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Robin Hood

For an excellent picture of an old oak tree in Sherwood Forest, in which ’twas believed that Robinhood hid, go to:


A peek into an old book, copyright 1923, I was lucky to find a decade ago.

I tried helping a poor guy, but got nothing else than disappointment

I come to think about this topic almost every weekend (when I am out somewhere and come across some great talent, and the interesting part, it happens always!), feeling bad about those people who have great skill but still live a life filled with misery and some are even unable feed their family (many such people don’t even marry thinking about what hell kind of life their family will have). 588 more words



Jal Jeevan is an Initiative that helps provide clean, purified drinking water to  people in villages of India through a Water ATM. It caters to approximately 300 families per ATM. 164 more words


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Simple steps of identifying water source to delivering clean drinking water to rural people... Worth sharing on my blog... Pls stand up to clap for Deeya Shroff...


And why are they tax free???¬†And I don’t want to hear about them helping the poor, if that was true, the doors would NEVER be locked. 12 more words