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Viruses on Lavender

Symptoms of yellowing of the newest leaves began showing up over the past few weeks in one lavender field (Figure 1). The symptoms showed up on many plants in the field, but the degree of symptoms on each plant was relatively minor. 322 more words


The ABC’s of Herbs and Herbalism – R

Hello Wellness Squad:

I have been away for a while dealing with life but, I am back ready to pick up where we left off. I shared with you products that I have tried in the health and beauty space and what I thought about them. 725 more words


Herbal Tattoo Care

I have 4 tattoos. Two on my back, one on my leg and one on my arm. My arm by far is my largest and most visible, so it was really important to me to provide great after care (not that I didn’t with my others, although my back ones were a bit tricky). 418 more words

Let the Horror Begin!

That is what Katherine said as we started school this morning. Yeah, that was encouraging. Well, we made it through the day with only one meltdown. 627 more words


Lavender Oil Distillation Research Report

By Jenn Roloson, Summer Research Assistant, OMAFRA

For several years research has been ongoing to determine the best way to maximize oil extraction in the shortest amount of time. 613 more words


Nurture Skin with Honey

I confess, when I am nervous or distracted, I tend to pick at my cuticles, gross, I know. Dry skin around my nails is a curse for me. 666 more words


Be on the Lookout for Phytophthora on Lavender

Phytophthora has shown up on scattered plants in a few lavender fields in southern Ontario. The disease is showing up even in high areas of the field, which is unusual for this disease and several different cultivars have been affected. 555 more words