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Tears for the Unanswerable

My cousin has been battling breast cancer since 2001.  In the last four years it has spread to her lungs and spine and she has exhausted all pill forms of chemotherapy and hormonal therapy available.    437 more words


Giving up

Yesterday I almost gave up. I was overwhelmed. I was discouraged. I was tired. I remember calling my mom crying, telling her I just couldn’t do it anymore. 593 more words

German Of The Day: Diese Fahrt Endet Hier

That means this drive or line (as in bus line) terminates here.

Of course a foreign, English-speaking  person like yourself might think that it means “this fart ends here.” You know, like the buck stops here only it’s a fart? 97 more words


Divorcing Choice From Responsibility

Divorcing choice from responsibility can be a means to combat the painful sense of individual helplessness – by denying even the possibility of individual control. 434 more words

Jumping Frog - Boiling Frog

German Of The Day: Wegretuschiert

That means to airbrush out.

And a lot of customers are cross at the big German discounter Lidl these days for doing just that: Airbrushing out crosses on their products. 143 more words


One Year In

So this is a month-and-a-half late (hi, my name is Andi, and my sh*t is decidedly NOT together), mostly because I’ve spent the past THREE months trying – and failing spectacularly – to authentically articulate my thoughts and emotions. 478 more words


Destruction as a Way of "Taking Back Control"

When all forms of control are taken away from an individual, when he has nothing to lose, the only way to reinstate the sense of being in control, of shaping his surroundings, of having an impact is that of destruction. 522 more words

Jumping Frog - Boiling Frog