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Simon Armitage's Flit

Simon Armitage, Flit (Yorkshire Sculpture Park 2018)

This handsomely produced book of poems and photographs (mainly taken by the poet) was published to coincide with a small… 751 more words


Thoughts, Ideas, Plans! The transformation game...

First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.  193 more words

Day 6 - Ypres to Münster

Up at the crack of dawn and a final breakfast with the mother and daughter duo from NZ who had kept me company each morning.  They headed off to join their tour group and continue their visit to Flanders.  1,266 more words


Henry Moore And Intelligent Sheep.

We recognised Henry Moore’s statues instantly – all those monumental curves and glistening bronzes – but we realised we knew nothing about Moore, the man. We would have been hard pushed to tell you what he looked like. 842 more words


Artist of the moment.........Alfred Basbous

Alfred Basbous was a sculptor from the country of Lebanon. Alfred Basbous was born in Rachana, Lebanon in the year 1924. Basbous was renown for his abstracted works dealing with the human figure. 139 more words

Tate Britain

📧 uncagedartbird@gmail.com

Another fab Tate venue in London. Made the most of my membership by visiting the exhibitions ‘All Too Human: Bacon, Freud and a Century of Painting Life’ and ‘Impressionists in London’. 55 more words

Quote of the Day

The combinatorial acts that produce effective surprise…almost always succeed through the exercise of technique. Henry Moore…tells us that he was driven to the use of holes in his sculpture by the technical problem of giving a sense of three-dimensionality to solid forms—”the hole connects one side to the other, making it immediately more three-dimensional,” a discovery made while fretting over the puzzle of how to avoid relief carving on brittle material like stone.

Jerome S. Bruner, On Knowing

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