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Long Live The Nundead

Fear you not, reader; I am dead. Nundead, that is, which is something quite different than simply being dead. I promised you I would come back; I just didn’t say when. 3,057 more words

HENRY V – William Walton


Original Review by Craig Lysy

It was WWII and Great Britain was in the midst of her greatest struggle as the Allies prepared for the 1944 Normandy invasion. 2,544 more words


Silly Sunday: Historical Sillies!

Heeeeeyyy! Welcome to Week Three’s Silly Sunday, aka the opportunity for me to post silly history/Shakespeare jokes to my heart’s content! YAY!

Since it’s my last week to be silly before Stratford, I’m not going to worry about keeping this on the topic of the Henrys. 360 more words

Boozy Plays: Henry IV pt 2 and Henry V

Heyo! Welcome to today’s Boozy Plays, wherein we attempt to pair some Shakespearean classics with their proper alcoholic partner. I’ve covering two plays this week, so let’s get going. 1,006 more words

Monday Muse: War! What is it Good For?

(Is it really absolutely nothing?)

Heyo! Welcome to Week THREE (holy crap… are we really only two weeks away from Stratford?! I still have so many toiletries to procure!) of Shakespeare-a-Palooza 2016: Cactus Likes it Shakespearean! 763 more words

All the king's horses (Richard's too?)....

I recently wrote about the method used to name that was apparently used to name the horses of medieval noblemen and kings, first by colour and then with an aristocratic family surname or title. 105 more words

Review: William Shakespeare's Plays - Histories

Shakespeare isn’t the easiest thing to read – and most people I know have given up on Shakespeare since we were required to read and study them in high school. 552 more words

Book Review