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How to cope with my motherI

… I dont know.

My Mum has got a depression. Not a huge, all destroying, flaming but a slow, sad, overwhelming one. When i remember my childhood, i cannot remember her laughing. 896 more words

Are you really stuck?

When someone says that they’re stuck in a situation, they usually mean that they don’t really have any other options but to be in that situation. 78 more words

On Life

Constantly Consumed With Your Problems?

Working with so many people who are unemployed or underemployed, it is only natural that most of them have problems. Actually, all of them have problems, issues and barriers. 898 more words

Job Search Advice


Who can I talk to?

Who will listen to my words?

So far, no one has.


Something small from something big

This is a section of something I have been writing, or at least trying to.

The snow was gradually falling faster and I wasn’t getting anywhere. 81 more words

Helpless, Lost And Suicidal In My Relationship

I am not sure what else to do but ask for some advice. I am currently 6 months pregnant with my boyfriend of a year and a half. 89 more words

Waiting For A Rainbow: Catching Dreams - Tuesday 19th May 2015

Tuesday 19th May

Social life has been crap today. I’m too stressed, upset and confused; I can’t even look at last week’s roses anymore and I had to bin them. 112 more words