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Membuat aplikasi Helpdesk berbasis web dengan Helpdeskz plus Custom by Fahrizalcode

Hallo sahabat sahabat koding, kali ini saya akan menshare membuat aplikasi helpdesk dengan web yang opensource dengan helpdeskz, saya memilih helpdeskz karena alur yang simple dan mudah dalam settingannya. 178 more words


Icloud Helpdesk | Helpline Phone Number + 1 888 811 4532

How can users make use of Icloud email ?
An icloud email account is a go-to option for most users. It provides users with a myriad of options and has features like the automatic virus and spam protection and much more. 311 more words

Apple Icloud Helpdesk

Creating an Internal Salesforce Support Programme

One of the most rewarding things I’ve done at my current job is creating our internal Salesforce Support Programme. We have around 250 users and a 5 person Salesforce team. 809 more words

Get Ethical, Get Wealthy!

Sometimes I wonder whether this word has become JAB (just another buzzword). I see many people using this word to win the deals, show off that they are the most ethical people in the world or to gain attention by using it often in their discussions. 119 more words


There is no such thing called as free meal (and free Open Source services either)

“Do you charge for providing services on open source products? Or do they come free along with the product?” This is a typical question that is asked when we go out for providing demos on Open Source products. 144 more words


What’s in a name?

When Shakespeare are wrote about it, I am not sure if he also referred to names of organizations. At least, I felt obliged to ensure that our startup should have a relevant name that symbolizes our objective of business. 153 more words


Schrödinger's A Levels

Before I opened my A-Level results, the future existed in every possible form. The results I received meant I believed in a specific reality. When UCAS Track went online, my reality became a different one. 1,121 more words