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Cancer: the forbidden cures

Cancer: the Forbidden Cures – Full Documentary from Jason Greenwood on Vimeo.

Outline of Contents

I. Essiac tea, an herbal formula made popular by Canadian nurse, Rene Caisse, originated from an Ojibwe Indian healer. 221 more words

Herbal Medicine

Herbal strategies for chronic fatigue

Having recovered from chronic fatigue myself I know how complex and widely varied these conditions can be from person to person. With natural medicine we don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. 576 more words

Herbal Medicine

Herbal strategies for diabetes

Diabetes can be a complex and difficult situation to deal even when using a comprehensive natural approach, IF the person is unwilling to make basic dietary changes and some other simple changes. 753 more words

Herbal Medicine

Herbal strategies for stress

There are two general categories of herbs that are used reflecting two strategies:
1. To increase the body’s ability to adapt to and handle stress using those herbs called ‘adaptogens’ or tonic herbs in the TCM system. 334 more words

Herbal Medicine

Cancer CAN be cured

It should be understood that no one should expect a single silver bullet cure for any kind of cancer. Cancers are complex and difficult disease states rooted very deep. 184 more words

Herbal Medicine

The difference between natural & alternative medicine

These two terms are thrown around a lot and sued as if they were synonymous. They are not. Often medical people use the term “alternative medicine” in reference to anything that is not modern mainstream medicine. 872 more words

Herbal Medicine