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Help Save Wildlife

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The State Of Nature Report 2016 reveals that the UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world, with the greatest threats being agricultural and climate change. 470 more words

The EPA just approved another toxic herbicide for Monsanto

As universities across the country hold cry-ins, counseling sessions, and post-election therapy events, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has quietly approved Monsanto’s new drift-prone herbicide, which will further poison, emasculate, and weaken the population. 708 more words


Welcome to the Blog!

Good evening readers and welcome to the blog! My name is Isabella Schuster and I am so excited to start this blogging adventure with all of you. 274 more words

Bully Monsanto attacks scientists who link Glyphosate and cancer

From thehill.com

Don’t mess with Monsanto Co. That is the message being delivered right now by the agrichemical industry as it makes a full fledged assault on the team of international cancer scientists who dared to declare cancerous connections to the widely used herbicide called glyphosate, the chief ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup brand. 241 more words



— “bees are like humans, they need a variety and a balanced diet to stay healthy.”

read article :  beekeeper encourages people to support local species of bees


Merger Fever

If you follow ag news you must be aware of the high profile mergers and buyouts going on in agribusiness. After months of trying to sell itself or merge with another agribusiness company, Monsanto seems as if it is going to be snapped up by pharmaceutical giant, Bayer, so the German company can increase it’s ag presence. 675 more words


Uh Oh: FDA Finds Glyphosate Herbicide in U.S. Honey | Julie Fidler - Natural Society

FDA testing has revealed that U.S. honey is contaminated with the herbicide glyphosate, including a very popular brand marketed as 100 percent all-natural.

It took years of begging and pleading, but the U.S. 157 more words