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I am not here, I am not there, I am not anywhere.
Tired of trying, tired of crying, tired of hiding.
Trying to cope on my own, trying to find my way home. 82 more words


Medical Music


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As  Jim lay on the hospital bed, hooked up to more machines than anyone had a right to expect, he was helpless to move or to speak.  409 more words

Daily Prompt

Drinking to oblivion...

I’ve woken up this morning feeling anxious. That kind of burn, in the chest and in the stomach. What is this?

I make tea and bring it back to bed. 301 more words



When you want to break free but at the same time you are stuck. Stuck just as if you are in quick sand with no where to go, just praying for someone to reach for your hand and pull you out. 118 more words

Create Miracles

You can ask for miracles,expect them…&…you can create your own miracles. I’m really into miracles tonight as I flounder helplessly in my own impossible situation. 


I had the dream again last night.

This time it was a whale, and a bus crash.

The backyard had been converted into a pool. A whale and it’s calf  were living back there, we were doing our best to care for them. 533 more words



I read through everything. I went through every picture. I went through all the ticket stubs, playbills, and more. Then I pressed delete. It took hours. 318 more words