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Really nice recipes. Every hour. • 150+ Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Instantly...

Really nice recipes. Every hour. • 150+ Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Instantly….

Constance!  Get Thee HENCE to this link!!  I am a lil geek for these sorts of tips and helpful hints, though we used to get them from “Heloise” as “Helpful Hints From Heloise” (or something like that…I prefer to call them something different than what the post does). 12 more words

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I recently saw a “Helpful Hint” newspaper article devoted to salt. In addition to being worth its weight in gold for many centuries because of its medicinal, cooking and international commerce importance, it’s also recognized as an inexpensive and effective household cleaner today. 425 more words


Glass Cookware Hazards

Glass cookware does have a shelf life. In other words, glass cookware has been known to literally explode inside a hot oven, disintegrating into millions of shards, destroying the entire meal while causing a fire in the oven. 51 more words

Miscellaneous Facts

Helpful hints for everyday indoor living

  • mr. rogers is right, take off your ‘outdoor shoes’ and put on your ‘comfort shoes.’  ritual is important for saying “i am home.”
  • if you can continually keep things neat and tidy, do so. 
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Eliminating Bacteria In The Kitchen

Take a close look at your kitchen sink dish drain. Does it look gross?

If so, then it very well could be harboring bacteria.

Pop the dish drain upside down in your dishwasher. 61 more words

Helpful Household Hints

Marble, Granite And Corian Counter Tops

Naturally beautiful rock such as marble, onyx, granite, quartzite or limestone that has been carefully cut, highly polished then topically sealed as well as various man-made synthetics such as corian are the rage and are “in” right now for kitchens, bathrooms, dens, bar areas and dining room buffets not to mention their use as mountings for works of art, but before replacing your kitchen counter tops or anything else with the above, do your homework! 100 more words

Helpful Household Hints

Helpful household hints.. cornmeal kills ants, keeping bananas from spoiling & more

Well, it’s like a list of helpful hints from Heloise.   At first,  I thought it was just food tips, but it’s a good household guide.  Such as using cornmeal to kill ants.   932 more words

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