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The danger in grabbing women

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one completely incapable of mustering anything even vaguely resembling shock at Donald Trump’s boasts about kissing women and grabbing their crotches without permission. 523 more words


Keep Going: How To Stay Positive While Being A Caregiver

Today I wanted to talk along the lines of how to stay positive while being a caregiver. Although I am not certified, it’s difficult watching a family member slowly decrease in all areas of their body and brain. 464 more words


Goal Setting: Reach for the Stars

With every new season comes the need for us to create NEW GOALS. Consider what you would like to accomplish for your Competent Communicator (CC) or Competent Leadership (CL) in Toastmasters. 439 more words

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All-Natural Air Freshener For Your Car

Put lemongrass essential oil on a cotton puff or cotton pad and place in airvent.

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In the week running up to our first sunshine holiday as a family I approached the prep like a military operation; daily laundry and bit -by -bit packing, squeezing in trips to boots for essentials at every possible opportunity and such like. 715 more words


From Southern California to Dublin: Culture Shocks and Assimilation - Coffee, Coins and Self-Deportation

By Allison Woodworth, Summer Study Abroad Blogger

“I cried,” my sister said, sheepishly admitting to getting emotional while listening to the “Outlander” soundtrack as she and her boyfriend drove through rural Ireland on their way to visit me in Dublin.  1,781 more words

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