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Who were the precursors of the New Left? The WASP establishment or Communists?

Until I read Philip Wylie’s best seller A Generation of Vipers (1942), I had assumed that the sprinkling of red-diaper babies who rose to prominence in the social movements of the 1960s, were the bearers of the intellectual ideas that gave rise to the women’s movement, the antiwar movement, the back to Nature movement, and to multiculturalism, with its emphasis on “race” over “class.” 774 more words

Henry A. Murray

Carl Jung “I am grateful to know that I was not altogether forgotten.”

To Henry A. Murray

My dear Murray, 2 July 1948

A few days ago I received your very kind letter and the book on “Sentiments” you have published together with Christiana. 866 more words

Carl Jung

Carl Jung letter to Henry A. Miller

To Henry A. Murray

My dear Murray, 2 May 1925

Thank you for your nice letter!

Don’t say too many good things, as I have to be careful not to be swayed away by megalomania. 165 more words

Carl Jung

Were Nazis "Socialists"?

With so many readers expecting short blogs readable on smartphones these days, it is not surprising that a limited number of my numerous Facebook friends have the patience to read deep-diving explanations of why they have swallowed the rumor that Hitler and the Nazis or others called “fascists” were indistinguishable from Communists and other advocates of “progress.” Still, I promised to deliver something that serious  readers would find digestible. 924 more words

Henry A. Murray

Carl Jung on the causality of fantasy

To Henry A. Murray

My dear Dr. Murray, 10 September 1935

Thank you for your interesting letter.

I think going to Samoa is a very wonderful plan, but nothing for myself as I’m fettered to all sorts of obligations in Zurich. 753 more words


Herman Melville on the [materialist, solitary] "backwoodsman"

Melville’s chapters on “the metaphysics of Indian-hating” in The Confidence-Man (1857) are often cited to defend multiculturalism and to instill liberal guilt for the fate of “les pauvres Peaux-Rouges.” This is a typical error of ideologues who rip pages out of context to appropriate an eminent writer to their cause du jour. 492 more words

Herman Melville

Hitler and the Big Lie, corrected

[“Romantically” “Jewish”] Hitler encounters the restless, skeptical, switching ‘Jewish’ mind

  While reflecting upon Hitler’s publications (along with the productions of other “moderate men”), I have seen an incoherence and madness which, however affected by family history, seems primarily structured by class position; my synthesis supplements the work of those historians who have stressed counter-Enlightenment as the centerpiece of Nazi ideology. 7,022 more words

Henry A. Murray