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The Cycle of Breaking and Entering a Rut

We all get into ruts sometimes and I believe that’s totally normal. But it’s when it becomes a cycle that things move away from being normal. 747 more words


Before the Resurrection: A Prayer

Photo by Quinsey Sablan


I know this is the day where we remember that you lay in the grave, before your resurrection on the third day. 350 more words

A Battle in the Brain

It’s tough when your sane brain begins hinting you’re crazy. When you spend half of your mornings shaking and wrapped around the bottom of the toilet. 866 more words


Do you ever lay there at night and all these words start pouring into your head? And you just don’t know where to put them or how to express them. 911 more words


My Top 10 Guiding Principles of Mentoring

I have enjoyed mentoring in many companies and types of settings. Whether interns at the workplace, up and coming members at my place of worship or with people 3rd party charitable ministries there have been many great learning opportunities that I have been blessed to learn and grow from as a person. 554 more words


When I needed you most!

I met you when I was
on skid row.

You took my hand and
my luck started to change.

I was torn with

You kissed me and I… 35 more words