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How to Stay Positive at Work When You Hate Your Job or When You Wanna Slap Someone

The intersectionality of being female and Black in the workplace can sometimes be too much to deal with. Micro aggression and outright blatant discrimination against your race and gender can really wear on your emotions and frame of mind. 139 more words


Working Timeline of steps towards Wellness and having greater control over ones life

I say working because I will always be adding to it, if you do take the time to read this feel free to add anything extra you believe could also be helpfulΒ  1,120 more words


In Your 20s and Confused? Get Over It

I try to stay out of the internet fray. In my 20s I remember getting steamed over all the articles about about the baby boomers. You couldn’t pass a newspaper or magazine without seeing a headline about how many of them there are, their spending habits, who they were marrying, where they were choosing to live. 1,520 more words


KNOWING YOUR WORTH / AND IT π“’π“žπ“€π“›π““ be worse? πŸ€”

I ain’t been on this jawn in aΒ π“‚π’Ύπ“ƒπ“Šπ“‰π‘’π‘’π‘’π‘’ ! I hope everyone’s 2018 is going swell so far. I just gotta say sum real quick, got a couple things on my mind. 512 more words


The Grey Area of Sexual Consent

Recently comedian and actor Aziz Ansari came under fire for his behavior during a sexual encounter with a young lady last year. The story has been added to the #MeToo narrative and discussion surrounding sexual assault and violation. 771 more words


Fuzzy Sock Advice.


Fuzzy socks are a must on any day but especially if you are have a bad day. Fuzzy socks just make things 10x better. 58 more words


Consitency is Key!

Believe it or not, we are already at the point in the year in which people start to abandon their resolutions and goals. Abandonment this early only happens because we get derailed with distractions. 517 more words