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I thought I felt a bit better, turns out I don't

I wanted this blog to be different from my last. I wanted it to be more ‘professional’ you know without depressive meltdowns or whatever. But I guess this is the only place I have. 680 more words


I’m Fed Up

That feeling when you did nothing wrong, yet you still apologize because you treasure friendship more than pride to the point where people or those who think are your friends are taking advantage of you. 71 more words

Deepest Thoughts

Quit my Job through Anxiety

I don’t know where to begin to be honest! Shall i begin by telling you all that i was the target for verbal abuse at work and i was too scared to vocalise my feelings back at my work-colleagues? 327 more words


by: Aeron Abraham/ Sir Ey (thesojournerscreed.wordpress.com)

This, not that; over there; No! Stop, you should do this, you should do that; Follow me. Some sort of forces that is controlling you to do the things you may not want yet you can’t hardly resist since you are chained and tangled unto his command. 355 more words


"you have Anxiety Disorder"

  Finally, it was Monday, the day of my doctor appointment. After my episode of what must have been a panic attack, it was time to find out whats going on with me. 896 more words


Out of Nowhere

    It was late May 2016, and I had been out of college for a few weeks now. I graduated, felt stress free, and couldn’t wait to begin my summer. 626 more words


When You Feel Helpless

There seems to be a theme of terror and tragedy in the world today. Terrorism, disease, riots, poverty, pain, indifference, and catastrophe can dominate the news and… 629 more words

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