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Using Emotions in Writing

So, the past week, there was something that happened that made things a little hard on not only me, but others around me. My step-mother’s father passed away and he was like a grandfather to me. 416 more words

Youths needed!

Any youths interested in volunteering with Clare Community Games can contact us.

Help Needed!

Not WEA work .. but interesting opportunity for someone?

I’ve been asked to circulate this, just in case any WEA tutor (or anyone you know of) would be interested. Please contact David Cross rather than  your organiser about this, as we have no further information. 351 more words


Being Weird

Well, o get asked constantly how I come up with my ideas and I get stumped on this question constantly. I don’t know what to say to get them satisfied other than they just come to me. 163 more words

Delta Alpha Omega: Being the change that makes the wisest and greatest good

Be the change that makes the greatest good – Delta Alpha Omega - between creation, evolution and the beginning and the end of time

Changes that promote the wisest good from throughout history to after the end of time, and onto “angelic and Godly… 1,016 more words

Help Wanted

Question to my dear readers!

Micro stories, poems and opinions, it’s what this blog has been about. One must know its own limitations and let’s face it, my prose and personality will never be good enough to satisfy the appetite of the sophisticated reader; I need to focus more so perhaps I should limit my publications to one or two topics. 261 more words



Here I’m giving YOU the chance to promote yourselves! Comment below with your book links, author pages, and anything else you want promoted and have at it! 9 more words