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In Pursuit of Happiness

I bought a one way ticket.
I bought a one way ticket of the train that never stopped and never returned, like the ghost ship cursed to sail the eternal blue of the skies and seas. 367 more words


She sidles along the edge
Between light and shadow,
A soul caught between kindness
And the necessity of intimacy;
Whoring friendship out
To every casual passerby, 115 more words


If I only could...

… make a paradise for you, I would. If I could build the perfect place, or create the new little world where everything’s alright, I would not hesitate. 238 more words


Unchained: Fear of Going Ballistic in a Public Place

 Here I am in a well-visited bookstore. I sit with a book on one knee (The Name of God is Mercy by Pope Francis) and my smart phone on my other, typing this. 229 more words


German Of The Day: Checken

You know, like Checkpoint Charlie checken?

Checken means “to get it” in German. To get it as in, I dunno. How about to get it as in finally-now-at last understanding that terrorists really and truly have infiltrated your country as refugees? 106 more words



Robert and Maureen McQuillan share…

February already! If God were to judge our 2016 life achievements by a row of 12  candles that had been lit in anticipation, he’d be reminding us that one is already snuffed out and we’ve only eleven more before the year is gone. 1,168 more words


Never Touch A Running System

Why on earth do the folks over at the Bundeswehr think that they need to have a new camouflage system? The old camouflage is working amazingly well already. 94 more words