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How the Van Vleck Observatory reflects environmental conditions

Before Van Vleck was completed in 1916, Wesleyan’s “observatory” was a tower mounted on a dormitory, containing few instruments with little research capability. Prior to that, the university’s effort at a building devoted to astronomy was little more than a shed. 1,111 more words

Frederick W. Slocum

Van Vleck's living walls

As I was going over old photos of Van Vleck Observatory, I noticed that the now-bare walls of the building were at one point covered thickly in vines. 371 more words

Frederick W. Slocum

Monuments and Reflections

The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool lies between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. The pool measures 2,029 feet long and 167 feet wide; the pool’s depth starts at 18 inches on the sides and reaches 30 inches in the center. 46 more words


Lincoln Memorial

Henry Bacon’s Lincoln Memorial with seated Lincoln by Daniel Chester French.

This image and the one on the previous blog are scans of old Kodachrome or Ektachrome. 9 more words

Architectural Photography

John Russell Pope, Abraham Lincoln, and the American Pharmacists Association

Most of the buildings on the National Mall are well-known, beloved, and clearly have a purpose there. The Smithsonian museums are wonderful, and the juxtaposition of monumental federal buildings and spaces reserved for the use of the people is something special about the nation’s capital.  1,187 more words

Historic Preservation

Christmas Prayers

Christmas Prayers by Henry Bacon c. 1872

I think this is a gorgeous painting!

Bacon was an American painter, born in Massachusetts in 1839 and dying in Cairo in 1912.

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