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Electric Creamy Hemp Milk | Quick Recipe

For the past how many years I have bought plant milk from the the supermarket for CONVENIENCE and laziness, I have done a few experiments with making almond, hemp and cashew milk. 250 more words

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Homemade Hemp Milk ( No Soaking & No Straining)

I don’t trust many of the store bought milk substitutions because of the ingredient list.  They are highly processed and many contain carrageenan and synthetic vitamins. 135 more words


Dairy-Free Milk Options (2-min read)

The reason we drink milk is either to get the health benefits it or maybe you just like it in your coffee, cereal or other things. 501 more words

Almond Milk

Eco-Exchange Challenge: Week 6

Cows Milk to Dairy Free Alternatives

Hi, this article is not meant to dissuade you from having dairy and cows’ milk in your diet. It will show how you can cut down and by cutting down how that can positively affect the health of the planet and have a positive side effect on your health too. 1,360 more words


Plant Based Milk - Our Favourites

One of the things that isn’t in short supply for anyone starting their vegan journey now  is plant based milk. Rewind a few years ago and the magical white stuff was a lot trickier to come by, but now even my local co-op stocks at least one carton of the stuff. 289 more words

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Prepare for Lift off...

Attention all passengers, get ready to venture into the new world of coffee shops while I take you through my latest food adventure.

As I walked down Greenleaf Avenue in the beautiful city of WHITTIER, Calif., trying to find somewhere to eat, I came across the newest addition to the restaurant scene; … 420 more words

Pasteurized vs. Raw Milk: Which One Is Healthier for You & Your Family?

Since the early 1930’s our government has been “protecting” us from the “dangers” of whole, raw milk. How do they do this? By actually killing the whole, raw milk by pasteurizing it! 1,162 more words

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