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Fear Not

The countless times that God has told people in the Bible over and over again amidst dire circumstances and I encourage you reading this too – FEAR NOT for God is with you. 452 more words


Nothing complains like helplessness.

The helpless help less.

Helplessness is schooled by hopelessness.

We are born helpless; we die helped.

Helplessness is a choice — until it isn’t. 30 more words

Modern Proverbs

When silence is the cry of the voiceless

Silence is not always the peaceful absence of sound, but it is a power, a force, a curse, a binding spirit making us unable to speak. 90 more words



This is a ‘Buffy in peril’ episode and I love it so much! Sometimes Buffy is a self-righteous, arrogant bitcah, but when she is in genuine peril I love her. 461 more words

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

The following quote marks a turning point in the author’s life story. This is followed by multiple extremely difficult circumstances beyond her control, exacerbated by a litany of her own seriously bad choices.

213 more words

Review: Helpless' Debt

If you’ve yet to discover Helpless then you’ll be pleased to know that they feature ex-Brotherhood of the Lake guitarist Russell Cleave (but this time around he’s on drum duty) and they’re about the closest thing to the depraved, metallic hardcore madness of that band that you can find in 2017. 345 more words


No escape

So it seems as if I’m going to be stuck here forever. In this endless hole of nothingness that I call my life. Why can’t I get a break? 254 more words