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Letter: Report on bullies is disturbing

Re: “In their genes to be mean” (Montreal Gazette, July 28)

I found Tom Blackwell’s report quite disturbing, as the research he is describing evokes the social Darwinism of Herbert Spencer with its mantra of the “survival of the fittest,” which rationalized the domination of the strong over the weak in human societies. 29 more words

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Spencer Jones: only a bit of a Herbert

“Your comedy character is called The Herbert,” I said to Spencer Jones.

“Well,” he told me, “I wanted to call him The Dickhead. Dickhead… 1,204 more words


Social Darwinism: "When Libertarianism Became an Excuse for Plutocrats" Part II, History News Network

In part II of his series on libertarianism, Richard Striner reviews the role of Social Darwinism. Before delving into the history Striner reminds his audience that “Darwin himself —— a fervent humanitarian and opponent of slavery —— got a bum rap in this association, since he neither coined the term ‘survival of the fittest’ nor advocated a social system based upon ruthless competition. 207 more words


Thomas Henry Huxley

Science commits suicide when it adopts a creed.

Thomas Henry Huxley

Speech at the Museum, South Kensington, on unveiling of a statue of Charles Darwin…

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Thomas Henry Huxley

Spencerian Evolution

Darwin’s version of evolution is responsive only to local stimuli and apparently serves no ultimate purpose. Different species branch out into daughter subspecies (and eventual entirely new species) in an open-ended, multi-directional way bound to no great, overarching plan. 3,362 more words


Herbert Spencer

” The authoritarian sets up some book, or man, or tradition to establish the truth. The freethinker sets up reason and private judgment to discover the truth… It takes the highest courage to utter unpopular truths.”

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Evolution by Natural Selection

‘The keystone of our story is evolution by natural selection. In the 1830s, a young Charles Darwin travelled around the world on the HMS Beagle – inarguably, by the way, the most important beagle of all time; I apologise Snoopy but it’s true. 318 more words