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Painting Papers for Collage 2

Two of the collage artists I admire most– Romare Bearden and Henri Matisse – created collage with painted papers.

The image above shows the French artist Henri Matisse (1869-1954) sitting in a wheelchair in his studio in Nice, France (1952). 655 more words


#40. Harry Hay writes on Philip Guston, Henri Matisse and the Politics of the Idle.

“Why am I like this?” Oblomov asked himself almost with tears, hiding his head under the blanket again. “Why?”

After seeking in vain for the hostile source that prevented him from living as he should, as the ‘others’ lived, he sighed, closed his eyes, and a few minutes later drowsiness began once again to benumb his senses… He was passing from agitation to his normal state of calm and apathy… So he never arrived at the cause, after all; his tongue and lips stopped in the middle of the sentence and remained half open. 4,921 more words

Henri Matisse

Colour in portraits

Still thinking about the colour application from the last post, and also thinking generally about the way unusual colour can work in a portrait. I painted this green man with a red background, nothing planned, just doodling with paint. 189 more words

Guess who's coming to dinner

The Project I’ve been given features none other than HENRI MATISSE! The museum owns a couple of beautiful sketches from the even more beautiful Vence Chapel the artist designed. 52 more words

Quote of the Day

I have never tried to play chess, although friends who think they understand me well have recommended it to me. I answered them, “I cannot play with symbols that never change.

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Quote Of The Day

Discovering the French Riviera, Part 3: Nice, France (again)

Henri Matisse Museum, La Massara and More in Nice

Escaping to the beauty that is Monte Carlo, Monaco, sometimes leaves an inspired explorer feeling lethargic. Picturesque palm trees, sailboats floating ever so gently and luxurious amenities at every corner entrance passerby, hypnotizing them into utmost tranquility. 582 more words