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On Depression and the Body

I felt it in my body before I felt it in my brain, though I wasn’t aware of that yet yesterday morning. I woke up, body sore all around, the beginning of a headache, still tired after 9 hours of sleep, small stomach ache. 474 more words

Mental Health

What to expect in Recovery

So far it’s hard to find actual information on this.

So here’s what I’ve been dealing with…

* Acid reflux… however I have found the cure. 354 more words

Are your product descriptions selling your product?

I recently wrote a post on the importance of good product photos, because people online “buy with their eyes”, but this time I would like to look at the next step of the process – good product descriptions. 729 more words


4 am, oh the lethargy

Where, oh where, has my motivation gone..?

I hate having NOTHING to show for a full day awake. It makes me feel so deficient.

No matter how much I’ve been trying to haul my ass out of bed, no matter how much I WANT to be productive…just nothing. 28 more words


Voce del verbo "Snapchattare"

“Ciao sono una ragazza di 25 anni ed ho appena installato Snapchat, e adesso?”

Proprio così la nuova chat del fantasmino non solo ha invaso l’Italia nell’ ultimo anno, ma ha fatto sentire terribilmente inadeguato ogni over 20 che provasse ad usarlo. 220 more words


My Black Dog

So much has been happening over the last few weeks. Writing almost seems impossible right now, but hey I’m gonna give it a go. My depression has made a surprise visit recently and it’s exhausting. 943 more words

Oh no exams!!

Hey hi hello,
I am back with my first actual blog post ekkkk! I’ve got one that will probably fit a looot of people. EXAM HELP! 683 more words