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Do you see that?

See that girl? The one laying there recovering? With the 5 o’clock shadow for hair and a drug induced coma?

There is an endless party going in her dreams right now because… the pathology is in from the double mastectomy and lymph node removal. 74 more words

Breast Cancer

Ready. Set. Fly!

So… It’s here.  Precisely 173 days in the making, tomorrow is surgery day (5:15 am to be exact).

I wish I could write you a blog post full of awesome thoughts and dark humor but… I’m absolutely exhausted from the prep stage and this brain just isn’t swinging around the wit the way it normally does.   222 more words

Breast Cancer

Stick, Scan, Doctor, Repeat.

Guys, I know it’s been awhile. (Deja vu?)  Yes.  I know, I usually start with some variation of that sentence but this time the delay was completely intentional.   781 more words

Breast Cancer

Her: 2

It’s what I’ve come to face,
You’re opiates to me,
Your honeyed smell and taste,
Form my dependency,

I would, if left alone,
shrivel, … 6 more words

Phase Three

Phase three for me is radiation. While I do not yet know all the details, I do know that I will have treatments five days per week for a minimum of six weeks; 384 miles away from home. 450 more words

Reality Isn't Always Nice

A couple weeks ago I over an hour with the oncologist. Lots of information and I almost felt sorry for the resident he had with him today as the kid looked more lost than I did! 906 more words

March 9, 2015


For those of you who didn’t enjoy every second of Human Biology like I did…I apologize in advance for the geeky nature of this post. 695 more words