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Stick, Scan, Doctor, Repeat.

Guys, I know it’s been awhile. (Deja vu?)  Yes.  I know, I usually start with some variation of that sentence but this time the delay was completely intentional.   781 more words

Breast Cancer

Her: 2

It’s what I’ve come to face,
You’re opiates to me,
Your honeyed smell and taste,
Form my dependency,

I would, if left alone,
shrivel, … 6 more words

Phase Three

Phase three for me is radiation. While I do not yet know all the details, I do know that I will have treatments five days per week for a minimum of six weeks; 384 miles away from home. 450 more words

Reality Isn't Always Nice

A couple weeks ago I over an hour with the oncologist. Lots of information and I almost felt sorry for the resident he had with him today as the kid looked more lost than I did! 906 more words

March 9, 2015


For those of you who didn’t enjoy every second of Human Biology like I did…I apologize in advance for the geeky nature of this post. 695 more words

February 10, 2015

It’s been quite a while since my last entry, and for that I apologize. A lot has happened since my last entry…so hang on!

First off – I’ve received two Herceptin infusions. 683 more words

January 9, 2015

Ring in the new year…

It appears as though I haven’t updated since the day my surgery was scheduled, I apologize for that!!  Surgery went amazingly well.  578 more words