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Is Almond Milk Safe?


Carrageenan,a substance extracted from Irish Moss seaweed, is used in many process foods including almond milks as a thickener and emulsifier. While it is a natural substance with no nutritive properties, it can cause inflammation in the intestines and bowels(studies have shown). 90 more words


Strawberry Hemp Milk Smoothie

Non-dairy smoothies are all the rage these days- and for good reason.  Many of the available options give you a great nutritional benefit without the downsides of dairy milk.   189 more words

Healthy Eating

Vanilla Avocado Hemp Milk Shake

So, I almost never post recipes of shakes, since there are a million and I tend to stick to my regulars (as a side note, I’m a HUGE fan of the, dark leafy green mixed with chunks of watermelon and a chunk of ginger, you don’t need a liquid cause the watermelon is so water based). 142 more words

Chocolate Pear Overnight Oatmeal

This is one of those recipes that I was sure was going to be a disaster, and then, it’s wasn’t: My favorite kind.

I always hold my breath a little when I make overnight oats. 302 more words

Hemp milk

I’ve been feeling really irritable this week for no apparent reason. I couldn’t figure it out but recently I decided to give up chocolate and other sugary things. 209 more words


What's wrong with plain old cow's milk?

Too trendy to drink it? Prefer almond or coconut, hemp or rice, oat or soya?

Think you should follow the wacky examples set by Miss Paltrow or the K clan? 118 more words