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Sierra Club "Corrects" the Record - Fails

The Sierra Club shocked the environmental community, including many of its own members, when it not only failed to oppose the horrible East Bay plan… 1,507 more words


GLYPHOSATE: Monsanto’s Magnificent Red Herring

By Dee Nicholson
  • “While activists around the world scramble to label GMO food products, the real culprit is getting away with the farm.”

at bodes no gooIn this day and age, when you see a massive public battle going on and whole countries and presidents and potentates are involved, you have to smell rotting fish somewhere on the breeze. 57 more words


Guest post: Callie Oldfield on roadside management of rare plants.

I’m reposting an article by Callie Oldfield, a former student of mine who now works in Sewanee’s Herbarium. She describes a new collaboration between the University’s Land Manager, Nate Wilson, Physical Plant Grounds Supervisor, William Shealy, and the state agency charged with “roadside maintenance.” Many interesting and rare plants grow in the open spaces along roadsides and under powerlines. 471 more words


Monsanto's GMO seeds have led to creation of 'superweeds' | Karen Graham - Digital Journal

On Friday the U.S. Canada had its first documented case in 2009 and it involved giant ragweed. By this time, 15 different species of weeds had shown up as being… 306 more words


MASSIVE NEWS! "85% of tampons and feminine hygiene products contaminated with [MONSANTO] cancer-causing glyphosate herbicide"

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, over 50 American women were killed by their tampons…. tampons made from certain non-natural fibers were found to harbor deadly bacteria and release a sufficient quantity of chemicals to kill or injure over a thousand women…. 158 more words


Minnesota grower uses Sonic® herbicide to keep fields clean

Grower Scott Johnson of Starbuck, Minnesota, switched to Sonic® herbicide to manage glyphosate resistance and control troublesome broadleaf weeds in his fields. Sonic extended the spray window later in the season by keeping weeds small and easier to control. 121 more words

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Weeds and what to expect.

Big free stranding weeds are easy to pull out and get rid of. Honestly though, how often is that the case? Weeds appear everywhere from beds, lawns and between the pavings. 515 more words

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