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Early Hitchcock, by Rich Paschall

The 1936 Hitchcock thriller, Sabotage, could be a story for the present day.  Foreign saboteurs are planning terror attacks on a big city.  994 more words


Watching With Warner: BREAKFAST FOR TWO (1937)

Let me list some names for you.  Barbara Stanwyck, Herbert Marshall, Glenda Farrell, and ERIC BLORE!  Intrigued?  Too good to be true, you say?  Not at all!   875 more words

Watching With Warner: CRACK-UP (1946)

What if I told you that I just watched a film noir that turned into a murder mystery?  What if I told you that said noir starred Pat O’Brien, Claire Trevor, and Herbert Marshall?   1,040 more words

The Dark Angel (Sidney Franklin, USA, 1935)

An obvious attempt to cash in on the enormous success of Smilin Thru (Sidney Franlin, USA, 1932) with Fredric March reprising a variant of the same role, the self-sacrificing ex-soldier, here called Alan Trent, who blinded in the service of his country, pretends to reject his true love, Kitty Vane (Merle Oberon), so that she need not sacrifice her life in his care, but to no avail. 693 more words

The Fly (1958)

At the end of The Fly, I hardly knew whether to giggle or shudder. I tried a little of both. It’s that kind of movie. 1,087 more words


Four Frightened People (1934)

This deliciously fun Cecil B. DeMille film mixes great adventure with high camp and a stunningly beautiful Claudette Colbert.

Four strangers are tossed together off the Malayan coast when the ship they are on comes down with plague. 629 more words

Daily Take

Trouble in Paradise (1932)

In Trouble in Paradise Herbert Marshall entertains and impresses as the impossibly suave gentleman thief, Gaston Monescu, a man who can act, bluff and charm his way into and out of almost any situation. 323 more words