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by Elbert Hubbard (1856-1915)

EDITORIAL NOTE: Originally, this essay was included in the Little Journey series printed in 1900 by The Roycrofter Press owned by Hubbard. 1,672 more words


Victorian Literature and Culture 43.1 (March 2015) available

Victorian Literature and Culture 43.1 (March 2015) is now available. It contains the following articles and reviews:

“David Masson, Belles Lettres, and a Victorian Theory of the Novel” 172 more words


Individualism and the Social Determinants of Health

Individualism was established as a Western value during the Enlightenment. During the 19th century there was reaction to many of the values of the enlightenment, except individualism. 1,963 more words

Global Economy

Graham Wallas on Dispositions, the Great Society, the Failures of Experimental Psychology, and Some Novel Connections (Part 2)

Wallas understood the Great Society as the form of social organization brought about in large part by what economists then referred to as “The Great Industry”, the technological transformation of life and its social dislocations has resulted in a “general change of social scale” “without precedent in the history of the world ( 1,434 more words

Grote Club

Pioneers of Sociology

There were five pioneers of Sociology.

  1. Auguste Comte
  2. Herbet Spencer
  3. Karl Marx
  4. Emile Durkheim
  5. Max Weber
  6. 484 more words

The birth of modern sociology

Continuing on from my previous post…

As discussed previously, there were huge changes during the enlightenment period, with the French, American and industrial revolutions afterwards. 164 more words

Society And Politics