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Thousands of people in major cities gathered to defend remote Aboriginal communities over the weekend. It’s incredible seeing this get off the ground, since the media was quiet about what was going on. 549 more words


RT: DOJ won't charge Wilson with civil rights violations in Ferguson shooting . . . wake up, America! ~J

Published time: March 04, 2015 17:41

Officer Darren Wilson (St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office/Handout via Reuters)

In a widely expected move, the US Justice Department has cleared former Ferguson, Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson of civil rights violations after he shot and killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown in August. 373 more words


When The Left Quotes Twitter, It Just Quotes Its Friends

By Andrew Bolt ~

It is the laziest form of modern journalism – to quote Twitter comments to make or back a story that the journalists really wants to be true. 417 more words


Treasury Secretary Warns: Cut Now or Risk Crisis

By Andrew Bolt ~

Labor wants to talk about anything but the financial devastation it left and is stopping the government from fixing:

Rapid spending growth, not weak revenue, is responsible for Australia’s budget hole, which will continue to grow bigger, threatening future prosperity, unless the savings task starts now, Treasury secretary John Fraser has warned.

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66% of Smokers Will be Killed by their Addiction

Hear the viewpoints of smokers and read what Deakin University is doing to help in this Herald Sun article.

This Threat Cannot Be Fought if We Aren’t Honest About What Drives it

By Andrew Bolt ~

Henry Ergas on the great evasion:

Obama’s claim that “No religion is responsible for terrorism, people are responsible for terrorism”, combined mendacity with hypocrisy.

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Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Hussein Obama) Extreme Left

Islamism is the New Communism

By Andrew Bolt ~

Totalitarianism appeals particularly to the young. Islamism in that sense is much like Nazism and communism, attracting the well-educated as well as the welfare-takers. 370 more words