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My Torment

I have long accepted the fact that life isn’t fair and will never be.

But tonight, I am out of words.

I am reminded again that Life, to me, has never been fair from the very beginning. 32 more words

The road so far...

*Cue in a bad-ass background music*

Tomorrow is the last day of summer class. I have been busy the past two weeks, running on red bulls and coffee, and three hours of sleep per day. 381 more words


All the ways you comfort me!

All the ways you comfort me!
All the ways that words become hands
and hands become sweet, soothing balm,
all the ways word becomes flesh

© Meisaan Chan


Now that I’m on my own and in charge of my own schedule, I find that I regularly wish I had someone to be a sort of accountability buddy.

274 more words

the bridge 

I don’t even know what I’m feeling anymore. my eyes are heavy

with unshed tears. wrists

covered in ink because

I don’t have the energy… 95 more words


The Exorcist - Living Dead Doll (2017)

The Exorcist Living Dead Doll is a recreation of demonically possessed young girl Regan (as played by Linda Blair) in the 1973 horror movie  233 more words



I have fallen into that ugly well again.

I’d wish him to be with me and make me feel better, but I’d make him miserable. Ugh, what he’d have to endure. 172 more words