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Sneeze Free Spring

Have a Sneeze-Free Spectacular Spring!

Christina LeBoeuf, L.Ac., MAOM; CCT; CLDT


Allergy season is right around the corner. Are you among the 20% of the general population suffering from seasonal allergic rhinitis (hay fever)? 453 more words

Greenville SC

Requisits to open a CAM clinic in Portugal

Late 2014 the Portuguese government published a bill that establishes the minimum requisites for a clinic of non-conventional therapies to operate, its requirements regarding management, human resources, technical facilities, etc. 357 more words


Herbal Bundles

Decorating the home with herbal bundles of white sage, black sage, and California Mugwort adds dreaminess and protection.

Ceramic wall hanging by Heather Levine.

Herbal Medicine

Fresh Nettle & Rosemary Blossom Tinctures

Fresh Stinging Nettles gathered from Malibu State Park– on an herbal forage we learned to feel their energy field between the aura of our palms and ask for permission. 23 more words

Herbal Medicine

Starting Seeds!

Starting seeds is a cornerstone of my herbal practice, not to mention my sweet sideline as homestead queen.  This article was first published in the spring issue of… 1,909 more words


The Opium Bottle That Never Held Opium 

This small Aqua colored glass bottle measures only 6.5 cm and are almost ampulla like in its appearance. The neck of the bottle has been broken off which often is the case with this type of bottle. 344 more words


Three treatments to minimize springtime allergies

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you may be starting to feel the early twinges of springtime allergies. Since our winter is wrapping up rather mildly in Eastern Washington (I’m sorry east coast), field burning and pollen are starting to affect our air quality. 750 more words

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