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Banish All the World: Hal and Jack Falstaff from Henry IV through Henry V

In my sophomore year of university, I decided to take a Shakespeare class to fulfill my literature requirement. That class was actually pretty good, and I actually briefly considered minoring in English (ultimately, Anthropology won over my heart and as of posting this I am still an Anthro minor, with no plans of minoring in English on the horizon…despite taking another literature class for fun).  1,469 more words

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But if it be a sin to covet honour, / I am the most offending soul alive.

I made a Henry V playlist because despite the shitty things he does sometimes I still love him dearly. Go listen to it. I mean, if–if you want.


April 9th - Coronation of King Henry V 

Henry preceded Henry IV on the 20th March 1413. The thing Henry is most famous for would be his campaigns in France. He was a model for kings in the future such as Henry VIII who had a book called ‘The Life of Henry V’ translated for him, written by Titius Livius. 171 more words


Henry Monmouth's Coronation: King, Conqueror and Legend.

On the 9th of April, 1413, the second and probably the most important monarch in the Lancaster Dynasty was crowned on Passion Sunday on Westminster Abbey. 1,067 more words


New Item - Henry V, Welcome to Agincourt Patch

I had this idea to do a series of Shakespearean luggage sticker style patches, representing the places his characters traveled to. I wanted them to introduce a bit of whimsy and maybe irony to locations where horrible or tragic things happened, and this is my first result — a luggage sticker or postcard style patch for the Battle of Agincourt, fought by Henry V against the French army. 30 more words

Henry V: Compartments and Counterfeits

One thing about Shakespeare’s Henry V – everyone in the play seems to misjudge him for one specific reason: prior to coronation, he was the frivolous prankster we know as Prince Hal, drunkenly cavorting with the likes of Sir John Falstaff. 1,316 more words

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