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Mid-winter weed IPM

From the Georgia Center for Urban Agriculture

by Greg Huber, University of Georgia

Weeds can be a major pest of lawns and recreation fields, competing for resources and sunlight while detracting from their natural beauty. 435 more words


Question of the Week: Henbit

Last week the question was:  Here is another winter weed, this time growing out of a crack in a brick wall four feet off the ground.   92 more words

Question Of The Week

Is it Too Late to Kill Lawn Weeds?

As long as your daily temps are reaching a high of 50 degrees or more the day you spray, you can kill pesky perennial weeds like Dandelion, Clover and Ground Ivy (Creeping Charlie), as well as annual weeds like Chickweed and Henbit. 132 more words

How to Prevent Poa Annua (Annual Bluegrass) From Invading Your Lawn?

This is a reminder for all of you who have asked me about killing Poa Annua (see photo) back in spring. Now is the time to put down a preventer before it has a chance to germinate this fall. 226 more words

Purple deadnettle, or is it henbit: third winter annual to make a showing

December 2016 update: I think the winter annual I have been identifying as henbit (Lamium amplexicaule) may be purple deadnettle (Lamium purpureum… 750 more words


Pesky Purple Weed

People have asked me about the purple weed that has emerged in fields and lawns. Most likely that flower is henbit that is an annual forb in Nebraska and a member of the mint family, which means it has a square stem. 185 more words


Henbit part

A few stems of this lovely little flower were growing just by the side of the road near the library meadow.

A member of the mint family, its name — Henbit deadnettle ( 11 more words