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“Time is invention and nothing else.”
— Henri Bergson

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The elements of negation

In The Elements of Style, William Strunk and E.B. White provide the useful precept: “Put statements in positive form. Make definite assertions. Avoid timid, colorless, hesitating, noncommittal language. 1,021 more words


Art Inspired by Bergsonian Time

I bought a book by Henry Bergson a couple of months back: The Creative Mind. I wanted to supplement my reading about particular creative artists ( 237 more words

Personal Stories

“The idea of the future, pregnant with an infinity of possibilities, is thus more fruitful than the future itself, and this is why we find more charm in hope than in possession, in dreams than in reality.” 6 more words

Literary Lines

Quote of the Day

To think intuitively is to think in duration. Intelligence starts ordinarily from the immobile, and reconstructs movement as best it can with immobilities in juxtaposition. Intuition starts from movement, posits it, or rather perceives it as reality itself…Intuition, bound up to a duration which is growth, perceives in it an uninterrupted continuity of unforeseeable novelty; it sees, it knows that the mind draws from itself more than it has.

Henri Bergson, The Creative Mind

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Henri Bergson: l'intellectuel engagé

It is rarely referred the Bergson and Einstein debate that took place on April, 6, 1922, at the venerable institution Société Française de Philosophie. For some, it was the great debate of 20th century, for others it passed unnoticed. 526 more words