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A predicament of dueling pain

In this post I reference, but do not describe, predicament play, bullying and trauma.

Right now, I’ve got dueling pain: a tingling burrowing pain that moves in cycles (in and out, in and out), a sharp gnawing pain that moves in waves (build build build dissipate), along with a constant dull ache. 209 more words

German Of The Day: Getarnt

That means disguised. You know, like the three terrorists from Paris who presumably made their way through Europe disguised as refugees? Now it’s out that at least one of them traveled through Germany. 67 more words


On helplessness 

The most difficult part of parenting is the helplessness I feel when it comes to matters affecting my children.
They have undoubtedly been two of my greatest joys, but the teen years have been difficult for my daughter. 774 more words

Happiness Is The Key To Success

You know, there were a lot of years in my life when I thought all the time about why I wasn’t happy, never mind successful, because I was deeply depressed. 212 more words


Dear PSC,

Your invisibility plays havoc
On how she is perceived
For when you strike,
She hurts and so do we

You don’t show your face… 67 more words


Cried Today

I feel the need to cry today
to cleans my soul
wash the world away

I can’t catch up
too far behind
feel like my souls gone blind… 41 more words


Once in a while, when you have tried everything and nothing positive is happening.

the feeling of helplessness could be overwhelming,

what to do? Keep on doing the little you have been doing, 60 more words