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Artefact #1

12-String guitars, monaural problems and Bergsonian duration

As part of our assessment we are required to create 3 artefacts: a short-form mobile film, a remix and a super-cut. 309 more words


“To exist is to change,
to change is to mature,
to mature is to go on
creating oneself endlessly.”
Henri Bergson

Change Quotes

“Fortunately, some are born with spiritual immune systems that sooner or later give rejection to the illusory worldview grafted upon them from birth through social conditioning. 62 more words

A Word's Worth

“Fortunately, some are born with spiritual immune systems that sooner or later give rejection to the illusory worldview grafted upon them from birth through social conditioning. 62 more words

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Event for Stage by Tacita Dean is a fascinating art piece and is particularly interesting to anyone who happens to be a performer. It’s free to see until 4th November at the Frith Street Gallery 17-18 Golden Square W1F 9 JJ. 427 more words


#CochetBrunschvicg 3 : les deux aspects de l'immanence

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Où nous avons vu que la conversion de la conscience (conversion véritable, et non pas conversion à une religion particulière qui n’est que l’expression d’un ressentiment contre ce que l’on croit etre les “ennemis” de cette religion, exemple j’ai toujours pu vérifier que les conversions d’européens à l’islam s’originent toujours d’un ressentiment contre les femmes européennes, jugées “trop libres” ou contre les juifs, ou bien souvent contre la religion chrétienne où l’on est né, jugée responsable d’avoir brimé nos inclinations particulières, sexuelles notamment, bref en résumé : la conversion religieuse est une fausse conversion, qui n’a rien de spirituel) , où nous avons vu donc que la conversion véritable implique un retournement (metanoia) , un changement de signe, et pour reprendre les termes utilisés par Mme Cochet : 2,101 more words


... the remainder leads me to write again ...

The problem immanent in the class struggle is that the focus on and the fetishism of the working class and the ruling class maintains an engagement with the very class structure itself and language itself has a hegemony within it’s own structure and by naming something or someone we create it or him or her as an object and we become an agent of rule within the sentence and within every dictator there is a poet and language tortures us and the period drama sanitises the mise en scene of the bullying upper classes and we give the permission to be bullied by and lied to by posh ‘benevolent’ smelly smiles and language defines us and segregates us and reveals our unconscious thoughts that we thought were private and wanted to keep private so we keep silent and truth is a lie and being kind is unkind and being truthful dominates and a decision is a decision and to decide is related etymologically to homicide, suicide, patricide and decision kills off possibility and a King is an empty signifier and Freud was more worried about the Catholics than the Nazis, the Nazis were Catholic apparently but religion is just a bunch of signification however powerful a signification it may be and political leaders all have a psychotic structure and should not be trusted on any level especially if they talk about being trust worthy and caring and I write because there is a remainder, a left over from the last thought that has me write something else and when I put a full stop at the end of this sentence it will not be the end and there is a kind of musicality to language a rhythm of thought of … gap in the stream of consciousness which has a kind of truth because it isn’t edited or thought out – it is thought into the gap created by the folding back of understanding and isn’t beholden to the terror of grammar of what is learnt at school and forgotten in the exam which will determine the rest of your life when you are put into that box and spend the rest of your life trying to struggle out of, only to end up in another box and then to return to the first box which now feels more comfortable but still nevertheless has me left with a remainder; a left over to write more next time