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Feeling Helpless

Until you walk in those shoes, it’s hard to identify with the challenges others face. Have you ever discovered something in the middle of a crisis that you really didn’t want to have to know or understand?


Diary of Jane

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               19 Nov 1995

It has been two years when I got fettered to this marriage. Ever since the burden of this wedlock has burgeoned upon my finger. 372 more words



I am sure you have noticed the label on your mattress that reads “Do Not Remove Under Penalty of Law“. Hopefully, I am not the only one but I have always wondered why is that message on the mattress. 412 more words


A 'Beautiful' Place

I was recently reading Acts 3 and was struck by how much peace we could gain in our lives if we purposed our minds to find the principles in scripture to help us with our own life situations. 1,513 more words



Your eyes, they are like the ocean

So beautiful, so vast

An innocent look they cast

The pull just as strong,

Leaving no chance to abscond… 15 more words



When my Dad was diagnosed, in 2012, with a cancer that had only been documented in 200 cases in the whole of the UK. The local doctors did not have a positive outlook, they were convinced that things would be tricky and were not sure he would have much success beating it at the time. 723 more words

Dear Dr. W

You want to know how I feel when I feel like I can’t cope any more? Well, I tell you how I feel. I feel like I can’t lift me head off my pillow. 1,116 more words