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What's wrong with plain old cow's milk?

Too trendy to drink it? Prefer almond or coconut, hemp or rice, oat or soya?

Think you should follow the wacky examples set by Miss Paltrow or the K clan? 118 more words


Coconut Power Bowl

Clear some space! This coconut power bowl will help you alleviate some stress even before you take your first bite. Have some fun mixing up your own combinations, or try the recipe below for a tropical treat that will feel like a mini vacation. 214 more words

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Homemade Hemp Milk

As a youth I was one of those insane children who drank milk with every single meal. I kid you not, a giant class of milk was the norm for me at least three times a day. 467 more words

Pudding superfood

Why superfood? Superfood  have a density much higher of nutrients than ordinary foods. They are natural foods that contain a variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 206 more words


Mashed Cauliflower

Mashed cauliflower is a great side dish to have with your meal when you want something light in substitute for mashed potatoes. My background is Eastern European – a blend of Polish, German and Austrian. 312 more words

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Hemp Milk | Pears Not Parsnips

I gave up dairy many years ago and relied on rice milk instead.

But recently I discovered homemade nut milks and have become a true convert. 262 more words

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Cherry Chocolate Smoothie BLISS (vegan)

Wow, I managed to make in my humble opinion the best smoothie ever, I mean it can be improved of course, but thus far it’s number 1. 171 more words