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A Blues for Nina: I'm waiting for you

               A Blues for Nina: I’m waiting for You

I invested so much time into bad soil that mediocrity became an insult to my eyes displeasing in my soul. 397 more words

Seven Reasons Your Christian Husband Cannot Do Better -- Part 6

Reason #6: He Is Trying to Please You

The man living to please his wife is afraid. He won’t measure up. He’ll make a mistake. He’s sure of it. 866 more words


Just a girl who will always sit next to him

“Do you know what a girlfriend is?”

Wiley (he’s 5) shrugs his shoulders and replies, “A girl who always sits next to you.”

And it seems a little too simple, and maybe a tad too serious all at one time. 399 more words

Home Making

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Maybe the best thing we can give our husbands this Valentine's Holiday is a smile from the seat next to his? Let's pray for one another this Valentines. Pray for our marriages and our growth as wives. Lord, help us fix our eyes on You. We trust Your design for marriage and desire to be helpmeets according to Your will. We trust You to meet our need moment by moment, and in marriage, we have great big needs. Above all, help us to love our husbands deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sin. Teach us to offer hospitality to our men without grumbling and to use whatever gifts we have received from You to serve them, faithfully administering Your grace in all its various forms. Keep leading us Home. Hope you enjoy a repost from about this time last year. One of my favorites on marriage.

What is the Family For?

Text: Genesis 2:18-25

The previous two weeks have covered what it means to be a man and what it means to be a woman. Today we cover what it means to be a family. 2,746 more words


x129 (helpmeets and homosexuals)

The first time I stumbled across a Christian homemaking blog (also known as a helpmeet blog or a Titus woman’s blog), I thought it was a kind of a joke. 583 more words

Politics And Policies

Companionship - Adam & Eve

Although Adam had the Lord and the whole World to himself in the Garden of Eden, he wasn’t truly happy or satisfied without a woman! He looked each of the animals over trying to decide not only their names, but which one could be his companion. 565 more words

Better People