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Green Matcha Vanilla Overnight Oats

I have had matcha powder sitting around in one of my kitchen drawer’s for a while, well, ever since I bought it, actually. I made myself a matcha latte once or twice, but I don’t really get the hype, to be honest. 819 more words


How to Make a Dragon Fruit Smoothie

Hey healthy bunnies!

I’ve always wanted to try dragon fruit in a smoothie, but dragon fruit is pretty pricey. I recently found out many grocery stores carry it in the frozen aisle, and it is a lot more affordable this way. 80 more words


New Discoveries | Books, Eats And Quiet Places

These little discoveries aren’t necessarily things that are new to all of you, but they are most certainly new to me, some of which I am grateful I’ve found out about and others I’m not overly convinced by but am willing to give another go.  401 more words


Hemp Milk

I am grateful that I can consume dairy. Raw milk is like a silky smooth treat for me. This is not the case for everyone. We hear so much about milk allergies and I find that often times, people are conflicted with which substitution they should make. 345 more words

Dairy Free

Hemp Seeds: The Perfect Food!

Hemp is a common term for high-growing varieties of the herb, cannabis sativa, and its products. The versatile hemp plant is grown not only for food but also for oil, resin, wax, rope, fabric, paper, pulp and biofuel. 424 more words


Milk Alternatives: Beyond Soy Milk and Lactaid

Throughout my life I’ve had issues with dairy. Sometimes I’ll go months, even years without having an issue, but recently that hasn’t been the case. So I’ve cut out dairy and switched to a milk alternative. 463 more words


Overnight Oats & Berries.

I go through phases with oats, as with most foods, and right now I’m “on” them. Very on them. Like, every night I go to sleep thinking about them and I wake up and eat them immediately. 279 more words