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winter mornings in Monaco

”The sun is but a morning star.”

-Henry David Thoreau

Bibles, Bubbas, and Hucksters: Mike Huckabee's "Real" America

Much like the distant European Pleistocene past, when modern Homo Sapiens co-existed with their brow-ier Neanderthal cousins, there are currently two species of humans in twenty-first century America: “Real” and “Fake” Americans. 1,863 more words

Quote of the Day: Thoreau

“All good things are wild, and free.”
~ Henry David Thoreau

One of my favourite quotes, period.

This photo was shot last week while hanging out with a new – and very talented – photographer friend, capturing the beautifully lit park across the lake! 48 more words


Brysur Fel Morgrig ~ How Industrious Are You?

Today is the first Wednesday of March so I’m blogging as part of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group day. Whether it proves to be an industrious day, remains to be seen. 341 more words


Why Thoreau left the woods (Walden 200)

“I left the woods for as good a reason as I went there. Perhaps it seemed to me that I had several more lives to live, and could not spare any more time for that one.” 417 more words


Problem Thinker

I don’t know when, or where, I got this piece. It is not mine, but I just have to pass it on.

It started out innocently enough. 733 more words


Do you have a sexual addiction? Three Startling “C’s” Will Tell You!





Imagine what it be like if you could be free from illicit sexual desires.

The freedom is simply unbelievable.  Could it happen for you? 438 more words