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President Who?

Harry Von Zell is remembered as the long-time announcer of the Burns & Allen radio and television programs, but he also has the dubious distinction of being responsible for one of the first bloopers to be broadcast on the air. 136 more words


Commission for Relief in Belgium 13: As If It Had Never Happened

Herbert Hoover’s reputation could not have survived the war years without protection from his Secret Elite masters. Once he had been presented as the humanitarian face of the so-called relief programme, and his status transformed from unscrupulous and crooked mining-engineer to quasi-diplomat, he had access to the inner chambers of the American, British and German governments. 2,862 more words

Secret Elite

Commission For Relief In Belgium 12: Hoover, Servant Not Master

One of the essential skills that the shrewd investor requires is the ability to recognise the moment to sell and move on. The really successful investor has an additional edge; insider information. 2,416 more words

Secret Elite

Overview of the Great Depression

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Step 1 – Andrew Mellon, who is the Treasury Secretary, advocates tax and spending cuts under Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge; freeing up capital allows the economy to begin growing. 336 more words


The Commission For Relief In Belgium 11: When Thieves Fall Out

Despite the backing of the most powerful and influential men in Britain, France and America, the Commission for Relief in Belgium (CRB) frequently ran into both international and local squabbles which threatened to undermine its prime objective; to prolong the war by feeding both Belgium and the German army. 2,526 more words

Secret Elite

An End to Austerity?

Financial FAQs

On November 5, 2015, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the bipartisan Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act, a new multi-year transportation authorization bill, by a vote of 363-64. 930 more words

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"Can a Crash Cure Itself?," By Alex J. Pollock

How much do you know about the inflationary financing, in which the then-new Federal Reserve led the parade, that backed America’s participation in World War I? 1,180 more words

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