100 miles an hour, headed straight for a brick wall. 303 more words


If it's not fanfiction...

It’s essays. Or portfolios. Or my own stories. Or…other things you write. What are other things you can write?

A recipe?

I can’t even write a blog post. 23 more words

Fan Fiction

In Soviet Russia... - Man With a Movie Camera


This film runs just over an hour, yet it took me more time to sit through than any film on the list so far. 265 more words


Transition: Military to Civilian

Okay so, eight hours of flight/layover time, finally on the day I sign my DD214 to become a civilian. As all of my followers or readers know by now, this transition is not something I wanted, but I will make the best out of it, just like I do with everything else in my life. 399 more words