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Humanly Impossible

I came across this photo by Herbert Bayer during a Google search for Surrealism, interesting to read about its creation on the MOMA site, a straightforward task to create this image digitally in Photoshop, but in 1932 it took Bayer some meticulous planning and careful artwork, painting over his first photo with gouache to  create the missing section of arm, then using an airbrush to add tonality, he then rephotographed this image to soften the illusion. 498 more words


Magazine Design

Click the link below “Herbert Bayer Magazine”, to check out my magazine design featuring Hebert Bayer!

Herbert Bayer Magazine 32 more words

Un 'Litoral' de árboles que jamás duermen

«Árboles que habéis visto, que veréis mil años de primavera». La cita de Juan Ramón Jiménez parece una consigna hecha a medida, un aforismo cómplice que invita a hojear el nuevo número de la revista Litoral. 538 more words

Jorge Riveros

It's Kind of a _____ Story: The eyes

I wrote this poem while listening to Sam Smith’s Lay Me Down. I hope you guys like this poem.

Words by Erica Villaran-Love

Image by Herbert Bayer

It's Kind Of A _____ Story

Surrealistic dwellings

Breathe, breathe in the air.
Don’t be afraid to care.


Drawing Syntactically

Attached are the slides from the lecture “Drawing Syntactically” – Monday, June 23.

1. relating to or determined by syntax
2. logic, linguistics describable wholly with respect to the grammatical structure of an expression or the rules of well-formedness of a formal system… 6 more words