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On Shakespeare's Birthday... Cry God for Harry, England and St George. But not too loudly. The 1979 BBC Henry V.

There’s a strong case for saying that Henry V is the most Machiavellian ruler in the Shakespearean canon – far more Machiavellian than Richard III who, after all, lost. 927 more words

Before Woodville: John, Duke of Bedford & Jacquetta of Luxembourg

The pairing of John, Duke of Bedford and Jacquetta of Luxembourg is one which never fails to jar me in hindsight. What are the odds that the Duke’s second wife would go on to become the mother of a queen of England via her own second marriage, particularly given the outrageousness of each match? 1,456 more words

The House Of Lancaster

More evidence from Bertram Fields

You may recall that, about two years ago, we published the footnotes to Bertram Fields’ Royal Blood. Now it seems that, on page 152 of the paperback edition, he has something to say about Catherine de Valois’ apparent relationship with Owain Tudor. 48 more words


Some Shakespeare Sunday

A little bit of Shakespeare for all of my creative friends, who work so hard to capture the enormity of life in the small mirrors of page, stage, or other medium. 254 more words



by Kabrisha Bell

March 20


In 1413, Henry V took the throne of England because of the death of his father Henry IV. 1,250 more words

'The Only True Lancastrians': or a Tale of Two Ladies named Blanche

There is a claim that is frequently put forward on social media, and even now on Television with the renewed interest in all thing relating to the Wars of the Roses. 816 more words