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#5: “Tis’ the Season” (mid-Nov, 2009)

It’s now mid-November and time for Toronto’s annual Santa Claus Parade. With that jolly “Ho Ho Ho”, it was a festive nod to the commencement of the Christmas shopping frenzy. 879 more words

Hep C

Pamela Anderson Cured Of Hep C, Gets Naked To Celebrate

By Carlos Delgado

Over the weekend, while you were out watching UFO’s, Pamela Anderson celebrated being cured of Hepatitis C by posting a nude picture of herself on Instagram… 110 more words


What It’s Like to Have Hepatitis C | Everyday Health

Rick Nash is squarely in the minority of hepatitis C patients. At 29, he’s decades younger than most people who are diagnosed with this viral disease, and he was diagnosed at the tender age of 12.“Hep C changed the course of my life,” says Nash, who lives in San Diego and has engineered his entire life so that he can stay as healthy as possible while dealing with the difficult challenges imposed by the chronic disease. 11 more words


Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C, a lesser-heard variant of the Hepatitis virus umbrella, has been making the waves in the medical circle here. Less than 1% of the Singaporean population is affected by it, in contrast to Hepatitis B, which affects 1 in 35 Singaporeans. 527 more words


Bloodborne Pathogens

The first lucid breath greets the body to an impromptu mainstay.
Even when influenced by clanging church bells,
Or yapping cell phones-
A fixed inhale will leave a mirage… 154 more words


#4: “Stay Tuned” (Nov 1, 2009, 9am)

The first order of business after my multiple diagnoses day was to take care of the syphilis. This meant two injections of penicillin in the ass, once a week, for three consecutive weeks. 775 more words

Hep C

Why did SGH file a police report?

It was reported that SGH had filed a police report. SGH said in a statement that they filed the police report “so that the police may ascertain if there was any foul play”. 250 more words

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