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Dying to Eat - The Food of Literary James Bond

To a 1950s postwar audience, Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels were an escape. For the war-weary man, Bond’s adventures represented the ultimate fantasy down to the finest detail — including food, a facet largely absent from the nearly two dozen 007 films. 922 more words

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New Zealand art and fashion photographer Henry Hargreaves, took a unique take on a fashion shoot by using only a scanner. The images show off jewelry by people such as Stella McCartney, Pamela Love and ASOS among many others.

Art And Design

by Henry Hargreaves

(de) hydrate

\ by Henry Hargreaves

I was looking for something pop and fun. When these lollipop images were released, that’s it! They are the after-boiled left-behind substance of the pop soda, shaped up in a candy mold.

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'No Seconds' by Henry Hargreaves

It’s well known that some death row inmates in the US are offered a special last meal. Photographer Henry Hargreaves became fascinated by this ” mix of the mundane and the extraordinary” and turned it into the ‘No Seconds’ project. 117 more words


Food Maps

Food Maps created from national foods by photographer Henry Hargreaves and food stylist Caitlin Levin.
Song for today: Patsy Cline – Hungry for Love… 8 more words

12 Haunting Photos of The Last Meals of Death-Row Inmates (INDULGD)

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It was customary, in pre-modern Europe, to grant condemned death-row inmates a last meal before their demise. This action was highly symbolic and was believed to be done in an act of superstition to ask for forgiveness to the executioner, the judge and witnesses and absolve any potential acts of vengeance. 280 more words