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A year in review - talks, publications and writing, plus links to my ‘best-of’ lists

I began 2016 with a lengthy manuscript on the 1969-75 period of Foucault’s work, partly developed from the large sections cut from the manuscript of… 808 more words

Academic Books of 2016 - my personal list

Many of the academic books I read this year were for the Foucault and Shakespeare work, and few were published this year. This alphabetical list is of the twenty books published this year which I read and liked the most. 375 more words

Henri Lefebvre, Marxist Thought and the City published and 30% discount code

Henri Lefebvre, Marxist Thought and the City, translated by Robert Bonnano and with a brief preface by me has been published by University of Minnesota Press. 192 more words

No Job for a Grown Man (part three) - Whereby the Artist Screams Poverty.

Which is not to suggest that any of this is easy, nor that I now have a particular formula for success after four years.  There is still the chasm of indifference to cross, and as yet I still have no indication of how to cross it.  700 more words


Brenner y Elden: Lefebvre, estado, espacio y territorio

Brenner, N. y S. Elden (2009). ‘Henri Lefebvre on state, space and territory’. International Political Sociology. 3: 353-377. 

Lefebvre, H.(2009). State, space, world: selected essays.  1,459 more words