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The Lavender Cure

For the duration of this course, my colleagues and I have researching some aspect of food in New Mexico. The products thus far have manifested in… 1,107 more words

Broadleaf Plantain (Plantago Major)

Plantain is considered a common lawn weed. However, it has been used for thousands of years as a medicinal plant (for inflammation, bleeding, and infections) as well as a potherb and salad green. 240 more words


Wild Hydrangea: …this is where she came from

Living on the Blue Ridge of the Southern Appalachian Mountains is a blessing. Multiply that by the abundance of medicinal herbs that also live here, and what you have is a rich haven for herbalists. 1,392 more words

Medicinal Plants

Food Therapy for Cough and Phlegm

That’s right you read that correctly food therapy not hot tea therapy ;) This usually works well when trying to help the kiddos out, I find it easier to bribe them with a sweet treat then to try to force them to sip on hot tea (Maybe that’s just my kids though) ;)  There are a few foods that are really good for cough (whether it be a dry cough or a cough with phlegm) One of my favorites to cook for my kids is Asian Pear (for dry cough) and you can add the herb Chuan Bei Mu (for cough with yellow phlegm) on top. 436 more words

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Herb Profile: Licorice Root

One of my favourite herbs of all time, is the beloved Licorice Glycyrrhiza glabra)

A spectacular herb with a plethora of uses…

Licorice is a herb that continues to expand in it’s repertoire of uses as more and more research is done. 246 more words

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Herbal Medicines versus Natural Products

‘Safe’ often seems to be a word quickly associated with ‘natural’ or ‘herbal remedy’ stated on herbal medicines. With the estimated UK usage of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) being 10.6% to 46.6% 713 more words

Herbal Medicine

What is medicine without love?

Hello All,

What really struck me during my first trips to India and my time with Doctor Trigula was the love and compassion that he and other doctors had for their patients. 452 more words