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ROLE MODEL - A person looked to by others as an example to be imitated

Wow…that is heavy stuff…those two words together….

Here I am…trying to figure my own self out and looking for my own mentor and I’ve been entrusted to train and recruit people to be examples to our future generations.  395 more words


Why I am I creating this?

A lot of the time foster children come in to the system with nothing, my goal is to give these children something they can call their own.


A New Spin on Sports

When the runner slides into home plate, the basketball player makes the unbelievable shot to win the game, when the quarterback scores a touchdown, the stands erupt: cheers and boos, popcorn and peanuts raining down, beer and Pepsi sloshing… 347 more words

Blog Update

Steering kids toward the treasure of faith

My boys had a rough time getting off to school this morning. There was arguing and drama – normal kid stuff, but it was stressful until we got into the van at the very last minute. 795 more words


Update: Book For A Smile Exchange

When I started this project back in early October, I had no idea the impact it would have on me. The joy I feel in knowing that I have actually brightened a kid’s day in a small way is not something small to me. 338 more words


An Introduction to ACEs

Why is it important to learn about Adverse Childhood Experiences?

Recent research has shown that ACEs has many lasting effects such as an impact on healthy development that will follow the child into adulthood.  653 more words