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Genetic testing: personalised health care

Why do genetics matter?

Our genetic code is inherited from our parents.  According to the NSW Health Centre for Genetics Education, around half of all Australians will be affected in some way by a genetic health issue throughout their lifetime.  628 more words

Pine Tree

This is an airy tree, which I mostly associate with freedom, space and breathing. If you ask for my first pine memory, so I see myself as a little girl picking mushrooms in the pine forest of the military band. 252 more words

Wild Roses

Rosa woodsii ‘Wood’s Rose’, Nose Hill Natural Area, Rose Family, Rosaceae

Ahhh the Wild Rose, growing free and undisturbed in the fields and meadows of the prairie lands. 229 more words

Plant Monographs


💜 a quality that could bring great joy to you or unbelievable havoc your way or perhaps both in equal measure 💜


Releasing Toxins

Everyone deals with back pain from time to time, not only that, everyone deals with headaches and the common cold. It is easy enough to run to the nearest drug store to pop a few pills to get rid of the headache, cold and back pain; but in all honesty those pills are more harmful than helpful. 405 more words


The Blessings of being an Herbalist

I’m so thankful God called upon me to help people. Helping people truly fills my cup and makes my heart happy. I didn’t know exactly how I was going to help people in the beginning though, I just knew I was supposed to help people. 256 more words