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Sunday Funnies: The Unbearable Lightness of Being......A Cat

If you’ve ever been owned by a cat, I’m sure that you have wondered from time to time just what they are thinking. Well, wonder no more – Henri the Cat is here to explain it to you: 17 more words

Just Because

The Internet Is Made Of Cats

If you spend any time on the internet, I think you can agree with me when I say: Cats are everywhere.  They might not be man’s best friend, but the world wide web sure seems to love them.  228 more words


Bacon Grease Redux

Through the process of dating actively in my 40s, I have learned many things. For example, I cannot stress the importance of knowing when to call it a day.  504 more words

Viral Video of the Day: Henri's Existentialism

In Little Utopia news, we still haven’t heard anything from The Video Guy. We’re beginning to think he fell down a Wikipedia rabbit hole and might be lost in the depths of the internet forever. 161 more words


The Tragic Betrayal (A Feline Tale of Woe)

Henri the Cat relates his humiliating experience:

The poor dear.

Just Because

Henri the existentialist cat has sold out, it doesn't matter

My favourite internet feline (yeah I went there, grumpy cat ain’t all that) is back! Henri the existentialist cat shares his weary wisdom once more. And yes it is clearly an advertisement for some cat food brand or other. 19 more words


Friday Five

1. Meet Henri. The brooding, self-important, contemplative, endearing little Frenchman. Oh, and he’s a cat. Thanks to Lunar Euphoria for posting this!

2. Seconds.
I have a lot of favorite meals. 696 more words

Friday Five