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HENRY KISSINGER on Decision-Making

I am guilty of seeing pragmatism as something infallible; it’s a trait that will immediately warm my response to anyone selling me their views. Intellectually, I find constant recourse in a pragmatic view of history, society, and politics – and I suppose in listening to other people who also worship the nuance of a situation, I am often seduced. 1,004 more words


July 15, 1971

President Richard Nixon announces his upcoming visit to the People’s Republic of China. For Nixon, who had built his career on being staunchly anti-communist, the announcement was a shocking one, especially since he had generally opposed US attempts to establish relations with communist China. 84 more words

Recalling the 1975 All Star Game at Milwaukee County Stadium

As this year’s All-Star Break wraps up, I’d like to take a look back to the 1975 All-Star Game that was played at Milwaukee County Stadium… 1,364 more words

Milwaukee Brewers

Brexit, Baseball, and Workplace

What do Brexit, Baseball, and Workplace Have In Common?

Nothing, Something, Everything . . .

I am going to propose everything. They are each team activities subject to the vote of participants. 443 more words


Mayaguez and Kissinger

Zsombor Peter’s front-page story on Monday is seriously misleading when it says that the Khmer Rouge’s 1975 capture of the Mayaguez “led to the deaths of 41 U.S. 221 more words

Greg Grandin

Henry Kissinger on Brexit

The cascade of commentary on Britain’s decision to leave institutional Europe has described the epochal event primarily in the vocabulary of calamity. However, the coin of the realm for statesmen is not anguish or recrimination; it should be to transform setback into opportunity.  115 more words

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The United Nations' Quiet Invasion Of The USA

Something wicked this way comes. The elites have been backed into a corner by the Brexit and the potential downfall of the EU. Populism is sweeping the globe. 301 more words