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Yard and Garden: April 27, 2018

This is the Q&A for the Yard and Garden show for April 27, 2018. Yard and Garden Live is a call-in radio show I do on KUTT 99.5 FM from 10-11:30 am and it will run through August 3, 2018. 1,222 more words

Yard & Garden Live

The Mints of Spring

So a few days ago, I was wandering around in the yard, enjoying spring unfolding, and suddenly noticed this low growing plant with small blue flowers growing under and around one of our backyard willow trees. 810 more words

Farm Life

What to do in the Spring?

Spring is here. That is wonderful for the weather and the desired plants and flowers, but it also means the insects and weeds are coming back. 692 more words

Plant Management



When I was a kid, I knew that spring was close when our yard was covered in tiny henbit blossoms. 342 more words

When Is It Too Cold To Kill Lawn Weeds?

As long as your daily temps are reaching a high of 50 degrees or more the day you spray, you can kill pesky perennial weeds like Dandelion, Clover and Ground Ivy (Creeping Charlie), as well as annual weeds like Chickweed and Henbit. 156 more words

Dandelion Control Should be Done Now

Weeds in the lawn will drive us crazy through the whole summer, but don’t forget about them yet. Fall is the best time to treat for broadleaf weeds, even though we don’t notice them as much now because they are done blooming for the year. 531 more words

Plant Management

“Henbit ”- Lamium amplexicaule L.

“As I leave the garden
I take with me a renewed view,
And a quiet soul.”
― Jessica Coupe

This lovely purple flowered plant was given to me by my grandmother many years ago and is well established in the garden. 206 more words