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Lessons From Wild Leeks

I had an awful day.

I’m sure that there are millions of people who had a worse day than I did, which helps me put things into perspective… but I don’t want to minimize my own personal struggle because of this fact. 1,066 more words


An Herbalist Advice: Uncaria Tomentosa

Uncaria Tomentosa, also known as Cat’s Claw is an amazing herb that can help with many problems.

When it comes to using this herb, the root and stem are the only parts that are actually used to heal anything. 134 more words


The Druid Herbalist

As I have just begun my 3 year diploma course to become a professional herbalist through Herbcraft, taught by Melanie Cardwell and accredited with the Association of Natural Medicine, I plan to document my journey into the healing world of plants. 22 more words


Blood Root

Blood Root: Also known as Sanguinaria Canadensis. Blood Root belongs to the Poppy family and grows in wooded areas throughout the Northeastern regions of the United states…… The leaves are really unique looking in my opinion and are easy to spot this time of year they are palm-shaped and the flower is really pretty it’s a white flower with eight to twelve petals. 383 more words

Role herbal medicine in modern society

The use of herbs to treat disease is almost universal among non-industrialized societies. A number of traditions came to dominate the practice of herbal medicine at the end of the twentieth century: 276 more words


The Magical World of Pine


I have to admit, Pine is one of those herbs I never really gave much thought too. I enjoyed the smell when I encountered it in cleaning supplies, and loved Pine cones since I was a child. 618 more words

Earth Magic

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