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Justin Trudeau to be honoured at international-affairs gala in New York City

WASHINGTON – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be honoured at a prestigious international-affairs gala in New York City next month.

The prime minister is among the honoured guests at this year’s Atlantic Council Global Citizen Awards. 155 more words


The Alt-Right: Just One More Set of Imperialist Stooges?

Derrick Broze has some common sense observations on why the alt-right has become worthless as an opposition force in North America:

“This is the dude you altright wannabe libertarians worship?

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Our So-Called Foreign Policy: Why Kissinger Comes Up Short on North Korea

Henry Kissinger’s plan – or at least outline of a plan – to resolve the North Korea crisis is out. And even though the 94 (94!)-year old former Secretary of State and presidential national security adviser has not held public office in decades, you should pay attention because you can bet American leaders in the Executive Branch and Congress are. 873 more words


Politicians give politics a bad name

“Ninety percent of the politicians give the other ten percent a bad reputation.” -Henry Kissinger

No, the 99.9% of politicians give the .1% a bad reputation.

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Henry Kissinger warns destroying Isis could lead to ‘Iranian radical empire’

Kissinger is almost enough to make me think there might be something to David Icke’s alien lizard people theory.

This man is one of the biggest scumbags the United States as a nation ever produced, but I’ve always appreciated his Machiavellian candor. 83 more words

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How to Learn to Live With a Nuclear North Korea

The United States has spent 25 years trying to stop North Korea from developing nuclear weapons. It has failed.

North Korea long ago crossed the nuclear threshold. 1,362 more words


Why Has Rex Tillerson Belly-Flopped As Secretary Of State?

Watching Tillerson’s first six months, one wonders whether Trump picked him as a way to diminish the State Department, similar to how Richard Nixon chose William Rogers for the express purpose of ensuring that the department remained weak. 30 more words