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We're Number One!

When it comes to not having children.

A new study has determined that Germany not only has the lowest birth rate in Europe, it has the lowest birth rate on Planet Earth itself. 141 more words


The deal of my lifetime.

Oh Grim Reaper, standing at the door,
Take me instead, please, I implore,
Transfer to me, whatever is within her,
I deserve the agony, for I am the sinner. 137 more words



Read Psalm 3

Focus on verses 1-2

The international distress signal S.O.S. is a last desperate cry for help from a sinking ship. It indicates that there is little hope for those on board unless someone happens to hear the distress call and responds in time to save them. 290 more words

Daily Devotional


Every time I touch the ground
With bare feet and naked dreams
The sand shies away a little bit
So I forge another word out of its shame… 208 more words


White to Black

And she decided to begin again. The darkness was concealed deep beneath her heart. She promised to never look back again.

But then again life… 89 more words


If It Wasn't For Last Place We Wouldn't Have No Place At All

Alllemagne, null points.

Deutschlands Schmach wird Teil einer Ausstellung: Es ist kein putziger Zufall, sondern tiefe Einsicht und Ausdruck der österreichischen Gemütslage, dass zum ESC im ehrwürdigen Leopold-Museum eine Ausstellung zu sehen ist, die “ 52 more words


Kingdom come

Welcome to Saturday. I tried yet another pancake recipe this morning from Once Upon A Chef. I’m not even sure what I’m looking for in trying all these pancake recipes. 737 more words