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16 warning signs your liver is overloaded with toxins that are making you fat : The Hearty Soul

Your liver does a lot for you, and these are just a few things that you can do to support its function. Be mindful of how you are feeling throughout your day, remember that a symptom is your body telling you that something is wrong and make the appropriate preventative steps.I recommend cleansing with the change of seasons, as the colon stimulating component of cleansing is of much value to the liver and for your other systems of detoxification. 35 more words


KCHD's Harm Reduction Program

Beginning in December 2015 the Kanawha-Charleston Health Department opened its Harm Reduction Clinic with Syringe Exchange Program. The program is designed to reduce the number of shared and re-used needles in order to control the spread of Hepatitis. 400 more words

Living the Life I was meant to

Going into this weekend was one that was full of exhaustion from the previous week.   The week leading into it was full of unkind, unprofessional and rude people.  401 more words

When Hepatitis C Causes Heart Damage - HepatitisC.net

As if having the hepatitis C virus was not enough, you may also need to watch for risk of heart damage. We know that the virus can lead to advanced liver disease, cancer, and diabetes, to name a few. 187 more words


Hepatitis C, a few facts to consider

Information courtesy of the NIH

What is hepatitis C?

Hepatitis* C is a virus, or infection, that causes liver disease and inflammation of the liver. 1,668 more words

Hep C

Pharmacokinetic variability

Definition : “Inter-individual variations of a drugs pharmacokinetic parameters, resulting in fairly different plasma concentration-time profiles after administration of the same dose to different patients.”DescriptionSubstantial differences in response to most drugs exist among patients. 174 more words


Hep-C Scotland - My Hep C Story

Robert’s StoryRobert found out he was probably infected with hepatitis C after a blood transfusion in the mid-1970s, but wasn’t diagnosed until 2008. Find out his experience of needing a liver transplant as a result of his hepatitis C. 7 more words