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A Tale of Two Lavenders

Herbs are notoriously finicky in the house in the winter. It’s not their fault. There’s not enough light for them, and it’s either too dry (for some) or too wet (since many of us tend to over-water and therefore love our plants to death!) 399 more words


Acramite Miticide Registered for Use on Herbs and Mint

by: Jim Chaput, Minor Use Coordinator, OMAFRA

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) recently announced the approval of a minor use label expansion registration for Acramite® Miticide (bifenazate) for control of two spotted spider mites on crop group 19A, herbs and mint in Canada. 276 more words


Yarrow and Calendula Healing Cream

A new batch of precious Yarrow and Calendula Healing Cream has been hatched at http://www.herbalistscotland.com!  Healing raw skin, scratches and grazes with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, skin-healing herbs and added Frankincense. 91 more words


History and Mystery: Brother Cadfael

It is no secret I consume mysteries like potato chips (or crisps if you’d rather). This found me working in and frequenting used book stores to keep the cost of the habit within reasonable limits.The habit also taught me to always look for good writers who can maintain a  long series. 1,165 more words

Life's Conundrums

Condimento Picado

Moment of truth?  This is really a garnish.  In actuality, it’s a garnish that’s a relish, but “Condimento Picado” just sounds so much better than “Minced Relish”, doesn’t it?  1,084 more words

Gluten Free

How to Treat a Cold with Herbs

I get asked a lot what I do to treat a cold, and I wish it was a simple one word answer.
I make herbal tinctures to have ready on hand when the germs invade, and I also use essential oils, herbal teas and herbaceous soups. 482 more words

Natural Health

Faith, Hope and Brain Tumors

It’s Christmas time again. This time last year we were just getting through my whole breast cancer fiasco, feeling quite jubilant that things were looking good. 2,271 more words

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