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More Friends Don't Spy On Friends Again

It just isn’t done. Go ask Angela Merkel.

So that at least explains why the Germans have been spying on us (as in U.S.) for years and years now. 104 more words


Recognition is the First Step

    In order to get better, you first need to recognize that something is wrong.  Denying or ignoring your mental illness will only make it worse; it will do nothing to help your future self.   182 more words

Writer's Curse

I wish I could write and read and write. I wish those were all the fragments in the collage of my commitments. I wish to feel and feel and weave, all my emotions into strings of words. 35 more words

This Will Never Work Here

A neighborhood social network called Nextdoor where local residents (some call the neighbors) actually communicate with each other? Like, in a friendly way? In Germany? 163 more words


Help! People keep asking...

“… and there’s nothing left to say.”

Chronic illness is…well, chronic. For the most part, not only does it not end, but it remains the same.   1,406 more words

The Challenges Of Watching

New To Me

When I speak about alcohol now I tell people that I had a 17 year relationship with it, and to the best of my knowledge that has been a true statement. 183 more words


Pure Insanity

I had this memory during a meeting today of times during the latter years of my drinking where I would wake up determined not to drink that day, I did this every day, and would write on my arm in permanent black marker “Don’t Drink Today” so that as the day went on I would remember how I felt that morning and not drink come afternoon/evening. 24 more words