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Content and Discreet

Content to be a wage slave,
I sing praises to the USA.
Better to be like everyone else,
Than to seek a better way.

Content to pledge allegiance, 121 more words


Λόγος και Επανάσταση

“(…) Άφού όμως οί ανώτερες τάξεις μπορούσαν νά διατηρούν τά κεκτημένα, μέσα στό απολυταρχικό πλαίσιο, καί άφού δέν υπήρχε οργανωμένη εργατική τάξη, τό δη­μοκρατικό κίνημα σέ μεγάλη έκταση προερχόταν άπό τήν αγανά­κτηση τής ανίσχυρης μικροαστικής τάξης.


Masters and slaves....

“Free election of masters does not abolish the masters or the slaves.”

Herbert Marcuse


Herbert Marcuse: Reason and Revolution–Hegel and the Rise of Social Theory (1941)

It is of the very definition of any “classic” work that it will not only introduce a new depth and direction of thought, but that its original insights endure. 472 more words


(Summary of) Consumerism as a form of social control.

Summary of: Consumerism as a form of social control.
(extract from my last year’s BA dissertation)

Herbert Marcuse strongly criticizes consumerism, arguing that it is a form of social control. 151 more words


Quote for the day - Friday March 13

“The mere absence of all advertising and all indoctrinating media of information and entertainment would plunge the individual into a traumatic void where he would have the chance to wonder and to think… the non-functioning of television and the allied media might thus begin to achieve what the inherent contradictions of capitalism did not achieve – the disintegration of the system”.

Herbert Marcuse, One Dimensional Man