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When most Victorians hear the word ‘hawthorn’ they probably think of a football team, or the Melbourne suburb that the football team comes from.  However, this post is about the shrubby tree that the Melbourne suburb was loosely named after. 326 more words

Herbal Dispensary

Heal Yourself: Herbs Say, "Help me, help you..."

None, there are no herbs that will change the behaviors that lead to these problems. Yes there are herbs that can help your body increase energy, there are herbs that your body to detox and others that soothe your gut and aid in digestion. 892 more words


When to see an acupuncturist.

I hear this all the time – “What do I even go see an acupuncturist for?”  Acupuncture can help with a long list of things that ail you – as you probably noticed if you’ve gone to an acupuncturist’s website (like my friend… 838 more words

Horsetail for the skin

Has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, whilst containing silica which is a natural collagen. That promotes the growth of healthy tissues within the body. It is also used for the ability to keep the elasticity of your skin henceforth why It is used in many anti wrinkle && anti-aging products. 388 more words


Herbal Products for Getting Relief from Muscle Pains

Muscle pains will lead to several discomforts which affect the quality of life. Most people use pain relievers and powerful medications for getting relief from the muscle pains to lead a normal life. 296 more words

An ongoing piece of clinical research

This research trial is not done under rigorous scientific conditions but is for myself as a herbalist, to compare various treatments for capillary spreads/varicose veins and other circulatory problems. 191 more words

Alternative Medicine

Did you know #1: More than 60% of today's modern drugs have herbal origin.

Want examples? Read on to see how many of these well-known drugs that you know of, are actually herbal in origin –

The Anticholinergic used in a wide variety of ailments comes from Atropa belladonna plant. 299 more words