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Urban Revolution Now: Henri Lefebvre in Urban Research and Architecture - audio of launch event

Henri Lefebvre’s concepts and theoretical reflections have become widely known in the last decades. However, working with these concepts in many different contexts poses serious challenges; and in any case taking Lefebvre as a starting point for research and action is an endeavor and an adventure, an expedition into unknown fields.

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Who's afraid of R. Murray Schafer?

It has become fashionable in some sound and new music quarters to sneer and snipe at R. Murray Schafer and his ideas on the soundscape. In particular I’ve noticed that the ideas set forth in… 1,261 more words


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r-murray-schafer-marcia-adair Photograph by Miss Mussel
Who is, indeed? Both a fervid apology of and a furious pamphlet for Murray Schafer, written by James Wyness last year. Still groovy!

sonic sociality part 3

sonic sociality part 3

As mentioned before it is not uncommon for bands to be formed of members from different European countries. For example  the band… 491 more words

Excerpts from Lefebvre for the Day

My most significant reading project at the moment is the first volume of Henri Lefebvre’s elephantine Critique of Everyday Life, which he published over decades of work. 373 more words


Why I’m not writing or speaking about Heidegger’s Black Notebooks (except here)

As many readers of this blog will know, I’ve been posting various bits of news about Heidegger’s ‘Black Notebooks’ over the past year or so. In that time I’ve been asked to speak on Heidegger at events in the UK and USA, and a few people have suggested I write something. 1,366 more words


Henri Lefebvre’s thought on democracy

A few weeks ago, we said that Henri Lefebvre attached importance to democracy and participation. But what are participation and democracy according to Henri Lefebvre ? 705 more words

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