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Awesome Shout-Out from Virtual Pulp

Author Henry Brown (aka “Machine Trooper,” aka “The Two-Fisted Blogger”) has been fighting the good fight for years. His website, Virtual Pulp, is a must-visit for fans of manly manosphere men’s adventure and associated cultural phenomena. 187 more words


Man hides in trunk of wife's car, stabs her to death and runs her over, before shooting their two kids and himself dead

A man hid in the trunk of his estranged wife’s car at a Florida Chili’s restaurant Sunday, before stabbing and running her over, and then killing their two children and himself,reports CBS affiliate WKMG.Henry Brown, 30, laid in wait for Chericia Brown, 31, and attacked her when she left the restaurant around 10 p.m. 240 more words

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Great Heavyweights

Great Heavyweights, by Henry Brown

And the Punch Felt ‘Round the World

Published: 2014

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Black History: Henry Brown

Henry Brown- He was an African American inventor that patented the fireproof safe on November 2, 1886.

-The safe was made of metal and could be sealed with a lock and key.

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Black History

November 17, 1902 letter to Sarah Keith from Edna Allen

November 17, 1902

To: Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Edna Allen, Kalamazoo, MI

Edna is writing her Aunt, who unfortunately died on the 18th and probably never received the letter. 776 more words


February 16, 1902 letter to Sarah Keith from Amanda Crawford

February 16, 1902

To: Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Amanda Crawford, Golden, CO

Ida and Harold are both well. She has not been very well this winter. 448 more words

David "D.C." Crawford

Henry Brown: Modern Day Fireproof Safe

Henry Brown patented a “receptacle for storing and preserving papers on November 2, 1886” This was a fire and accident safe container made of forged metal, which could be sealed with a lock and key.

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