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Applying herbicides without regard to the label has consequences

In Delta Farm Press

by David Bennett, Farm Press staff

Sadly, off-target herbicide drift leading to damaged crops isn’t new to Mid-South farmers. However, the concerns have become more pronounced with dicamba being illegally applied over-the-top of Xtend soybeans. 377 more words


Mid-South soybean farmers learning about consequences of not following label

In Delta Farm Press

by David Bennett, Delta Farm Press

When Monsanto’s Xtend soybeans were approved for planting this season, many applauded the move. After all, the technology means crops can be sprayed with dicamba and weeds are only becoming tougher to control. 343 more words


Herbicide resistance has been around for a long, long time

In Southeast Farm Press

by the Weed Science Society of America

You may think weeds resistant to herbicides are a new phenomenon linked to the overuse of glyphosate in genetically engineered crops, but nothing could be further from the truth. 392 more words


Latest weed research

Here are 2 interesting pieces of research via Federation Uni. One relates to the noxious weed Nassella neesiana, Chilean Needle-grass. It is an invasive grass. As this weed is found in more pastures as time goes on, it is important to know how long the seeds of Chilean Needle-grass remain viable when this grass makes its way into emergency fodder.  50 more words

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How do you treat weeds in a drought?

by Alabama Extension

Herbicides will work best when a plant is actively growing, vigorously growing plants. Herbicide labels caution against spraying when plants are stressed or under extreme environmental conditions. 40 more words


Soybean cyst nematode-resistant soybeans are not immune to pest

In Southeast Farm Press

by members of Syngenta

Many soybean farmers don’t realize their fields may be a buffet for soybean cyst nematodes, despite the use of SCN-resistant soybean varieties. 382 more words


South West Victoria - Weeds

  • Weed numbers are dynamic across a paddock. Any intervention to decrease weed seed set is not going to deplete the seed bank within a season.
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