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A few sneaky beauty tips shh

A few quick beauty tips to help you when you’re on your way out.

  • Rub whitening tooth paste on your nails to remove any yellow stains that may appear, in advance, you can brush your nails with a clean new toothbrush and it will make your nails strong and sparkly too!
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I got a new artproject idea and I need your help.

We all have to face millions of question everywhere we go. Some of them we don´t want to answer, some of them feels weird to answer, some of them we wanna tell a lie to answer. 213 more words


So, this happened..

This is very important. This is very bad actually! SCHOOL STARTED! :( Well, it started 2 days ago and, actually, it’s going well. :D This summer I’ve changed a lot and I’ve learned to have fun in not so fun places. 448 more words


A Spirit Told Me I Would Die on August 3

          This happened just 10 minutes ago, 2:35am, on August 4, 2015, and I’m shaking in fear. I fell asleep less than an hour ago and when I woke up, I couldn’t move. 417 more words


Fixes for problems with See and Learn First Counting on iPads running iOS 7

We are now testing fixes for the problems with See and Learn First Counting running on iOS 7 devices reported to us earlier today. We hope to have updates uploaded and available from the app store shortly. 182 more words



Currently my mom is 54and is living in an assisted living facility where she is still very with it, however her hallucinations take over after 5pm and she gets very disorientated. 61 more words

"You should be over it"

“You should be over it” I can’t count the number of times someone has said this to a grieving person. There is nothing more frustrating than this comment. 360 more words