Tags » Helplessness

It’s the toxicity that has always drawn me

something about being near poisoned

that can make a body feel alive

-RD Delly


Razor words

shredding hearts.

They seem to dash out

before I can stop them,

leaving hearts in puddles of blood

and me without a bandage.

-RD Delly


If she faded into anonymity,

there’d be no remembrance of her,

not even a tiny

line in the last page of a book somewhere.

She could dissolve today or tomorrow… 9 more words


I write to palliate the despair;

hoping for a restoration.

All the words

in all the universe

merely seem like a jumbled alphabet.

Pen to paper, 12 more words


You hide all your knives

in the back of the drawer

as if the pain will hide with them.

You tell yourself you’re not alone… 76 more words



Feelings of hatred burned in me

You did not help me

Yet you buried me deeper

More than I could handle

More than I could see… 68 more words


German Of The Day: Bek├Âmmlich

That means easily digestible, wholesome, beneficial to your health.

And these are bad things to call beer, a German court has ruled – even though… 121 more words