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Lost and Found - October 9th Edition

What to remember about October 9th…

  • 1635  Religious dissident Roger Williams is banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony; he and his followers go on to found Rhode Island and the 1st Baptist church in America…
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Edith Cavell 4: The Constant Lies

Edith Cavell was arrested in her office at the Berkendael Institute in Brussels on Thursday 5 August 1915. [1]

In his self-serving memoirs, Hugh Gibson, first secretary to the American Legation in Brussels and close friend of Herbert Hoover, claimed that Edith was ‘quietly arrested’ and that ‘it was some time’ before the news reached the Legation. 2,823 more words


Edith Cavell 3: The Constant Threat

The German secret police became increasingly suspicious of the de Croy organisation and they in turn became aware of this. As 1915 wore on, it was evident that the police were watching them and their safe houses. 2,244 more words


Hidden Nearby: The Birthplace of General Benjamin Foulois

Benjamin “Benny” Foulois, a pioneer of aviation in the American military, was born on December 9, 1879, in the white building on Route 47 in Washington Depot that once housed the Washington Pharmacy. 547 more words


Edith Cavell 1: Patriot Nurse, Underground Agent

Note: Before reading our series on Edith Cavell, it would be advantageous to the reader to peruse our previous two blogs on Belgian Relief.

Warning: Those who might be offended by evidence that Edith was much more than an Angel of Mercy, or do not wish to believe that she was sacrificed to prolong the agony of war, should not read these blogs. 2,428 more words


Presidential Debates where the Candidates Tell Us Nothing About Real Issues

A bizarre three hours.

After listening to the second GOP debate you would think that the choice for president is all about who would have his/her finger on the nuclear button and who has been the smartest CEO.  490 more words


The Commission For Relief In Belgium 10: Circulating Lies; Denying Truth

In early March 1915, Hoover complained to Ambassador Whitlock, ‘I have had a severe drilling this week from the English Government with regard to our whole organisation in Belgium’. 1,751 more words

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