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Being An Inspiration For Our Kids

As parents we always aim to inspire our kids to achieve their aim in life. While it’s not easy being an ‘inspirational parent’, it’s not impossible either. 31 more words

Published Articles

Jewelry for a cause

Something as small as a jewelry could make a life better!

Who doesn’t love some bling and accessory :) . If it would make the world a better place, wouldn’t you love to be a part of it. 620 more words


Restoring My Spirit

We have good and bad days at work and the past week happened to be a frustrating one for me. All week I was waiting for it to be the weekend so I could paint and try to forget the stress of work, and as soon as Friday evening came around I was at the art store picking up a new canvas to paint on. 413 more words


Saturday Morning Doughnuts -- Supporting Our Children

Could you turn down a smiling young lad dressed in a Cub Scout uniform at your door on a Saturday morning with a box of fresh doughnuts in hand? 612 more words


Let's All Try To Make A Difference . . .

This is awesome! There are so many children out there who need help, not just those battling horrible things like cancer, but those in abusive homes, those in extreme poverty, those with no real family support. 31 more words

Current Events

Torn Again

Last night I spent the better part of an hour chatting with a neighbor who repairs heavy equipment by day and farms in the evening.  We talked about the potential of the farm, for livestock, for grains, even for rescuing farm animals. 887 more words