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Jerry Mander's Political Corner: How the Democrats Were Taken Over

The Quiet Revolution: How the New Left Took Over the Democratic Party

By Scott Powell at The American Thinker

Note: An important detail the author left out, probably because of space constraints, is that the infestation of Socialism in the U.S. 3,566 more words

Jerry Mander

Quote for the day - August 14

“Underneath the conservative popular base is the substratum of the outcasts and outsiders, the exploited and persecuted of other races and other colors, the unemployed and the unemployable. 152 more words


What the hell's it all about?

Very kind of you to ask. Actually, it’s about the rising tide of insignificancy. It’s about Information Overload. About the commodification of pleasure. About a society that eats itself to survive. 791 more words

5 Ugly Cases of Rainbow Rage

When are people going to realise that those who demand tolerance are the most intolerant of all?

Tolerance is a deceptive term used by Cultural Marxists who want you to believe that they are tolerant people and that it is you who is intolerant for disagreeing with them, therefore they don’t really believe in tolerance at all. 242 more words

Η χρονικότητα του καπιταλισμού είναι η σημειωτόν διαχρονική κινητικότητα του κεφαλαίου η οποία παράγει βλέμμα, αναπνοή και φόβο. Αυτό είναι και το έμβιο ον που παράγει το κεφάλαιο, ο χρόνος του έγκειται στην πεπερασμένη παροντική αναπνοή που εισπνέει μέχρι θανάτου, μια ασφυκτική παροντική αναπνοή.


My Review of The Rainbow Fish

My Review of The Rainbow Fish

by Alex

(Hey guys, I know this isn’t a movie right now, but it is possible that it will one day become one, and so I think it is perfectly fine to review it for this movie site, even though it isn’t a movie yet.) 1,187 more words

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I think the acceptance of transgender individual  in the mainstream, genderized culture is near and I celebrate that. Facts evidence a movement promoted by many associations as well artists who are activists as the iconic and eclectic… 753 more words

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