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The Early Foucault update 17: Canguilhem, Beinecke library and back to Foucault

I wrote the last update on this book over two months ago, just as I was finishing up an extended research visit to Paris. Since then I’ve mainly been focusing on the Canguilhem manuscript, which is inching toward a near complete draft. 910 more words

Henri Lefebvre, The Survival of Capitalism – how to reconstruct an English version of the French text

Henri Lefebvre’s 1973 book La survie du capitalisme: La reproduction des rapports de production (Anthropos, third edition 2002) was one of the relatively few of his books which was translated within a few years of its initial publication. 392 more words

Back to writing in 2018 - Foucault, Canguilhem and Lefebvre

As the blog posts of the last couple of days indicate, I’m back at my desk working. The first writing submitted this year was a 2000 word piece entitled ‘Foucault, Biography, and Posthumous Publications’, destined for the… 206 more words

Translation and Outreach - Call for Proposals

The Antipode Foundation is committed to “internationalising” its activities, that is, maximising the diversity of those submitting and subscribing to the journal, applying for… 346 more words


The Right to the City: A Verso Report - free ebook

The Right to the City: A Verso Report – free ebook

Special eBook collection on the most urgent question of our times: who is the city for?

213 more words