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Washing Hair

Let me start this off by saying I have thick, coarse (tee hee, spelled that wrong the first time), curly (not ringlet curls) hair. It has been a battle almost my entire life. 487 more words

Cream of Green Springtime Soup

It was drizzly, and rather chilly today…you may have heard…it’s Spring!  Soup seemed like the perfect antidote to not-so-perfect weather.  This soup has everything green and everything springtime in it.  769 more words

Gluten Free

Basil (Ocimum basilicum)

Basil is a nerve tonic and a natural tranquilliser which is perfect if you are feeling stressed and need some gentle calming. It lifts fatigue, helps with anxiety and depression, an all round mood enhancer. 22 more words


Lemon Basil Cookies

1 cup fresh lemon-basil leaves

1 3/4 cups sugar, divided

1 pound butter, softened

1/4 cup lemon juice

1 large egg

6 cups all-purpose flour… 76 more words


Harden Off Seedlings Before Planting

When you head out to your garden on a chilly morning, it takes you some time to acclimate to the weather. After you’ve done some digging or weeding for 15 minutes or so, you might peel off a layer of clothing as your body warms up. 435 more words


Salmonberry Leaf Tea

I’ve finally had the chance to taste test some tea made from local shrubbery. I had collected leaves from Salmonberry bushes(Rubus spectabilis) that I could find far enough from main roads to make me comfortable. 127 more words


Dandelion Oil - Part Two

Part two of dandelion oil! I had read online, from multiple sources, that the moisture content in the flower heads can lead to a jar of rotten slop. 172 more words