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Why you need a HERB GARDEN !!

Hey guys ..I am super duper excited as i write this post. Tomorrow i will be visiting the Glow festival here in Eindhoven. I had heard so many people talk about it and now i cant wait to see it in real :):) I will be giving you more details on it tomorrow , so stay tuned for that :) ┬áToday lets talk about a simple and lighter topic – Herb Gardening :) 308 more words


2015 Gardening Challenge Winners

Happy Birthday to Jon Moore from the Organic World News! Who will always have a special place in my heart because he was one of the very first people to not just listen to my podcast but reach out to me and comment on my post! 338 more words

Growing Food

Fresh Herbs Are the Best!

When I walk out on to my porch, the scent of chives blossoms hits me first, then thyme, then lavender basil: I am so happy that my porch is full of herbs pots. 411 more words


Online Exhibit: What's in your Backyard?

As the season comes to an end it’s nice to take one last look at Summer’s Glory right in your own backyard…….. 102 more words

Herb Gardening on the Road

People ask me about my herb garden. We travel with herbs. Sometimes we can’t get to a market, in fact we don’t actually know where the market is since we’re in a new town. 309 more words

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Herbs on a Plane

Through so many visits with friends and family of late, there are two common threads…love and basil.

Love requires no explanation. We have hosted friends of more than 30 years, visited birth family near and far, and are gathered now to celebrate my husband’s birthday. 271 more words


Fresh Garden Herbs: Spaghetti and Meatballs

There’s nothing like growing your own spaghetti sauce. The only thing I couldn’t grow, was the noodles. And trust me, if we were in a rural area, I’d probably try my hand at wheat. 190 more words