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Disobedient Bodies

“Disobedient Bodies” 策展人 JW Anderson

不服從的身體,我喜歡這些人形 / 服裝手牽手,變異,像森林一樣的聚集在一起,有種溫暖的感覺。藝術和設計詩要如何重塑人的形象?我喜歡這些設計師再次思考和實驗,人體和服裝之間的親密關係。


Henry Moore finds a new home

If you go looking for Henry Moore at the corner of Dundas and McCaul, you will be disappointed.

Instead, you have to walk around the corner. 333 more words


1874: Night Rushed Down from Heaven

Henry Moore: Rough Weather in the Mediterranean (1874)

ὣς εἰπὼν σύναγεν νεφέλας, ἐτάραξε δὲ πόντον
χερσὶ τρίαιναν ἑλών: πάσας δ᾽ ὀρόθυνεν ἀέλλας
παντοίων ἀνέμων, σὺν δὲ νεφέεσσι κάλυψε 47 more words

A Catch-up at Moore's Wharf

Photo: Margo, Robert, their daughter Sarah and me at Moore’s Wharf

Both Robert and I decided that meeting at the ‘front door of our family Bond Store at Moore’s Wharf’ would be the appropriate place to meet in Sydney. 964 more words

Creative process: Explaining your art can be self-limiting

Media editor to journalist: “Don’t tell me about it, write it!

In any creative effort, it’s probably more productive for us to focus on our artistic work, rather than spending time talking about the work. 122 more words

Creative Process