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A New Axis Of Evil Or Something

It’s not just Germany hurting Greek feelings anymore (although the Germans are still evil, too).

The Greek government is now accusing Spain and Portugal of conspiring against it, as well. 98 more words


To Stay or Not to Stay?

While I was a kid, I was never outside playing with other kids, only doing some word exercises with my mum and reading books since I remember myself. 546 more words


Ocean Song

When I stand on the sandy shores,

And listen to the sounds,

I hear something

That stirs the heart,

Awakening a beating,

I’d never heard before. 394 more words


What A Steal

In more ways than one. Investors are now paying for the privilege of lending Germany money.

On Wednesday, Germany issued its first 5-year bond ever with a negative yield, which means investors are making a loss by loaning money to the German government. 82 more words


Hide and Seek

“I can’t tell. I can’t tell if it’s just that I have no motivation or self-discipline or I’m just telling myself that everything is fucked and so it is.” 243 more words


It is said that heaven helps those who help themselves. This is very untrue. God helps those who recognize their inability to help themselves and therefore come to Him. 50 more words


I don’t remember there ever being a time that I wasn’t afraid of something. I’ve been scared my whole life. I have no idea when it started or why, but something terrified me and I never got over it.. 420 more words