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3 helpful tips for dealing with vexing Chinese negotiating tactics

As a film producer and consultant who works extensively in China, I am often confronted with the vexing challenge of making deals with savvy Chinese… 1,426 more words


Mark Ames on Bilderberg


This week, the Bilderberg Group is gathering in Austria for their annual bull session, and in the benevolent spirit of transparency (or to rub it in our uninvited faces), they’ve released their “final list of participants.” The expected…

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Political Economy

The Threat of a Good Example

The political and economic elite in the US is threatened by an alternative model for organizing society. This is the perverse flip side to Margaret Thatchers admonishment–“there is no alternative.” However, the constant repetition of the this free market dogma in recent years is not a sign of strength as much as… 1,277 more words

Attaining World Order

I’ve read and I plan to write a lengthy review of World Order, by Henry Kissinger.  It’s quite informative and interesting, but so much of the book is taken up by wars, balance of power, and such with very little devoted to globalization and the fact that governments do not compare in size with private businesses in most places in the world now. 112 more words


The Nobel Peace Prize as Satire

1973: Henry Kissinger for realising he’d lost the war South East Asia, especially Viet Nam.

2009: Barack Obama for not starting a war in his first nine months in office.