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How to Prevent Poa Annua (Annual Bluegrass) From Invading Your Lawn?

This is a reminder for all of you who have asked me about killing Poa Annua (see photo) back in spring. Now is the time to put down a preventer before it has a chance to germinate this fall. 226 more words

Pesky Purple Weed

People have asked me about the purple weed that has emerged in fields and lawns. Most likely that flower is henbit that is an annual forb in Nebraska and a member of the mint family, which means it has a square stem. 185 more words


Henbit part

A few stems of this lovely little flower were growing just by the side of the road near the library meadow.

A member of the mint family, its name — Henbit deadnettle ( 11 more words


Preemergents Can Only Do So Much

No matter how a hard we try, we can’t predict Mother Nature, especially in Nebraska.  The weather this year, throws all of my previous application recommendations for crabgrass preemergence herbicides out the window.  677 more words

Nebraska Extension

lawn likker; it's a southern thing

Spring rituals vary from region to region but throughout the south, gathering violets and turning them into jam and liqueur is a popular activity.  Pay enough attention to it and you will also hear stories of red bud blossoms being gathered for jam making as well.   931 more words

Spring Rain coats Plants in Bubbles Of Life

Rain dances upon the earth giving life to all it touches, an intimate caress. ~ Lee Hiller 88 more words

Hot Springs National Park

Henbit in the lawn

This time of the year is always fun. It is starting to warm up and we can begin to emerge from our winter hibernation indoors. However, with the movement outdoors come the calls to my office. 535 more words

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