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Lost Time :: HELP ME Nears Release, Trailer Arrives

Earlier this year, I released my first true short film, the suspenseful REPOSSESSION.  It was a wonderful personal achievement, in the sense that I went from talking about ‘making films one day’ to having a film under my belt.  81 more words


Missing you

the place where comfort used to be

© Meisaan Chan


Sunday Reflection

As part of a classic grad life crisis I keep having so many conflicting points of thoughts in my head:

  • I hate doing my standard, repetitive temp job, but it’s very easy money for the time being.
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Stop the Stigma!

In recognition of Suicide Awareness Month (1-800-273-8255):

The stigma needs to end…awareness does need to be made around mental health…more than 90% of those who commit suicide have a treatable mental health issue: 205 more words



This blog is for me and if you’ve stumbled across this page, its ours now. I find myself struggling at a time when I thought I would be happiest. 284 more words

Bug Juice, it doesn't come in a jar...

“Bug juice comes from who you are!”

Ugh, anyone else remember the show Bug Juice?! I’m pretty sure I still have it recorded on a VHS in my parents’ attic somewhere. 855 more words