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Help Needed setting up the Book Tour for Lazy Days…

I might have chosen the wrong time to try and arrange a book tour, what with Christmas and the New Year almost upon us, but… I have started, so I’ll finish… to quote that famous quiz show host. 137 more words

Sharing Interests

Wow, this is hard....

You know, before I decided to create this blog, I read articles…. A lot of them revolving around the subject of blogging….

And, when I did decide to publish my first article, I knew it was going to be a tough job… But, now I realise that this job is even harder… My respect for all the individuals involved in blogging has increased so much more… 544 more words

Help Needed!: 5th Grade Cultural Arts Program

Fifth graders are about to conduct their big hands-on arts project during the week of December 11th-15th.  This week long project requires many helpers and this fifth grade class is especially large, so we need even more help than normal! 142 more words

Help Needed

The toilet issue. 

This is a bit of a different vibe blog. More questioning than giving advice and answers. Because even though, in my short 2 year stint being a stay at home parent, I have gained a knowledge and opinion on the task but obviously everyday poses new questions, tasks and obsticles to overcome. 210 more words

Stay At Home Dad

Saturday 28th October

Getting ready to go back to work after a lovely and relaxing week off. Didn’t do that much but have made a good start to my Christmas shopping and it’s always worth charging up my batteries ready to going back to teaching 23 5 and 6 year olds! 79 more words

Daily Positivity

Let's talk

I’m not a ungrateful person. I’m always optimistic always trying to be positive and happy but lately I can’t help but feel I’m not doing good enough and that I’m failing me and my blog. 163 more words