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The Anger of The Helpless Heart

Neither Jocko nor Missy could recall the exact point where it began to go wrong.  Certainly, once they moved in with each other things changed. 640 more words


Existential Crises and the Consequential Despair, A Rebuttal

This is raw and angry and weird. Don’t read if you’re emotionally fragile at the moment.

You wake up.

But not in the way you would expect, no. 1,672 more words


Germans Demand Loyalty From Turks They Don't Want

“When it comes to the Turkish community living in Germany for a long time, we expect them to develop a high degree of loyalty to our country,” said Chancellor Angela Merkel to representatives of the German Turkish community living in Germany for a long time. 76 more words


"My sister is dying..."

For the last 26 hours, since I was given the news that my sister’s cancer is inoperable, my every thought seems to begin with “My sister is dying…” and then fragments from there. 766 more words


Dear Future Husband.

It’s been…what? Two months now?

Likewise, I am missing you too. Nevertheless, chin up, and smile! =D


Call The European Emission Commission

They won’t answer or anything. But still.

Strange, these guys never stop producing dangerous emissions themselves.

But when it comes to Dieselgate in Europe, it’s back to “ 53 more words