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Letting Go!

As a mother of a child (this was several years ago, now she is young girl!) I have been flummoxed by a strange phenomenon. Parents with young children seem to believe in all sincerity that their children are naïve. 550 more words


a letter to my shrink

dear psychiatrist (Dr T),

i told you that i was sinking in sadness, barely a few days into my discharge (which was also the same day i did my last ECT). 814 more words


Wussy Clowns Pissed Off At Creepy Clowns

Worried about the bad reputation the current creepy clown conspiracy could give the already bad reputation that wussy, so-called “genuine” clowns in the German clown industry now enjoy, wussy clown spokesmen have denounced the creepy clowns as being “a bunch of creeps” and have asked them to “please stop clowning around already.” 116 more words


Poem: All Pleasures Are Bogus

By: Zunayet Ahammed

We are helpless
And our helplessness is full of sweetness and light
We have come from absolute darkness
And through darkness one day… 183 more words


The International Creepy Clown Conspiracy Has Now Reached Germany

And the first sighting was in Gelsenkirchen. Itself.

Just remember, folks: If ever attacked by a mob of creepy clowns, go for the juggler.

Police in… 81 more words



The full moon always affects me, I often don’t know it’s coming but I know when it’s arrived. I’m not sure why, I’ve heard we are ruled by the tides, the moon controls the tides, so it’s that simple I suppose. 679 more words


​I hate hospitals.
As I write this I’m sitting in her room as she is resting. She was admitted because her blood levels were too low. 593 more words