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White House to create 1,500 mile corridor to help migrating Monarch butterflies

Image Credit: Reuters / Edgard Garrido

President Obama has unveiled a national strategy to increase the population of the Monarch butterfly and the honey bee by creating the so-called “butterfly corridor” between Mexico and Minnesota along Interstate highway 35. 314 more words


Good year for dandelions, but a bad one for mosquitoes

A mostly rain-free spring in Calgary has allowed dandelions to thrive, but kept mosquito populations low so far.

“It’s been so dry that the mosquito habitat is pretty much dried up at this point,” said Heather Hastie, communications team supervisor at the city’s parks department. 383 more words

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More on glyphosate: Major oat buyer says no to glyphosate; German State Ministers Call for EU-wide Ban on Glyphosate

German State Ministers Call for EU-wide Ban on Glyphosate 

by Dario Sarmadi, (EurActiv)

Germany’s state consumer protection ministers are calling for an EU-wide ban on the leading global pesticide Glyphosate, after it was categorized as carcinogenic by the WHO. 119 more words


Garden Update and Big News: Glyphosate Listed as Probable Human Carcinogen

For that past couple of weeks my husband and I have been dealing with the most terrible flu bug we’ve experienced in years. Sore throat, sinus headaches, all over aches and pains – it’s been terrible! 471 more words


Looking after remnants in cemeteries

Avoid inadvertent damage to existing vegetation, you may need that area as an offset in the future. Plan to use areas that are degraded and have no native vegetation when storing spoil, burning rubbish or stacking branches and keep away from native trees. 426 more words


Monsanto knew 35 years ago that its glyphosate-soaked 'food' causes cancer

From the NaturalNews website … more damning information on glyphosate. The stream of articles on this product is constant. Bear in mind, scientists have been raising this alarm for years, spending a great deal of time researching this supposedly safe herbicide ingredient, their warnings falling largely on deaf ears. 109 more words


Bermuda Bans Glyphosate Indefinitely

Bermuda has joined the ranks of countries banning this ‘probable carcinogen’. WHO’s reclassification of glyphosate to Class 2A is creating a knock on effect around the world. 93 more words