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Depression at its finest 

Hey there,

Hope all your lovely people are having a great Sunday and also had a great weekend. ♡ I am so tired and so ready for my days off coming up, I think I need some me time and time to rethink a lot that has been going on in my life these past few weeks. 236 more words


A real story on organ donation

They had a strong marriage, wonderful kids and a tiny home on hill top, brimming with laughter and happiness, the giggles of their grandson exhilarated the energy level of everyone around and they had all that anyone can ask for. 591 more words


It's 1am...


“First post… first post…”

For starters, I created this blog for my own personal use. I wanted to create something somewhere that I could scream out everything I’ve wanted to say… but without anyone hearing me. 813 more words


Society for mental illness...

They always promise more help for those with mental illnesses, they promise that they will help because mental illness needs to be treated like a regular sickness. 215 more words


How to live and love life

For a very long time, I cannot help but wonder, how am I supposed to live my life? It is amazing how much one year can change things. 660 more words

Helpless Mother

Yesterday’s incident showed me the helpless part of this world. I felt so sad to see such people but later on i was amazed as well. 637 more words


The T-Rex

Last night I punched a t-rex straight in the face….not once, not twice, but repeatedly. Obviously it was a dream, but it was incredibly significant. 797 more words