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And then one day, she taught me how easy it is to fall in love and sometimes, no matter how much you try, it is going to escape through your helplessness. 315 more words

Radical Right-Wing German Soldier Granted Asylum In Germany As Syrian Refugee Turns Out To Be Wannabe Islamist Terrorist

Wait. It gets better. Or maybe it doesn’t. I don’t know what to say, people. But only a military counterintelligence service called MAD could come up with a story like this. 124 more words



Under the feathered incantation.

Waiting again,

For the bodies in the road,

For the dog to smash its head,

For you to choke on nothing. 30 more words



I consider the size of the universe and see how small and worthless I am. I may hold a pebble in my hand. But I can’t say where the pebble came from or what will come of it when I put it down. 80 more words


I Don’t Know What Else To Do

I miss the times when you’d call
and now my life feels so empty.
In this void in which we fall
my despair can’t you see? 193 more words


German Of The Day: Unmutsbekundungen

That means protest. In this particular case it means hissing, however.

But as far as I can tell, this has something to do with moving forward the cause for women or womanhood or femaleness or whatever. 57 more words



Beautiful German weapon sale of the week.

Because somebody has to admire them.

Germany has approved more major weapons deals with the UAE, including deliveries of medium-caliber ammunition. 16 more words