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The Failed Project of the New Religion

In 1884 Hebert Spencer published his “Religious Retrospect and Prospect” in the Popular Science Monthly, which appeared simultaneously in the Nineteenth Century. In this article Spencer offered an evolutionary account of the “religious consciousness.” By looking at its evolutionary history, Spencer believed he could infer the religious ideas and sentiments of the future. 1,259 more words

Science And Religion

Herbert Spencer

Herbert Spencer: Every man is free to do that which he wills, provided he infringes not the equal freedom of any other man.~ Herbert Spencer, The Ethics of Social Life: Justice… 133 more words

Op Ed

Herbert Spencer says:

” How often misused words
generate misleading thoughts. ” 

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»»»»» I’m irrational, so irrational! You’re irrational, so irrational! Toda a gente tão irracional!

»»»»» Everybody believes irrational items. Irrational believers! Todos e todas crêem em coisas irracionais. 114 more words

Quote of the Day 10-16-16 (re Donald Trump)

“The subordination of a nation to a man, is not a wholesome but a vicious state of things: needful, indeed for a vicious humanity. The instinct which makes it possible is anything but a noble one. 31 more words


Estado - State

“En el pasado la misión del liberalismo fue trazar límites al poder de los monarcas; en el futuro, la misión del verdadero liberalismo será trazar límites al poder de los Parlamentos.” 49 more words

Herbert Spencer : The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.

Acquiring an education,

that doesn’t give your mind the freedom

to explore and discover who you truly are,

is like having a torch in your pocket while you are groping about in the dark, 46 more words