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Potential Energy

Two months into treatment and a month to go. My viral load has dropped from over a million to 27 and whilst I’m elated, I’m more than a little stir crazy at this whole self care business. 399 more words

Guest Blog from Listener Matt F. About Surviving Serious Illness - The Mental Illness Happy Hour

As a survivor of childhood leukemia (diagnosed aged 5) and living with a diagnosis ofhepatitis C since I was 20 (I was infected via blood transfusions during my cancer treatments in early adolescence, but did not come to find out until then), I’ve lived nearly all of my life well-acquainted with both the fragility and the resilience of the human body.For much of my adult life, however, I was unable to fully take stock of how much my traumatic health-experiences had rattled my psyche, making me vulnerable to depression, agitation and anxiety that were, in fact, not unusual responses to those unresolved experiences of powerlessness and fear. 100 more words


Get the facts that no one is talking about.

Did you know surfaces in dental practices are at a higher risk than previously thought of spreading infection during dental procedures*?

Kerr Total Care offers details — in the form of an infographic (shown). 125 more words


Liver Dysfunction and Disease - 50 Shades of Yellow Conference | Ausmed

The ABC of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis CHepatitis refers to inflammation of the liver. As we have seen throughout day one, hepatitis is caused by a number of factors and can progress to cirrhosis, a late stage of liver disease. 118 more words


The Orange Cap Saga

A taut plot that wrought

An Orange Cap to be sought

Docile and kempt
With an unveiling spent

“Stay awake”

And the fashion
As it went… 113 more words

Lillian & Aston

Aston and Lillian are siblings who need to be adopted together! Thankfully they haven’t been listed long and will be available for adoption in the fall of this year! 323 more words

Free Rapid HIV & Hep-C Testing (Provided by GLIDE)

This month, we’re pleased to host GLIDE at the W.O.M.A.N., Inc. office who will be offering free rapid HIV and HEP-C testing! Please share with your networks! 50 more words

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