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American Healthcare and its Broke Hostages

At some point we Americans decided, if only tacitly, that it is okay to profit, and grossly so, on the treatment and healing of the sick in our country. 600 more words


Week 2 of Harvoni


When I got my Kaiser insurance I had no idea that within months I would be on the road to becoming Hepatitis free. Now I have not been diagnosed long at all so this was a great surprise to find out that for 30 bucks a month I don’t have to wait for some level of “injury” to my liver to be able to be treated. 76 more words

Hep C

Beginning of Hep C

Finding out Hep C in late 20s is such a bomb. After I went to vacation with my parents, came back discovering I’m always sleepy and exhausted during work period, was only doing part-time at the time. 420 more words

Hep C

Hepatitis-C Testing Denver State Capitol

Partnered with https://www.pcasurrounded.com/ to offer free hep-c testing at the Denver Capitol!

Those Around Me

A follower of my blog suggested that I talk about how those around me regard my virus. It seems good to write of this rather than my talking myself into an ad finitum weeping and wailing loop repetively circling my potential recovery- as if I have some form of Stockholm syndrome with my dis-ease. 395 more words

Coffee, Urticaria and Reinvention

I’m sitting in a coffee bar, knocking back strong caffeine and trying not to scratch my swollen and slightly blistered eyelids. I’d mulled over writing this blog about my time journeying in China but I thought fuck it…hopefully I’ll never be talking about hepatitis once this course is done so I may as well spill out my end of treatment angst (and itching) one more time. 283 more words


Today was heart specialist day and Kaybee took me. We had a nice time. I had an ecocardiogram or whatever with a brilliant young tech. She is pretty sure that my heart is fine, 506 more words