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Depression; Friend or Foe

Depression the word is a noun it describes a person, place, thing or state.  Depression the state of being is to feel as if you are in a depressed or sunken place lower than the surrounding surface.   477 more words



It’s a beautiful day.  I’m up, ready to walk my dogs.  My back hurts, my knees are stiff.  Both of these things piss me off. I remind myself that I may be in pain but I am alive.   639 more words


Post From Prompt "Our House"

Our house,  apartment really, was on the second floor of the YMCA in Fort Monroe, Virginia.  I was 4.  I remember this particular house from my childhood because it was like living in a playground and haunted house all in one. 577 more words

Procedure Day or why they say changing our mind is a woman's prerogative

Its procedure day. I arrived at Strimling Dermatology, Laser & Vein Institute here in Las Vegas at 10:00 am with a few more questions for Dawnelle my Licensed Aesthetician & Laser Specialist.   597 more words


What to do before your high school reunion, Ultherapy of course!

Today I am announcing to my world that tomorrow I will be having Ulthera laser therapy (Ultherapy) on my neck and face. This is one of those Marlene are you mad? 374 more words


Picking a Theme

I spent pretty much all weekend picking a theme, exporting, importing and emailing for help.  I must be computer illiterate but I found, and am still finding, this whole process daunting to say the least. 290 more words


Just me

its just me wanting to write. I have always loved to write. I started my blog “Postcards of a semi-mad woman” with the intent of writing daily. 123 more words