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Legends of the Fall Guys

True story:  shortly after he was elected President in November 1980, Ronald Reagan was given an orientation to prepare for his new position as Commander-in-Chief of the United States. 797 more words


Eulogies for a Stalinist

As we’ve noted, Alexander Cockburn‘s death unleashed a torrent of praise from the mainstream media, most of which pretended that he’d been something of a classical liberal. 471 more words


"Pitcairn's" propaganda

Yesterday we began looking at the late Claud Cockburn, a paid Stalinist hack whose lies about the Spanish Civil War moved George Orwell to write Homage to Catalonia, a forthright, meticulously observed account of that war – and of the bloody war-within-a-war that the Cockburn and his fellow Kremlin functionaries waged against their supposed Republican allies. 555 more words