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9-Kan: Pontentially abundant (26 August 2016)

Born 9-Kan: Leonard Nimoy, Henry Kissinger, Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh), Oklahoma City bombing, Waco siege began

Well, well. If it isn’t ol’ Heinz Alfred Kissinger born on this powerful day 9-Net. 401 more words

Mayan Calendar

August Twenty-second

a lot of terrible things happened and some good ones too, depending on your viewpoint. For example, in 1485, King Richard III of England lost the War of the Roses, perhaps for the want of a shoe. 487 more words

Feed-and-read zone

And on the seventh day … well, he didn’t exactly rest.

There was dog-walking, and cooking (my fabled Three Pepper Hash for breakfast). Both lawn and skull received a vigorous clipping. 159 more words


Dr. Strangelove and Company at the Door of U.S. Power

August 18, 2016 by Howard Lisnoff

Published first at Counter Punch http://bit.ly/2bfU5Er

If you happened to be an anti-war protester during the Vietnam War, then the following interchange between the late President Richard  Nixon and his national security advisor, Henry Kissinger, is telling: 1,067 more words


Henry Kissinger Will Eat Sh*t and Endorse Hillary Clinton

Henry Kissinger will endorse Hillary Clinton.

I haven’t spoken to him about it. We rarely speak. Henry is busy with his crowd: trendies, sophisticates, beautiful people. 1,198 more words


Singin' them Olympic blues

My family celebrates the Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics every time they happen. Not only do we have the television broadcasts playing whenever we are home and they are on; we have other ways of marking the occasion as well. 637 more words