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Depression...Parte Dos

Depression and anxiety are two afflictions that run in my family. As I grew older they were something I saw firsthand and learned more about. Hence, when my second episode hit me in the summer of 2012 I knew exactly what I was dealing with, but I did not know how to deal with it. 311 more words

CPT trauma retelling 1

I feel so unsure about publishing some of the actual details of my past, not for me, but to spare my readers from having to read it. 1,458 more words


My Mother

For almost two decades
She has fought;
Battling chaos within her DNA
Unwitnessed by the passer by, as
Illness lay masked behind her constant smile. 136 more words


What Did You Do?

An Excerpt From ‘Dear john, The Diary Of A Prostitute‘, from the chapter: What Did You Do?

I got dropped a bombshell of information at lunch, one day, about my very dangerous co-worker, he got fired, you had JUST moved out, he FORCED his way in, I endured beatings, you merely left paperwork in front of my house about the dangerous man who already had possession of my family. 213 more words

Human Trafficking

Our daily choice.

I read an article that had something that struck a cord with me. I have heard the saying “just be happy and you will be happy” or “why don’t you just feel happy” or my favorite “you are choosing to be depressed”. 80 more words


How to Deal with Alcohol Dependancy. Seriously, how?

If you have advice for helping people who love someone with an alcohol dependancy, please get in touch.

It’s standard to think that somebody with a dependancy on drink lacks something: confidence; direction; ambition; responsibility; hope; self control; a cheery disposition; a can do attitude. 266 more words


Dream Pink. Quest the World

I thought I was fat and old. I have given up hope. Got so tired and numb. Why does life have to be so hard? I might have even been depressed at some point. 95 more words