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Missing... #poetry

Imagine it not being noticed,

Once there, but now you’re gone,

Yet the World it keeps on spinning,

Your absence noticed by no-one…

The Occasional Poetry Of Peter J. Thomas


I feel nothing but devastated
my cheeks are burning up
yes it still hurts
I feel so helpless
you could have come and rescued me… 65 more words


before i fall

can you see me

reaching out to you?

can you hear me

trying to scream your name?

can you feel my fingers

grazing yours lightly, 31 more words



the raw pain of birth
helpless to feel nothing else
but lost in the loss



When something very wrong and painful happens to a person, the situation in which everything happens in the front of your eyes, when your mind and heart both very loudly screams that, this shouldn’t have happened, please fight back, do something, bend the law, soo many thoughts like these comes in your mind immediately, and you are just watching and can’t take any action. 234 more words


Writing blind

It seems like I often have the need to write, blog, express myself, when I’m at work and I can’t. I don’t want to log on to this site through my work computer, and though I do have the app on my phone, it’s a pain to blog on it.  993 more words

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Helpless by Metallica, on the album: Garage, Inc. Disc 2