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He Said That? 2/18/17

From Henry Kissinger, and he would know:

Corrupt politicians make the other ten percent look bad.


The Tale of 3 National Security Advisors (or Goodbye, Michael Flynn, We Hardly Knew Ye)

Twenty-five days after taking the oath of office and assuming the role of President of the United States, Donald Trump, self-proclaimed management genius, reality TV personality and purveyor of shitty steak knives, saw another wheel come off his presidential wagon and roll quickly past him on the road to oblivion with the announcement of the resignation of his National Security Advisor, retired 3-star… 1,030 more words


Pepe Escobar: The Swamp Strikes Back

Pepe Escobar in Sputnik International:

The tawdry Michael Flynn soap opera boils down to the CIA hemorrhaging leaks to the company town newspaper, leading to the desired endgame: a resounding victory for hardcore neocon/neoliberalcon US Deep State factions in one particular battle.

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Flynn Leaks Problem / Reaction / Solution 101

Trump And Supporters Play The Role Of The Democrats

What you have going on with this Trump leak ordeal is simply problem / reaction / solution 101 theater.  565 more words

Donald Trump & The Globalist's War On Cash

While everyone is distracted with the ‘globalist’ three ring circus that is Donald Trump (which is one of the main purposes Trump was ‘selected’ by the globalists in the first place) the globalists (and their ‘stakeholders’) are able to move their multi faceted agendas forward with very few of us paying any attention at all. 477 more words

Trump / Kissinger / Putin And The G20

Does anyone remember that I posted that the TPP was dead long BEFORE Trump even announced he was running for president, AND… that the TPP was a ‘replacement’ for the G20 by the globalists themselves? 164 more words

Trump And His Cabinet Of Doom

What James Corbett does not mention and is documented at this blog is ‘The Kiss-Of-Death Henry Kissinger’s fingerprints all over Trump’s cabinet selections