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These faces have so much stories in them that I want to capture each one of them and carefully paint them on a canvas

I wonder what that woman, sitting by the road, with an infant on her arm is thinking… 362 more words

Pretty words

I didn’t realize my eyes were closed

Or that I held them closed

With my hands and my heart

Now, I can’t erase the bodies on the ground… 9 more words


Feeling Helpless in the Idolatry of Whiteness

I just had to watch. Normally, I NEVER watch. Not even pictures. Sometimes I have to wait to see much of anything beyond the radio reports. 761 more words


And They Speak Such Funny Englisch, Too

“It drives me up the wall the way waiters in Berlin restaurants only speak English,” one popular German politician has recently been quoted as saying. In Berlin. 153 more words



ley lines fall like dominos

across the board.

power nestles in crevices

and swings with the tide,

which rises too high

to be ignored.

ignoble truths, 18 more words

50,000 (2015), 100,000 (2016), 200,000 (2017)...

Do you see a pattern here?

That’s the number of lawsuits filed by refugees in Germany who have been denied asylum here. Germany has increased the number of judges who decide these case to 2,000 but that still isn’t enough to deal with these numbers like these. 60 more words