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Herbicides in Eastern Canada for Horticulture

Here is a poster on herbicides used in horticulture in Eastern Canada that lists herbicides and resistant weeds by herbicide group number and what counties these resistant weeds have been reported in. 6 more words

Pest Management

Scientists find time of day makes a difference with some herbicides

In Southeast Farm Press

What if a cotton producer needed to spray early in the morning or late in the afternoon or at night? Does the time of day a herbicide is applied make a difference in how well it works? 366 more words


Question of the Week: Pigweed

Last week the question was:  What are the weeds surrounding these young cotton plants?

This was an easy one.  These is pigweed, Palmer amaranth to be more specific.   69 more words

Question Of The Week

More precautions needed when spraying with dicamba and 2,4-D

From the Weed Science Society of America

New resistant soybean and cotton cropping systems based on the synthetic auxin herbicides give farmers new options for managing Palmer amaranth and other broadleaf weeds resistant to glyphosate. 543 more words


University of Illinois Plant Clinic announces Palmer amaranth seed ID and herbicide resistance plant tissue testing

Last summer, farmers in the Midwest got an unwelcome surprise after planting native seed on Conservation Reserve Program acres. Palmer amaranth is an aggressive and hard-to-kill weed. 248 more words


Weed develops resistance, impacts pulse, wheat crops

Mayweed chamomile, also known as dog fennel, populations are becoming more resistant to the usual herbicide chemistries, a Washington State University weed science professor says. 36 more words

Capital Press

Weeds could develop resistance to dicamba in three generations

In Delta Farm Press

What happens if farmers follow the same practices they have when other new herbicide chemistries have come on the market over the last several decades? 80 more words