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Survive Summer With These 5 Herbal Remedies

The reason you should buy local honey? You’d be surprised.

Hit the gym? Check. Exfoliate all those newly-exposed limbs? Check. Sunscreen? Absolutely. Summer preparation and protection is in full swing, and along with all the usual suspects, there are tons of herbal remedies—for hay fever, sunburn, over-taxed livers, and more.   717 more words

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How and Where are Essential Oils Harvested?

As a natural resource producing essential oils involves time, labor and skill.  Plants are harvested & processed to product the oils we term Essential Oil… 106 more words

Essential Oils

Spiritual Healing

Evening Darkling’s,

Today had been an eventful day for me today as I have been running errands non stop and only now have settled down to write my adventures of a typical alternative life. 525 more words



Goldenseal is a perennial herb from the Buttercup family, and is native to North America and Southern Canada.  Goldenseal has been touted as a “Cure-All” by many because of its amazingly powerful benefits! 85 more words

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Herbal Remedies/Concoctions

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It’s always been my dream to become an herbalist one day and so for now I am fine with just learning all I can by reading about herbal medicine and experimenting all the time with mixing herbal remedies and concoctions. 479 more words

Helping out a very stressed little one... as naturally as possible...

Sorry for the gap in posts again.  I am afraid it is going to happen with more regularity, as the big news from us is that we have FINALLY been approved to adopt a little boy.   785 more words

Herbal Remedies