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Accepting input on herbal medicine card deck

I don’t want to give away any personal Ta-dah! that I could enjoy, but I’m getting near the end of the design of my first run of the Herbal Medicine Cards that some of you know about. 656 more words

Herbal Medicine

Dreaming and Dreaming Medicines: (African Herbal Medicine).

  Dreaming and Dreaming medicines: (African Herbal Medicine) 

This post is prompted by a strange dream I had last night. I had a restless night and battled to fall asleep, so at about 2 am I took some… 777 more words

Herbal Medicine

Imphepho – Africa’s Sacred Herb. (Helicrysum Species (African Sage))

Imphepho – Africa’s Sacred Herb. (Helicrysum Species/Everlasting/sewejaartjies/kooigoed)

One of the first Muthi’s or herbal medicines I learned to use as a Twasa (initiate) was this sacred smudge and medicinal herb. 746 more words

African Shamanism

Sneeze Free Spring

Have a Sneeze-Free Spectacular Spring!

Christina LeBoeuf, L.Ac., MAOM; CCT; CLDT


Allergy season is right around the corner. Are you among the 20% of the general population suffering from seasonal allergic rhinitis (hay fever)? 453 more words

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11 Herbs every household should have

TEA: black, green, and white

Tea is far healthier than coffee and is much more than a replacement stimulant. It can assist in relief of various conditions relating to sinus/upper respiratory (colds, allergies, etc), as well as the liver/gallbladder. 882 more words

Herbal Medicine

Coffee, tea & buzz beverages: to stimulate or not to stimulate

Caffeine jitters? Feel drained after coffee?

This can signal a deficiency of minerals and/or B Vitamins.

If you notice your response to caffeinated or otherwise stimulating beverages or herbs has changed and now you are feeling deflated, fatigued or some form of ‘ugh’ after they hit your system, consider that you may be short on minerals like these … 1,293 more words

Herbal Medicine

Finishing off pneumonia with herbs and homepathics

Inevitably it seems that pneumonia or bad bronchitis involves severe coughing that either cracks a rib or bruises up your rib cage to the point of great discomfort. 413 more words

Herbal Medicine