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The Law of Balance and the Grave Dangers of Imbalance

Contrary to what Darwin believed, it is not competition, or the struggle for life, which was later rephrased by Herbert Spencer as the “survival of the fittest,” but mutually-beneficial cooperation and coexistence, that is the principle Law of Nature. 1,497 more words

Act III: The Glorious Miracle Of Life



Today, I am going to talk about three overarching principles: responsibility, freedom, and responsible freedom.

Let us begin with the first principle. Responsibility is defined by Oxford Dictionaries as the opportunity or ability to act independently and take decisions without authorization. 668 more words

Hitler's "Struggle": The Antithesis of Social Darwinism


Evolutionism, or unilinear cultural evolution, is the notion that human development progresses from “savagery” to “civilization” gradually over millennia. The main proponents of evolutionism were Edward Tylor and Lewis Henry Morgan. 942 more words


The 1898 Cambridge Antropological Expedition to the Torres Straits

Led by A.C. Haddon, with William McDougall, and C.S. Myers.
Prime/early example of a cross-cultural approach

The research (a) refuted Herbert Spencers hypothesis of “primitive superiority” in basic psychophysical and psychological functions as opposed to “higher functions” (b) wasn’t much difference between the “primitive” and “civilised”. 52 more words

History Of SP

Quote of the Day 10-20-17 (Repost for Trump fans)

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“The subordination of a nation to a man, is not a wholesome but a vicious state of things: needful, indeed for a vicious humanity. 43 more words


Social Darwinism

Social Darwinism is a term that emerged during the later half of the eighteenth century, adapted from Charles Darwin’s ideologies that all living things are engaged in an unrelenting struggle to survive and exist. 443 more words