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Political History Tuesday: Herbert Hoover--The Ride from Top to Bottom

Herbert Hoover became the bogey man of the Great Depression of the 1930s, but he had much prior success before he got dragged through the mud of the Depression. 441 more words

Presidential Elections

Day 703: The Tilted World

On Good Friday 1927 after months of rain, the levee on the Mississippi near Greenville, Mississippi, collapsed, causing a gigantic flood that swamped 27,000 square acres of land in the Delta, made many people homeless, and killed an untold number of people. 356 more words


Libraries make the to-do list

I made a declaration today while driving home from church.

The next time we’re in Dallas, I told my wife, I want to visit the George W. 663 more words

National News

Economic Interventionism During the Great Depression

“It was always a challenge to keep warm — we hugged each other on the floor. We had little beds that open and close . When I think about it, it was horrible. 1,669 more words


The Magician

Paul Krugman’s blogs are fun to read for the same reason a magic show is fun to watch. The mere impossibility of what’s presented makes it so mysterious as to cause a tug-of-war between common sense on one hand, and a will to believe on the other. 273 more words

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