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10 Things to do as a Bipolar to have Shit work out 5/10

No. 5: Tear down that wall, brick by brick

While I was in school, my mother was often called in and told one thing: I’m an incredibly good Student, but rebellious and emotionally distant. 588 more words


Home Alone

She was a ten year old Downs Syndrome child standing lost and alone in the middle of a busy intersection.  Three o’clock Saturday traffic whizzed by on either side.   1,860 more words

Child Abuse

The Boy Who Gives Out Toys

Recently a friend of mine posted this video on her Facebook page. It is of a little boy who has lost both his parents, and one day he decided he was sick and tired of seeing everyone around him sad. 334 more words


Faith Healing

I would always hear those stories about a couple whose child died because the child was sick and the couple refused to take their child to the doctor because they believed God would heal their child. 384 more words


The Saga of Claire Continues...

I know things could be worse, a lot worse but for my little girl it is the worst it has ever been for her and my heart aches when she is so scared & so sick & there is nothing I can do. 653 more words

Venting: Peer Pressure

By far the most dangerous thing in one’s life. At the end of the day, everything comes down to the people who are close to you. 567 more words


Growing Up God's Way


I loved my work as a midwife in the maternity ward. What an exciting moment when a new little life came into the world! 482 more words

Bible Studies