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Nervous Germans More Nervous Than Usual For Some Reason

I haven’t been able to decrypt this Deutsche Welle article yet but at least there aren’t that many words in it.

Here are most of them: Disbelief… bad dream… cold sweat… irritation… extremely alarming… dangerous… help of fake news… populist… irrational… awful phantom… concerned… not been very convincing… catastrophic mistake… contempt… inauguration. 10 more words


Stay woke, they say.

I was never asleep.

How dare they, you say

What an interesting leap

into dismay and anger

Welcome to my side… 85 more words


Time For More Yummy Berlin Fashion!

At Berlin Fashion Week!

And they’re finally bringing out a collection for the rest of us. It’s called “Alien Nation” and I couldn’t feel more alienated if I tried. 55 more words


Another Year Closes

But Berlin’s “new” airport doors won’t. So that’s why the grand opening will have to be put off again for another year.

For now, I mean. 54 more words


“Just when I was about to be carried away;
And the vision was turning grey.”


German Of The Day: Stiff Upper Lippe

That means stiff upper lip.

And that’s what meany Berlin politician types are struggling with to keep up after Donald Trump’s latest bizarre attacks against Germany, the EU and NATO. 60 more words


At Least It's Not A Life Sentence

Or lebensl√§nglich*, as the Germans like to call it. It’s only 169 years.

Or could be. For Volkswagen managers who get arrested in US-Amerika… 124 more words