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A Burning Confession (2015)

This video art hopes to challenge what is considered art. It aims to express emotions that are otherwise brushed under the carpet. Therefore, I have used art as a tool for forcing the audience to listen (as they would have to out of respect; if I were to say it otherwise, it would be ignored or invalidated, or simply perceived as exaggeration). 68 more words

Studio 2

4/16 Jayson Musson and Hennessy Youngman

When I was asked the question “Who is Jayson Musson?” I thought to myself ‘I have no idea’. Of course, he turned out to people someone I have seen before many times, acting as his created persona Hennessy Youngman. 251 more words

The Relevance Of The Relation (2014)

The Relevance Of The Relation is successful, in the sense that is more intimate and the audience can hear the audio clearer, compared to previous my video art.

Video Art

Jayson Musson aka 'Hennessy Youngman'

I have recently encountered this artist’s work and I think that it complements my current theme of satirical art. Musson is an American performance artist who created a series of videos, called ‘Art Thoughtz’ under the persona Youngman, which he then uploaded to YouTube. 223 more words

Artist Influences

How to Make an Art

Numerous times throughout history artists have had fabricated personas. Meet Hennessy Youngman, Jayson Musson’s alter ego.

The character Hennessy Youngman is an underdog in the art world, an urban person of color who we might not expect to have access to the insular (and predominantly white) art world. 145 more words

Damien Hirst as a PR Fool? "Money Can't Buy You Class" Mr. YBA

Pre-Warning: Profanity is in this video. If you get offended easily this may not be for you.

Fabricated. Ridiculous. Mass-produced. Dots. Dots. Dots. And yet, how does the YBA Damien Hirst present himself to the WORLD? 80 more words


ART THOUGHTZ, CVS BANGERS & SELFIES: A Hennessy Youngman Triptych

Look I am not really going to write much about these things, they are all self explanatory. Well, some of the nuanced/in jokes might miss some people but I am sure everyone will get some thing from this wonderous virtual triptych. 17 more words