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The Sweetest Taste: Growing a Garden From Last Years Seeds

Spring is here! Unless you live on the east coast of course, looks like dead of winter there.

Either way it’s a good time to get the garden started. 518 more words

Meno Silencio

In A Vase on Monday - Dilly Dally Daisy?

The Dill is still blooming madly in the herb container so I could not resist cutting some more and dilly dallying through the garden looking for something different to accompany the Dill. 168 more words

Treasure Coast Living

Day 33 - Seasonal shifts

Today, The Flirt brought over the ice house to store for the season. He went ice fishing with his nephew yesterday and had some success, but it is getting too warm out to be on the ice much longer. 372 more words


In A Vase on Monday - It's A Dilly

It’s a Dilly, is that an American phrase? As far as I know, Dilly translates into it’s remarkable, notable or wonderful. Sources on the Internet say this is Canadian or American slang. 246 more words

Treasure Coast Living

Starting Seeds Indoors

Photo: Via Pixabay.com

Growing your plants from seeds can be moderately difficult, but as any practiced gardener will tell you, “the satisfaction you receive from seeing something so tiny, grow into an actual plant, is a reward within itself.” Also, think of all the different variety of plants you can grow and of course, the money you will save by growing your own plants. 547 more words

Five Notable Organic Gardening Methods

Photo: Via Pinterest

Keyhole Gardening was introduced in Africa by the Consortium for Southern Africa Food Security Emergency (C-SAFE) to help ailing and frail Africans grow their own produce with minimum effort by means of a specialized raised bed. 610 more words