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German Of The Day: Albtraum

That means nightmare. You know, like Nightmare on Elm Street? Or Nightmare at Deutsche Bank?

Read my lips, the usual suspects are saying: Everything is fine, the German government is not preparing a bailout, there have been no secret talks with the chancellor and there is nothing here that needs to be rescued in the first place. 91 more words


Double-O-Sieben In Da Hood

Or at least under it.

Now we know why we never hear much about German spy activity. First off all, German spies are really easy to recognize because of those dopey hoods they wear. 120 more words


no extensions necessary - September 22


a baby’s cry down

the hall

young child face with


looking up from

the bag lunch

table next

to mom.

grace, hope, forgiveness, 12 more words


Plain Talk II?

As Chancellor Merkel stated in yesterday’s post: Migrants without the right to stay (in Germany) should be sent back with determination.

Then it’s time for Merkel’s determination nation to get that determination up and running, I guess: … 36 more words


Day 4: Confronting My Fear of Statistics - Part 1

I have started doing a Journey to Life blog before, but I found it difficult to stick to one particular subject before moving onto something else. 954 more words

The Great Escape 

Her life was knitted by hopeless dreams;

Yet, it was all she was about.

Until one day, they sank their talons way too deep;

Although she had a voice, still she couldn’t shout. 174 more words

Plain Talk?

In Germany? When it comes to the refugee crisis here? I’m sure you mean well but you’re clearly on another wavelength than the Germans.

In Germany, in particular, there is a sense that the authorities have lost control and that established political parties cannot… 105 more words