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In the week running up to our first sunshine holiday as a family I approached the prep like a military operation; daily laundry and bit -by -bit packing, squeezing in trips to boots for essentials at every possible opportunity and such like. 715 more words


From Southern California to Dublin: Culture Shocks and Assimilation - Coffee, Coins and Self-Deportation

By Allison Woodworth, Summer Study Abroad Blogger

“I cried,” my sister said, sheepishly admitting to getting emotional while listening to the “Outlander” soundtrack as she and her boyfriend drove through rural Ireland on their way to visit me in Dublin.  1,781 more words

Student Life

School Success Starts with the Basics!

Want your child to have a great school year?  Then start with the basics.  The following items are needed EVERYDAY for a student to do his/her best at school: 204 more words

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What to put in your Uber Lyft car for passengers

  • Books in the seat pockets
  • A tablet velcroed to the back of the headreast with a slide show and video game(s)
  • A karaoke set up
  • Gum and mints
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What to do When a Fare of 3 people Attempt an Uber Pool

What experience do you have with this and what do your recommend?

Should you bring them and hope a fare of two does not attempt to join? 13 more words

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How to get the best price and interest rate when buying your car

Best strategy to negotiate a lower price for your car

  1. Go to the dealer of a similar car that you don’t want. Your second choice car. 
  2. 170 more words
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Where to put Air Freshener in Prius

Customers love the smell of vanilla air fresheners, but the yellow dye rubs off on the carpet and on luggage.

Here is where you can install the air freshener to avoid the mess. 38 more words

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