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Herbal Pills vs Tinctures

Herbal pills have come under scrutiny for having no active ingredients and unhealthy additives. Pills are usually filled with dried up and ground herbs, which oxidize and weaken herbal effectiveness as essential oil content and other constituents degrade. 148 more words

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How to Make a Perfect Cup of Tea

Beeyoutiful announced this month the recent purchase of MoreThanAlive.com. Along with the company came an inventory of great herbs and other amazing products such as bulk foods, scarves and hair sticks, to name just a few. 313 more words

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Chores into Rituals.

Bringing magick into your life can be as simple as lighting as candle and focusing your intent. but there are loads of other simple ways to to be more connected during your daily life. 266 more words


Chicken and.....

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are versatile, easy to prepare and naturally lower in fat and calories than many other meat options. By itself, though, chicken can be quite boring.  1,032 more words

Healthy Italian Cooking


The Daffodils are in bloom and Day’s are growing longer. The sun is blessing us with his presence, well down here in Dorset.

So this week i started my magickal garden in celebration of Ostara. 183 more words