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Simple Natural Remedies//

Natural Remedies for common health problems//

•Cold/Fevers: Echinacea, Feverfew (drink as tea), Epsom Salt (take in hot bath to draw toxins out and help fever break) 286 more words


Welcome to my online journal

Today I decided to start my online journal on all things HERBS. I would like this platform to serve as a way of recording my herbal and oils musings, as I learn more about healing properties, beauty benefits and magical uses of herbs and essential oils. 153 more words

Herbal Recipes

Goodbye, pharmaceuticals; hello, lavender.

A big part of my life is consumed by my depression and anxiety. They have been my faithful (but destructive) companions for as long as I can remember, and I only started getting treated for them after I had my first son in 2013. 555 more words

Herbal Remedies

Healing Powers of Rosewater

I’ve recently discovered the healing magic of rose water. Did you know that rose water has many anti-aging elements among other things? I decided to make my own rose water and added 2 other healing elements: lavender and cedarwood oil. 391 more words

Daily Thoughts In The Raw

To 10 essential oils for scars


You would have to be very lucky to get through much of life without having to deal with scars on your skin. 1,231 more words

Herbal Remedies

How To Grow Cilantro (Coriander)

Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) is an annual or biennial herb related to the parsley. It is used in the kitchen where the seeds are ground up and used as seasoning, the leaves are used as garnish in Asian cuisine. 237 more words

Growing Guides

Plantain Salve for Bug Bites

Finally, after just over four weeks I’ve decided to harvest my solar infused plantain oil and make a homemade bug bite remedy. The picture above is from when I first added the leaves to oil. 619 more words