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Vervain - Verbena officinalis verbenaceae

By far, not the most beautiful or fragrant of herbs, but certainly the most magical of all herbs in Europe, the Middle East, and China. Sacred to the Druids, vervain was used for purifying sacred spaces among the groves of oak trees and in spells, potions for divination, crop fertility, and protection from evil spells and lightning. 327 more words

Growing Herbs

Make at Home Echinacea Tincture-- Prevent or Shorten Colds and Flus Fast

School starts here on Monday and with it comes cold and flu season.  There are many benefits to having a large family with lots of children running around; but, one of the detriments is they come with lots of viruses/bacteria.  1,305 more words

All Natural

Farmgirl Herbal Remedies (my new Apothecary)

I know I always tell y’all to take a risk and jump off high cliffs to catch dreams and I do live that.  Why exactly I thought it wise to give up my main source of income and life calling, I know not, but we all have those moments of burn out or boredom and I had both.  439 more words


red clover tea

As I type this, rain is pelting against the window and continuous flashes of lightning fill the sky. Still, the afternoon was gorgeously sunny. Lots of sun, lots of rain; the wild flowers are still blooming like mad, especially the red clover. 158 more words


Winning the War on Fleas

You may recall the early terror attacks by pre-season fleas that I battled in the Spring.

Like a dog with a bone, I have been determined to find a healthy, effective solution. 449 more words

Companion Animal Health

Herbs for the Epidemic of High Blood Pressure | Tom Wolfe, RH

Herbs for the Epidemic of High Blood Pressure
By Tom Wolfe, RH

Globally, nearly one billion people have high blood pressure (hypertension); of these, two-thirds are in developing countries. 1,794 more words

Melancholy, Depression, and How Energetic Herbalism Can Help | Tom Wolfe, RH

Melancholy, Depression, and How Energetic Herbalism Can Help
By Tom Wolfe, RH

“It is also well worth notice that, although grief involves great departures from the normal attitude to life, it never occurs to us to regard it as a morbid condition and hand the mourner over to medical treatment. 2,203 more words