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The Parsley & The Plate

Ever wonder why parsley is so often placed on your plate at a fancy restaurant? Well, the person plating your dish probably doesn’t realize it, but they are taking part in a time-honored, pagan ritual! 183 more words


An Herbalist Advice: Earl Grey Tea

Ah winter time, the time of the year where we put on our winter boots and pile on the sweaters for when we are outside in the frosty morning air. 429 more words


New Blog Coming Soon!

Life has changed at a rapid pace …and soon this blog will too!

Be ready for herbalist knowledge, essential oil love, and all things from our farm and family as we face the struggles around us. 18 more words

What's the best thing about going natural? Where does the products come from?

What’s the benefit of using natural herbs, butters,  and oils? The best thing about herbal and all natural products are that they benefit your body in more ways than one.  108 more words

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What seed is the best seed? Let's talk black seed.

This is black seed. The healthiest seed on the planet a cure for so many things yes even face and hair.

So what are the benefits: It is the cure for a common cold, healing wounds, could help with diabetes and many others. 89 more words

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Herbal Remedies: Better than the doctors office.

Herbal remedies are the best thing For your home and your body. The same herbs you eat can be used not just for a healthy inside but a healthy outside. 231 more words

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Dark and Beautiful Coils, curls, and kinks: How to make natural hair more manageable.

Lets Cut to the chase!

Natural hair is strong and versatile. It can stay in place or flow in the wind. But we all know its a hassle to keep up with. 129 more words

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