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"Ungraspable Dreams"

The shadow represents myself, or anyone for that matter with the same sense of helplessness. By this I mean the shadow can see the flower, which are our seemingly unreachable aspirations. 49 more words


So Much For That Ongoing Illness

The copilot of the Germanwings plane that crashed into the French Alps appears to have hidden evidence of an illness from his employers, German prosecutors said after authorities found a torn-up sick note while searching his homes. 117 more words


Day Off?

As I said last night, I’m sure I would find something to worry about.

What is currently worrying me is my first night in my new place. 222 more words


Psychosis Is A Waking Nightmare

And this guy’s just reached out and grabbed us.

He had to have been mad, right? Because if this was just another 28-year-old narcissist having a really bad day then heaven help us all. 23 more words


Job Centre Woes

I went to bed last night feeling the best that I have done in over 8 weeks. I was full of good humour and the future didn’t frighten me. 262 more words


All I Could Do

I think I would probably put it darned near close the very bottom of the emotional barrel. Somewhere close to negativity and rage. It’s just one of those personal things with which I, the dog who makes an effort to find the good in all people, places and things, struggle to find a silver lining. 331 more words

Man's Best Friend

Linda Tirado

I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this woman before.

She was born into a middle class family, political astute and active, well-educated and ambitious before a series of bad decisions and bad luck led her sinking into poverty for 17 years. 136 more words