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Today as I sit and think about how I am blessed I pause to pray for the people of Nepal. Right now they are suffering loss that I can’t even imagine. 458 more words

The girl I used to know

There’s this girl I used to know.¬†She was so beautiful. God, she was beautiful. Through her smile she would illuminate any room. When she walked her vibe would bounce off the walls. 525 more words


Not feeling so good and because I have no one to actually talk to at this exact moment I will talk to you guys. I just feel like I wanna cry. 164 more words

Have You Ever Stopped for those in Need?

Have you ever stopped for those in need,
to show the world your good deed,
your ushered forward to show your heart,
but indifference took you from acting this part. 96 more words


Off to take a nap or probaly stay sleep. Got a massive headache and don’t know why. But finna lay in bed next to my ace. 49 more words

Random Thoughts

I could listen to a song
but only my voice would move.
The kid that used to dance,
just can’t put two shoes
to good use. 107 more words