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Tumor biopsy results 

Two weeks after my surgery , I had the much-awaited appointment with my doctor for the results of the biopsy to determine if I would need chemo. 182 more words

Post Surgery

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps....

I had the treatment of group B of these women. Looks like I might be lucky….That said, trial was for regular breast cancer, early diagnosis and I was late and this was not trialled for my rarer form of inflammatory breast cancer… 260 more words


Puma presented at Cowen today, and I listened to the webcast hoping for a reaction to APHINITY, but alas, they kept Q&A to the breakout session. 496 more words


It worked!

Which is all we know right now, with actual numbers to come later in 2017 (ASCO?), but this morning Roche announced that APHINITY met its primary endpoint of significant improvement in disease-free survival in patients treated with Herceptin, Perjeta and docetaxel in the adjuvant setting. 163 more words


The last few weeks have been astounding, agonising, amazing, awe-igniting as I’ve had to investigate the lethal profiteering of Big Pharma, South Africa’s outdated patent laws… 255 more words

Breast Cancer

Holy fudge cakes, that's a lot of appointments.

Dec 1, 2016 – Dec 23, 2016

Once you’re diagnosed with cancer, you can pretty much say goodbye to any semblance of control over your life, at least for the immediate future. ¬† 1,335 more words

I saw the above quote displayed somewhere on social media in the time between my diagnosis and 1st chemo treatment. That aforementioned time period was the most harrowing for me to date.

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