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No Job for a Grown Man (part three) - Whereby the Artist Screams Poverty.

Which is not to suggest that any of this is easy, nor that I now have a particular formula for success after four years.  There is still the chasm of indifference to cross, and as yet I still have no indication of how to cross it.  700 more words


The commodity hides in stores, in warehouses - in inventory

What is a commodity? A concrete abstraction. An abstraction, certainly – but not an abstraction in spite of its status as a thing; an abstraction, on the contrary, on account of its status as a social ‘thing’, divorced, during its existence, from its materiality, from the use to which it is put, from productive activity, and from the needs that it satisfies.

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Verso e-book sale - 90% off - and my five picks

Verso have a massive e-book sale with 90% off a huge range of their books until the end of today (Friday 2 September 2016). You could pick up the new translation of Henri Lefebvre’s… 106 more words

The Production of Space and Hillary Clinton's Unforgivable Faint

Yesterday, on the 15th anniversary of the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, Hillary Clinton — the embattled Democratic nominee for POTUS in this November’s election — abruptly left a memorial service in New York. 682 more words

Adam David Morton, For a Political Economy of Space and Place - video and audio

Adam David Morton’s inaugural lecture ‘For a Political Economy of Space and Place’ is available on video and audio.

Under capitalism, how does the state organise space in our everyday lives through the streets we walk, the monuments we visit, and the places where we meet?

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8 Critical Theory books that came out in July 2016

Another useful roundup – Benjamin, Malabou, Althusser et. al., Lefebvre, etc.