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With another “day off” I had to find a way to be productive. My domestic side came out.

Rather than flexing my culinary muscles, I gave my organizational ones a workout. 316 more words

Domestic Goddess In Training

A Saturday to Remember

I have a couple of days to myself and I plan to make the absolutely most of it while I can. I have four full days without a demand from either job. 278 more words


The Writing on the Wall

Personal mental health is extremely important to me. There are days, I will admit, that I get trapped within the confines of my own thoughts. Journaling worked for a spell, but I found it to be ultimately ineffective for myself. 278 more words


New Solves All

If there is one thing that I have learned in being a wellness coach it’s simply this, “New solves all.”

It’s the new people that bring the new perspective, the fresh vitality, and a reminder of the person you were when you first started. 159 more words

Don't be afraid of change

We aren’t always going to get things right the first time. And that is more than okay! The meal plan I was on, wasn’t working for me so I had to change things up on Sunday to see if that suits my needs better! 225 more words

Motivation, what does it mean to you?

Imagine a world where you had an abundance of energy and support. So much to the point you truly felt there is nothing in this world that you cannot do, nor did you have to do it alone. 258 more words

The dreaded 'p' word.. portions..

One of the hardest parts about flipping the proverbial switch to become healthy and active.. is portion control. You can memorize the nutritional facts for food all you want.. 382 more words