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The last few weeks have been astounding, agonising, amazing, awe-igniting as I’ve had to investigate the lethal profiteering of Big Pharma, South Africa’s outdated patent laws… 255 more words

Breast Cancer

Holy fudge cakes, that's a lot of appointments.

Dec 1, 2016 – Dec 23, 2016

Once you’re diagnosed with cancer, you can pretty much say goodbye to any semblance of control over your life, at least for the immediate future.   1,335 more words

I saw the above quote displayed somewhere on social media in the time between my diagnosis and 1st chemo treatment. That aforementioned time period was the most harrowing for me to date.

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Still struggling with cancer

Cancer – and the aftermath of cancer – doesn’t go away. I may look better and feel better than I did last year, but cancer is with me every single day and my body is still struggling.  559 more words


I Hope I Won't See You Again!

The shoulder xrays were okay. In fact, the family doctor said I have a very good shoulder compared to many my age. (I am 63). It feels better and is getting better all the time. 534 more words


"Cancer! Cancer! Read all about it!"

The photo of my chest looked like the Milky Way, sprayed with clusters of stars. It covered almost my entire left side, also traveling outside my chest, up to my underarm and the surrounding lymph nodes. 2,369 more words


I Ran

I went to the walk in clinic yesterday to have my mass checked out and am so thankful to report that it is merely a ventral hernia. 596 more words