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Nothing More Cheering Than A Marigold

This marigold had its photo taken on 22nd January. She was growing in my strawberry bed, one of several  plants that have spread themselves hither and thither on my allotment plots and been quietly flowering all winter. 144 more words

Tish Farrell Writer

Natural anti-histamine more effective

So I’ve conducted a bit of an experiment with myself this month. June is allergy month for me here in Portland.

At various times over the last several weeks reaching back into May I have taken a generic version of Claritin 24-hour OTC allergy tablet (Loratadine) and I’ve eaten Orange Peels or made a tisane by simmering small pieces of them in a… 175 more words

Herbal Medicine

Royal Jelly to the rescue - back to astrology work

So it turns out I needed twice as much Royal Jelly than I thought (2 grams instead of 1). My energy level and brain function are peppy and normal again. 137 more words


How and When Bitter can actually be Better for Health

Bitter is mostly shunned as the most undesirable and ‘toxic’ taste in food, but did you know that, the same bitter also happens to go hands in hands with some of the best medicinal properties in natural foods. 982 more words