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Henri Lefebvre, Metaphilosophy - forthcoming in 2016 from Verso with introduction by Stuart Elden

Henri Lefebvre’s fundamental book Métaphilosophie is forthcoming in translation in Spring 2016 from Verso. It will have an introduction from me. Further details when available. 72 more words

Henri Lefebvre

Housing and the right to the city

The right to the city is just as important as the right to housing, argues Ruth Lorimer

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2015 issue of the rs21 magazine. 1,146 more words


Art, culture, presence and the notion of Spatial Justice

When considering art, culture and cultural development within the realm of contemporary society, grasping a basic understanding of this notion of spatial justice through the conceptual, experiential and imagining of spaces becomes an essential starting point. 507 more words

Society and Space open access highlight papers updated

The ‘highlights’ section of the Environment and Planning D: Society and Space website has been updated. Several recent papers are now available open access – including pieces by Giorgio Agamben, Henri Lefebvre, Bruce Braun, Melissa Wright, Katharyne Mitchell, Sarah Elwood, Matthew Gandy…


Urban Revolution Now: Henri Lefebvre in Urban Research and Architecture - audio of launch event

Henri Lefebvre’s concepts and theoretical reflections have become widely known in the last decades. However, working with these concepts in many different contexts poses serious challenges; and in any case taking Lefebvre as a starting point for research and action is an endeavor and an adventure, an expedition into unknown fields.

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Who's afraid of R. Murray Schafer?

It has become fashionable in some sound and new music quarters to sneer and snipe at R. Murray Schafer and his ideas on the soundscape. In particular I’ve noticed that the ideas set forth in… 1,261 more words


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Who is, indeed? Both a fervid apology of and a furious pamphlet for Murray Schafer, written by James Wyness last year. Still groovy!

Thoughts on Henri Lefebvre's Critique of Everyday Life Vol. 1

At last, I finished my reading of Henri Lefebvre’s 1947 Critique of Everyday Life Volume 1, the beginning of a trilogy of volumes examining the quotidian. 1,153 more words