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The combinatorial acts that produce effective surprise…almost always succeed through the exercise of technique. Henry Moore…tells us that he was driven to the use of holes in his sculpture by the technical problem of giving a sense of three-dimensionality to solid forms—”the hole connects one side to the other, making it immediately more three-dimensional,” a discovery made while fretting over the puzzle of how to avoid relief carving on brittle material like stone.

Jerome S. Bruner, On Knowing

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Breakfast with Henry Moore

The John Hughes classic The Breakfast Club takes place on March 24, 1984, a Saturday.  Inside the library of the fictional school is a replica of Henry Moore’s  161 more words


Neo-Romantic Book Illustration in Britain 1943-55 @ the Heath Robinson Museum

Although the Heath Robinson Museum is a relatively small gallery, this is a major exhibition. It is the first time a substantial collection of work by the Neo-Romantic book illustrators of the 1940s has been gathered together in one place. 2,662 more words


Where's London's oldest...skyscraper?

There’s several candidates for this title – NatWest Tower, built in 1980, has been described as London’s first “genuine” skyscraper (we’ll deal with that in our current special) but we’re looking back to earlier times (after all, the term first started to be used in the 1880s) when candidates included 55 Broadway in Westminster.
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Twentieth Century

Homework 4: aperture priority

An evening walk around the Serpentine in Hyde Park. I waited for a day when a good sunset beckoned to go into London to catch Henry Moore’s famous arch on the Serpentine, taking it from both sides of the river as the evening drew to a close, along with the fountains at the western end. 133 more words

RACC Level 1 Photography Course

Brett Rogers

Brett Rogers OBE, has been the director of The Photographers’ Gallery in London since 2005. She is widely credited for elevating photography as a prominent art medium in the UK and positioning the Photographers’ Gallery as one of the most important institutions worldwide. 1,148 more words


I Recline With Henry Moore's Reclining Figure at Lisbon's Museu Coleção Berardo and Connect With the Winnipeg Art Gallery

“It’s a Henry Moore.  I am certain,” I said as I approached a sculpture on the grounds of Lisbon’s Museu Coleção Berardo.  “How do you know?” my husband was skeptical.   239 more words