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My First & Only Cancer-versary

Just this once will I note the passing of the day that changed my life and my family’s life forever – May 18th. That’s the day I received the phone call that my biopsy results were in and I had invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer. 708 more words

HER2 Positive Breast Cancer

What is HER2 positive breast cancer ? The excessive presence of HER2 (human epidermal growth factor) protein receptors in breast tissue lead to malignant growth and clinically termed as HER2 positive breast cancer. 25 more words

This is Our Story, Part Four

This is the fourth part of our story as written by Patrick Durand.

After we informed our girls of the new diagnosis, I immediately felt relief from the constant tension I had felt over the preceding weeks. 2,965 more words


When Fearless Falters....

Have you ever been spinning out, so high on life, that you stop and think…. “Ain’t nothing slowing this train”?

I have to tell you 10 hours ago… That was me. 328 more words

Breast Cancer

This is Our Story, Part Two

This is part two of our story by Patrick Durand

After Melissa completed a battery of tests: EKG, Echo, CT Scan, Pet Scan, etc. we met with Dr. 1,113 more words


Finally, my Her2 results are out... no need for chemo!

So yesterday, after my visit to the alternative doctor in cubao, I proceed to Asian to get my Her2 results ….

And I am so glad that it’s negative ! 262 more words

Post Surgery

Tumor biopsy resultsĀ 

Two weeks after my surgery , I had the much-awaited appointment with my doctor for the results of the biopsy to determine if I would need chemo. 182 more words

Post Surgery