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I think that I have some sort of anger issue. I’m tolerant enough towards situations and people. People except a certain two people who, no matter what, I can’t get out of my life. 170 more words


Complete Quandary

For those who may be reading this and are not sure what “Quandary” means, Google defines it as “a state of perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation.” 429 more words

Wandering Thoughts


i am clearly mistaken
wishing this band of machines
trumping biologically through
my yard: the wild weeds would
meekly go-away!
the busily buzzing infestation
(within my heart) not aphid… 41 more words


When is a twist not a twist?

You know when someone recommends a book or a film to you and they love it? It sounds great, they’re excited by it and now so are you. 316 more words


Movie night

Tonight I had Maria over again and we watched Prom Night in my basement. I am so glad she could come even though both of us are just as tired as we can be. 345 more words



Today at lunch, two coworkers talked about Gilmore Girls for 20+ minutes, and it drove me insane. I’m personally haven’t every watched the show with any sort of dedication, and so am not the biggest fan, but it wasn’t the show in question that made my mind spin – it was the excitement. 229 more words



I texted her.

I asked her if she was busy

She said,

 ‘not yet, why?’

I waited about three minutes then responded,

‘ok nevermind’

She never texted back. 87 more words