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The funniest helpdesk case I've ever read

These are the actual notes from an actual helpdesk case that came through an actual call center that I was affiliated with some time ago.  I hope you find this as timelessly funny as I do!  1,949 more words

Computer Geekdom

Solvo Problemata

I turned to regard my Interlocutor as I waggled the Cursor across the limis between the Monitors. “Just so,” I said, indicating that, indeed, she would also be able to copy and paste Text across the Boundaries. 535 more words

A fresh start… a fresh semester

If you follow the @RGU_Helpdesk on Twitter you will have seen their big welcome back this week to students new and old.

A new semester is an opportunity to make a fresh start; reorient yourself with your course, and the campus. 465 more words

Information Technology

Fault - Paper Jamming

Jamming can occur in multiple places. First confirm where it is jamming. Is it jamming when scanning or copying from the Document Feeder. Is it jamming when printing from a particular tray. 75 more words


Fault - Unable to Scan

Confirm if the customer is attempting to scan-to-email or scan-to-folder.


Has the customer had any network upgrades or changes. Either way, log an IT job


Log an IT job


Fault - Unable to print

First, confirm if this a single user issue or all users. Confirm the action of the data light on the device, ie: Does it blink once or twice and then not print, or does it give a red light immediately. 15 more words


Fault - Toner will not accept

Confirm if the toner can be fitted and is not being registered. If so, log a job with as much detail as possible.

If the toner will not enter the chamber, they may have the wrong toner. 50 more words