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"I don't care what people think" or things I wish were true

Right before Christmas, our washing machine bit the dust. What we originally thought was a fairly straightforward DIY fix to replace a broken front tub piece turned into a “we can’t DIY our way out of this” situation pretty quick as soon as we took apart the tub assembly. 1,061 more words


New Girl

has got to be one of my favorite shows. I can watch it over and over again and not get tired. Their group reminds me of people in my life. 343 more words

11. 17th Jan 2017

Why are we so obsessed with happiness in life?

Like the goal of life is to be happy.

Well… is it?

Happiness is not a state of living. 335 more words

Weird things I don't remember getting...

So a few days ago I actually cleaned my room for the first time since last year… (still a few more weeks where I can still use that joke.) 208 more words


What does moving with Parkinson's feel like?

There are so many ways that Parkinson’s make you feel, but first thing In the morning after all the carbo/levo medication wears off, its almost impossible to get out of bed. 61 more words

Parkinsons Disease

'Make a blog' they said, 'it will be fun' they said

In typical Ali fashion I’ve left everything to the last minute, so instead of having a Sunday filled with adulting, meal prep (all the kale), jogging and doing my washing… I’m sat in my dressing gown, at 2pm, so ill, crying about how much a ticket to Liverpool costs (£80 sorry what?!) and that I can’t go home for a roast dinner and a chance to bypass adult life for an afternoon. 63 more words



Yesterday I joined a type of writer’s circle at my school where during lunch break a group of people just sit down and write whatever comes into their minds. 432 more words