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Facebook Update! 

Hi everyone! How are you all today?

Since this blog was created on the last day of July, I’ve had a Facebook page to accompany it. 260 more words

Perspective: One girls struggle

In my line of work, it isn’t unusual to see some horrific things. I live in a developing country and I work for a humanitarian organisation. 1,741 more words



Empty. Indifferent. Hollow.

My new job has been such a beautiful distraction from this feeling.

I don’t work today.

I’ll just lay here in the deafening silence.




I’ve taken a wrong turn. This is nothing new. I get lost quite often. Scowling at the GPS navigator, I blame the machine for my mistake. 160 more words


Our Soul Waits

We hurried ahead.

We turned to a friend.

We counted on a coworker.

We had confidence in family.

But our soul waited, knowing the only real hope was in the Lord. 405 more words

My Mission

Dismounting the Writer's Block

Now, I’m not entirely sure if I am making this up or if someone actually said this, but it is a quote that resonates with me: 751 more words


travel stuff that you need

Pay attention people.

You may think that you need to bring lite bag but seriously dont cause you’ll be in lots of trouble when you arrive in alien place. 516 more words