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Three Hardy, North Carolina Winter Annuals

Winter annuals are plants that germinate in the fall, grow slowly throughout the winter, bloom and produce seed in the spring, and die out over the summer.  567 more words

February: Time to Pull Weeds in My Virginia Garden

On Facebook I see several countdowns to spring but for me gardening is a year round endeavor. Although we have had and will continue to have snow and freezing rain here in Northern Virginia, I burst outside when an “almost warm day” appears in February, anxious to get a head start. 725 more words


Spring Forage: 3 Herbs from the Lawn

Chances are, if you live in North America, parts of Europe, and (maybe) even bits of Australia and New Zealand, that (at least some of) these “weeds” can be found in your yard, a neighbor’s yard, or a field in a park or school yard. 808 more words


Wildflowers or Weeds ~ Part 2

Last spring, I posted an article with pictures of all the wildflowers I found in my yard. (See “Wildflowers or Weeds.”) Some would call them weeds, but I find most of them quite acceptable in my yard. 409 more words

General Information

March Madness: The Final Four

No, not the Final Four of the NCAA.  These are the final four companion plantings to finish off March’s topic (perhaps a few days late). 961 more words

Urban Garden

Recipe Review: Henbit Flapjacks and David Hasselhoff

real live foraging

It got too tempting.  We caved.  Weeds are everywhere, and they’re

free, so it’s time to start putting our spatula where our mouth is. 426 more words

Actual Gardening


I’ve now seen four swallow species this spring in Oregon. This morning I added two: two Northern Rough-winged and a Barn. Both were feeding low over the water at Ashland Pond. 296 more words