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Tales From IT: Man Vs Pager

In the IT department where I first worked, there was a Network Admin who was a bit ‘highly strung’. He’d get quite short when things got tense and he liked things done the way things were always done (he supported the physical network and Novell; this was in the time when Microsoft NT was just starting to make inroads into business). 584 more words


How to Successfully Choose the Best IT Support Helpdesk Package

How to Successfully Choose the Best IT Support Helpdesk Package. If you are establishing a new business, be aware having a very reliable as well as expert support for your IT needs is considered a very important element. 7 more words

Startup takes India to 911 style response service

Founded in 2013, Delhi based OneTouchResponse is a 911 style service that offers a national emergency help desk to help people in distress across 800+ towns and cities in India. 428 more words

New Requirement ! - 1st Line / 2nd IT Support, Helpdesk - Reading, Perm

Skills: 1st Line / 2nd IT Support, Helpdesk. Based in Reading my client has a new requirement for an Helpdesk/ 1st Line / 2nd line IT Support person. 93 more words


Duplicate addresses in Outlook.com

A few weeks ago I opened upon my Contacts in Outlook and found that the majority of them were duplicated. I didn’t see a rhyme or reason why they were duped, and so I did the stupidest thing I could possibly do: without making a backup of my contacts, I deleted all the dupes, and went about my business. 1,053 more words


Password Reset/ AD Account LockoutAct

The most common IT Helpdesk call you will probably get is to reset a user password or unlock a user account. This is the mundane first level stuff on AD that makes others think a helpdesk job is easy. 155 more words

Account Locked