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infra-thin: Creating a Dialogue between Photography and Philosophy

It is ten years ago this month that I first encountered conceptual photography. In the summer of 2006 I was interning at a small artist-owned gallery in Washington D.C. 1,441 more words

Drawing the Whole Company

When the president of a company hires me to spend a whole day to draw everybody who works there, I know I’ll be looking at energetic, imaginative, intelligent, personable, interesting and interested people across my drawing board.  355 more words

Best Work

Cinema & the City

Fabio La Rocca

A reciprocal relationship exists between cinema and the metropolis: a symbolic exchange, affirming a link between the world of cinematic images and urban experience. 491 more words


Bergson: Thought and Effort

A thought, taken by itself, is a reciprocal implication of elements of which we cannot say whether they are one or many. Thought is a continuity, and in all continuity there is confusion. 230 more words

“To exist is to change, to change is to mature,
to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.”
Henri Bergson

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Strive to Belong to the Community of Creators

Where joy is, creation has been. — Henri Bergson

While skimming through my favorite old philosophy textbook, I had the pleasure of discovering these comments in the book’s preface: 210 more words


What is Consciousness Good For?

“What is Consciousness Good For?” is the third chapter in “Consciousness and the Brain Deciphering How the Brain Codes our Thoughts’” an outstanding book by the French neuroscientist Stanislas Dehaene who is the Chair of Experimental Psychology at the College of France.   489 more words

Human Memory: Theory And Data