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All about the Zika virus outbreak, Aedes Mosquito and How to Fight Them Herbally

Zika virus is the latest viral pandemic after Ebola, that has got Health authorities across the world sleepless at nights in less than a week. … 1,140 more words


Liver-protecting molecule hidden from the public

By Mike Adams

I’ve recently learned that the U.S. federal government is actively blocking the public from learning about an herbal molecule from licorice root that can be added to alcoholic beverages to dramatically reduce the liver toxicity caused by alcohol consumption. 370 more words

Herbal Medicine

Fire Cider

Last year I started to take more of a interest in Herbal Medicine. I hope to study it one day when time permits but in the meantime I am doing a lot of self education and investigation. 321 more words


The Real Truth About Essential Oils That Nobody Talks About

By Anya V

Despite the fact that thousands of people report successful use of essential oils to help treat various health ailments, mainstream medical community tries to dismiss their claims.  1,034 more words

Holistic Therapies

The Basics of Health - all in our control

Breathing: deep breathing is a stress reliever

A good yoga teacher will tell you that postures will do you little or no good unless you are breathing into the belly. 1,078 more words

Herbal Medicine

Alcohol Extracts - Are They Safe?

Alcohol extracts have been a part of pretty much every indigenous herbal tradition everywhere, forever! Certain types of artisan made alcohol are considered to have genuine medicinal qualities for different constitutional types when consumed in the right amount and with a certain degree of wisdom. 918 more words


Herbs for anxiety

Warming herbs. These are herbs that assist circulation or movement of energy as they calm the nerves. They are generally indicated, if used as single herbs, for those who need an energy/strength/stamina boost. 1,558 more words

Herbal Medicine