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I’m back ....I think ?🌸

Hello everyone 💓

I’ve been struggling lately . You know when you think you’ve been through the worst but in reality it was just the beginning . 902 more words


Life Update: First Semester of College!

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog. Today is going to be a more personal post so I hope you are along for the ride! Grab a snack because I don’t know how long it will be. 432 more words


Should I Give Birth...or Stay in the Classroom?

As educators, we take on a lot: from the troubles associated with learning about the home lives of our students to the joys that come from seeing the “problem child” finally settle down and come into his or her own. 674 more words

2018: Another Year of Record-Breaking Disasters

For the second consecutive year, record-breaking wildfires, hurricanes, and other disasters left millions of people from coast to coast in desperate need of help. Time and again, families turned to the American Red Cross, and we were there to provide shelter, food, comfort and hope. 579 more words


What is the most important relationship(s) of your life?

What do you think is or are the most important relationship(s) in your life? You’re probably thinking about your partner, your children or your parents. 690 more words


The world of earning a living online has changed so much since I began in 2012.

At that time, it appeared that the push was just online sites for direct sales, or ladies home parties for hair products,  self protection,  coffee,  or beauty products. 258 more words

Money Matters

Realizations, and Unsilenced- 12/12/18


While I was driving to my appointment today I got to thinking, I was thinking about how we are so oblivious to the fact that there are suicides in our state of North Dakota going unnoticed, how we are oblivious to that fact of how many kids are struggling in schools and don’t say a word because they are scared or being stigmatized and think no one will actually care. 385 more words