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Teaching is a work of heart

Henry Adams once said, “A teacher affects eternity he can never tell where his influence stops.” I have always dreamed of being a teacher. It was that one childhood dream I started from kindergarten when our teacher asked us what we want to be when we grow up. 663 more words


The Self As God

I resubmit here for your consideration some ideas I expressed a few years ago when I first started writing my posts and had even fewer readers than I do now. 784 more words

Hugh's Blogs

Outside the Mainstream

I have been having a back-and-forth with a friend on Facebook who simply cannot bring himself to even consider voting for Hillary Clinton. He seems determined to vote for a Third Party candidate, probably the Green Party’s Jill Stein.  824 more words


Going Behind The Scenes In Wenlock Abbey

We followed in the footsteps of long-gone celebrities on our recent, and I have to say, nigglingly exclusive visit to Wenlock Abbey. It was the first chance we have had to visit there, and it was done under the auspices of our Civic Society. 1,586 more words

Tish Farrell Writer


“Society is immoral and immortal; it can afford to commit any kind of folly, and indulge in any kind of vice; it cannot be killed, and the fragments that survive can always laugh at the dead.” 7 more words

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Career Lesson: Chaos breeds life, order breeds habit.

Article written by Angela Hydes, Marketing and Content Contributor. Follow us at @TALGroup. 45 more words