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Help #2


I’m Just Average Teen Me. So, for this TTTS post (yeah I know it’s took me forever…  I had loads of homework…) we got given the word Friends. 1,001 more words

haiku of the day/im dying

Ill as hell right now,
I think I’ll just sleep it off-
goodnight for now, guys!

Soph x

p.s I’m such a chunderbucket right now I don’t even know what’s happening…


I Would Really Appreciate The Help!

Okay, I know I’ve been bad about writing on here. It’s been a little tough lately, between work and classes my excess time has been spent just doing nothing in particular but relaxing. 292 more words

In Other News

speeches, sprogs and scared stiff ♥

Why are they doing this to me? To us?

Why are they trying to convince me that being made to stand in front of the cruel audience that is a group of teenagers and being forced to deliver speeches somehow equates to me being ‘lucky’? 576 more words

Musings ☮

Combating the Seven Deadly Sins Part I: Sloth

Observe an orc in its natural habitat, pictured above. Living in Vancouver is like being slapped in the face with HEALTH at all times. While every day I’m fighting the urge to succumb to my natural sloth-like behaviour in both mind and body, others seem to gallivant from hot yoga to the gym to rock-climbing to sunset runs before making nutritious dinners of black bean and sweet potato burgers (I’m looking at you, Tess). 1,183 more words

It's back

My suicidal tendencies. It’s back. And it dragged more reasons for me to do it and less reasons to hold on.

My boyfriend’s dad is promoting cheating to my boyfriend. 585 more words


Signs. Signs, Everywhere Signs

Tesla is playing in my head as I tape signs around my house. It is a feeble attempt to free myself of frustration, and to guide my MIL in the right direction. 478 more words