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'No Seconds' by Henry Hargreaves

It’s well known that some death row inmates in the US are offered a special last meal. Photographer Henry Hargreaves became fascinated by this ” mix of the mundane and the extraordinary” and turned it into the ‘No Seconds’ project. 117 more words


Food Maps

Food Maps created from national foods by photographer Henry Hargreaves and food stylist Caitlin Levin.
Song for today: Patsy Cline – Hungry for Love… 8 more words

12 Haunting Photos of The Last Meals of Death-Row Inmates (INDULGD)

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It was customary, in pre-modern Europe, to grant condemned death-row inmates a last meal before their demise. This action was highly symbolic and was believed to be done in an act of superstition to ask for forgiveness to the executioner, the judge and witnesses and absolve any potential acts of vengeance. 280 more words


1000 Words: Henry Hargreaves [No Seconds]

What can you tell from a death row inmate’s final supper?


Food Maps

L’artiste néozélandais Henry Hargreaves a travaillé avec la styliste Caitlin Levin et le graphiste Sarit Melmed pour la série « Food Maps ». Le projet consistait à former des cartographies de différents pays en utilisant des aliments correspondant aux représentations gastronomiques de chaque pays.


A Shallow Contemplation of Death

How do you see death? Is it terrifying, mesmerizing, or simply an inevitable stage of our life? If it is a stage of our life, then why are we not celebrating it with joy like we did when someone is born? 768 more words