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Crop herbicides play a role in shrinking monarch population

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — A butterfly being considered for federal protection is emblematic of the plight pollinating insects face partially because farmers enticed by ethanol mandates grow more herbicide-resistant crops. 117 more words


Mycorrhizae | Your Best Friend in the Garden


Yes, mycorrhizae (my-cor-rhi-zae) is some awesome stuff. What is it though? Mychorrhizae isn’t really an “it” – it’s a “what”. Mychorrhizae is the symbiotic relationship (usually mutually beneficial) between plants and fungal hyphae. 458 more words


Establishing Legumes in a Tall Fescue Sward

Read  full  paper  at:http://www.scirp.org/journal/PaperInformation.aspx?PaperID=53990#.VN23UCzQrzE

Tall fescue is a common grass species in the eastern half of the USA, but legumes grown with it could provide benefits. 726 more words

The Monarch Butterfly: Monsanto and other Herbicides

First the bees and now the butterflies . . . In the Washington Post, Darryl Fears writes that “[t]hreatened animals like elephants, porpoises and lions grab all the headlines, but what’s happening to monarch butterflies is nothing short of a massacre. 144 more words


New labels for Dual Magnum herbicide in NH

by Rich Bonanno, UMass Extension

Dual Magnum has been registered for control of both galinsoga and yellow nutsedge in several vegetable and some small fruit crops. 311 more words


RE.: Why Quacks Exist

Interesting.  The article claims to debunk a bit of modern pseudo-scientific quackery by offering up what it purports to be ‘scientifically grounded’ claims. 

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Media Disinformation

Gluten-free, wheat-free, carb-free spaghetti bolognese

If you’re a spaghetti bolognese fan but not so keen on the idea of a bloated stomach full of pasta – you will love this recipe! 322 more words