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For better or for worse

For better or for worse…

It’s been five days since my post on Entrepreneur’s unexpected brain surgery. Definitely a low point in our 36 years of marriage. 624 more words

Caffeine-induced Mind Wanderings

First vulnerable experience..

I was thirteen when I supposedly had fallen for this boy who lived two hours away. He was five years older, not very intelligent. But to me that didn’t matter. 691 more words

to read a blog post about…

i am not the optimistic type of person. believe me, i really am not. i may have positive thoughts, but it is hard for me to apply those thoughts with my own life, more over, comforting and encouraging people, because even i couldn’t do that to myself. 309 more words


Remember The Seven Million Dollar Man?

Well they’ve got a 1.1 billion Eurofighter over here. Lawsuit, I mean.

Austria is seeking as much as 1.1 billion euros ($1.16 billion) from Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH and its main shareholder, Airbus Group SE, after a probe concluded the companies deceived the government in a 2003 purchase of fighter jets. 33 more words



That rolls right off your tongue, doesn’t it?

GM gets rescued by the American government (government is a code word for taxpayer, by the way), Opel gets rescued by the German government and Peugeot gets rescued by the French government. 113 more words



Another step

Then another

No big deal

But it is difficult

To totter

When you have wings


This Was A Hard Decision To Make

No, not deciding as in electing the walking sleeping pill Frank-Walter Steinmeier himself so unceremoniously to the ceremonial office of president of Germany. That was a no-brainer, in more ways than one. 121 more words