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German Of The Day: Schwitzkasten

That’s “sweat box” but actually means stranglehold. You know, like being stuck between a rock and a hard place?

Is the current five-year Greek drama finally going to come to an end today? 144 more words



“One never get used to the idea that there is nothing one can do.”

–Mary Ahrens
(Connie Willis, The Doomsday Book)



Sometimes it is difficult to put what you feel into words. Sometimes it is near impossible. It is not that you can’t just name the feelings; there are times when the feeling is just a feeling, sweeping you off your feet in its flow, ruthless in its insensitivity and unfeeling in its intensity. 1,771 more words

Life Apart

But Can I Keep My Torpedo?

As you may know, German authorities are really touchy when it comes to gun control. Sort of. But it doesn’t just stop there. They totally freak out and call the… 87 more words


Germans Discover "Text Neck"

Only they call it “Handynacken,” which sounds a whole lot worse because, well, it is. Just look at those lightning bolt thingies flashing around down there, for instance. 130 more words


The desert

I’m lost in the desert with the sand beneath,
Burning my feet, and the hot air I breathe;

I’m lost in the desert with no water around, 55 more words


Germany Celebrates 60th Year In NATO

By maybe-possibly-perhaps increasing its current expenditure of 1.2 percent of German GDP on its military. Maybe, like I said. Hard to say for sure. They don’t want to overdo it or anything, … 72 more words