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Current Mood: Stressed

Sometimes I wonder if I’m a exceptional empath or simply mad. Sometimes I am perfectly fine with being alone and sometimes I’m dying to hold someone. 429 more words


Who am I?

Hey guys (well i don’t think anyone is reading but yeah),

My name is L and i am 18 years old and to be completely honest i have no idea who i am, like am i supposed to have this figured out, i feel like i should. 232 more words

Night Terror

Sleep sets in I arrive in my nightly scene

cast of haze inside this place

quite an eerie thing

This is where the darkness waits again, fix your mind this is in your brain… 108 more words



Have you ever failed a class? Did you feel terrible about it? There’s always a time where you realize that everything you’re doing doesn’t make any sense at all. 384 more words

Starting over!

Starting over always sucks. However, starting over at the age of 30 really sucks. The man that I thought was the man of my dreams ended up being just like the other fuck boys. 208 more words

Song that saved me

Made in Heaven by Big Country

Why this song is so special:

There is a line in the song that says

“even the bad things are made in heaven.” 468 more words