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Hatching Dutch Bantam Eggs

Trying to hatch twenty Dutch Bantam eggs in a borrowed incubator.  I hope they hatch.  They’ll be either Blue Cream Light Brown or Cream Light Brown.   304 more words


Millie Hatches Dutch Bantam Chicks

Millie, an eight-year-old Belgian Bearded D’Uccle hen, just hatched two little Dutch Bantam chicks.  They’re probably Cream Light Brown, but one might be a Blue Cream Light Brown.   65 more words


Goodbye Flinty

Flinty died today.  She was seven years old,which is fairly old for a chicken.  She was hatched in March 2009, and was raised with five other chicks, and was one of the last two from that batch left alive.   145 more words


Owly Grows Up

Owly is a Welsummer hen who was hatched in 2013.

Owly with Dragon at six days old.

Owly with Dragon at about two weeks old. 37 more words


Happy Spring! Chickens "Posing" by the Daffodils

Chickens that walked past the daffodils.

Egypt, an Easter Egger hen.

Dragon, a Russian Orloff hen.

Blackbeak, a Jersey Giant hen.

Fluffy Tail and Frizz. 20 more words



Frizz is a very puffed-up little Frizzle rooster.  Here he is . . .

Flapping his wings (he has hardly any wing feathers).

With Griffin (a Silver Leghorn hen). 8 more words

Tick-Tock, Beaky, Duchess, and Clover

Tick-Tock, Beaky, Duchess, and Clover are Dutch Bantams.  They’re very pretty and sweet–and tiny.  Tick-Tock, the rooster, has an extremely shrill crow, but he doesn’t crow much except for when he sees the other rooster, Frizzy.   66 more words