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Green tea reduces cholesterol

Consuming a green tea extract for 12 months can result in significantly reduced circulating total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol concentrations, especially in those with elevated baseline total cholesterol concentrations.


Herbal Medicine

Castor Oil: The Old-Timer’s ‘Cure-All’ That Should Be In Every Stockpile

Written by: Tammy Robinson

If you have ever watched old cartoons or movies, you may have seen more than one reference to castor oil. The scene usually involves someone’s grandmother pushing a huge spoonful of castor oil down a sick person’s throat — with funny faces ensuing due to its horrible taste. 942 more words


Service Preparations: Fortuna Incense Recipe

Our upcoming 2017 Blessing Service, which will happen on December 21st, is focused on attracting blessings of all kinds for the coming year, and on releasing and cleansing negativity from the previous one. 637 more words


Tony Marceda manages his anxiety with herbal supplements and yoga

When I put out the call asking friends about changes they’d made to improve their health, Tony Marceda volunteered a deeply personal and honest story of learning to manage his anxiety and panic attacks in a way that leaves him feeling like himself. 1,419 more words


Stephen Buhner vs. The Lyme Conventional Wisdom

You can approach treating Lyme Disease in two basic ways. First, you can look at it purely as a science. Or, you can look at it as partly a science and partly an art. 941 more words

Lyme Disease

The 4-Ingredient Elderberry Syrup That Destroys The Cold & Flu

Written by: Kathleen Walser

There are several varieties of elderberry grown throughout the world, but the medicinal herb we want for its powerful cold- and flu-fighting powers is European black elderberry, or… 756 more words


8 Herbs and Supplements to Help Treat Depression — Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

Depression isn’t just feeling sad or “blue.” It is a serious mood disorder with symptoms that range from mild to debilitating, and potentially life-threatening. Depression is a relatively common disorder in that it affects millions of people each year.

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