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The History and Function of Roundup is Surprising

Roundup, and it’s main ingredient, glyphosate, is one of the most widely used herbicide in the world. But what was it originally created for? Don Huber discusses that and how the chemical works to kill plants. 32 more words


The Good, the Bad, and the Unfortunate

Spring is rolling onward in my garden. The weather has been cool and rainy, which all the spring plants enjoy. The blooms keep blooming, the greens keep growing, and things are beautiful. 361 more words


Crop Talk - Residual corn herbicides

A cool, wet weekend dropped soil temperatures. Recently planted corn will not be very active until our soils begin to warm up again.

Weather Update: 254 more words

Farmer's Coop

Learn about Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed is an invasive, destructive plant that is banned in Britain.  It’s presence through out England, decreases property values and it has now become illegal to deal with its removal on your own, government intervention is actually required. 222 more words

Community Engagement

You Have Options To Control Weeds, Even If Your Timing Is Off

Even if your timing is off or you have to change plans due to weather circumstances, there are options that can help you economically control weeds in your corn and soybeans. 74 more words


U.S. History -Agent Orange


Agent Orange. The horrible chemical herbicide that was spread throughout Vietnamese Jungles.

I chose to write about Agent Orange because it had an impact on the Vietnamese AND the American soldiers that used it. 334 more words

This Herbicide Could Be Slowly Killing Us AND Causing This Condition

Source: iHealthTube.com
May 4, 2016

There are many things that could be behind the continued rise of health conditions in this country. Here, Dr. Stephanie Seneff discusses one that she thinks is a main contributor. 36 more words