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From Ping Pong Diplomacy to Ping Pong Capitalism Part 1: An Example of China "Soft Power"

On April 10, 1971, members of the US Table Tennis team made a historic trip to China to play ping pong, a significant step in thawing the icy relations between the United States and the People’s Republic of China. 484 more words


The Clintons: So Many Masks

W.J. Astore

As Donald Trump continues to implode, it’s worthwhile considering how he even has a chance at the presidency.  It’s quite simple, actually: Americans don’t trust the Clintons, and rightly so. 270 more words

US Politics

The Hitler Proposition: Would You Kill A Man Who Wants to Kill 3 Million People?

There’s a popular question, one that will make people think and debate, one that can still be asked in mixed company of all political persuasions, religions, and identities. 647 more words

Hal Conick

The Assassination of Orlando Letelier

Forty three years ago, on September 1, 1973, Chile’s democratically elected socialist president Salvador Allende was deposed in a military coup led by Augusto Pinochet.Three years after the coup, Pinochet and his regime assassinated Orlando Letelier, Allende’s former ambassador to the United States. 1,268 more words


Is this the best you can do?

Say less than necessary

Don’t give people too much instruction to people. The less you say, the more they will fill your words with their own meaning. 174 more words


'The most unsettling piece of devil’s advocacy': Aunt Dan and Lemon sees an excellent, exacting Toronto revival

Lemon, short for Leonora, is a solitary insomniac woman of indeterminate age who subsists on fruit and vegetable juices. She doesn’t watch TV or listen to the radio, and the play in which she appears predates the internet, but she probably wouldn’t have had much use for it even if it had existed. 880 more words


TDISH: The Insecurities of a Dictator

On September 21, 1976, a car bomb rocked central Washington, DC only about a mile away from the White House.  The bomb had been placed under the driver’s seat of the car owned by a Chilean national living and working for the Institute of Policy Studies named Orlando Letelier.  323 more words

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