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Phytophthora Root Rot of Lavender: Management on Transplants

This is the time of year that many orders go into propagators for next year’s lavender planting.  Over the past two years there have been many reports of Phytophthora root rot on lavender, and many of these reports can be traced back to contaminated plant material at planting. 1,369 more words


Magic of Herbs: Sunflower Power

If you’ve ever received a social media message from me, chances are you’re familiar with how much I enjoy the sunflower emoji. It’s my favorite flower, and it’s filled with the kind of energy I am dedicated to evoking in my healing work. 529 more words


Seed Collecting

Seeds are the life givers in the garden. They carry on tradition of food, flavors and flowers from many generations past. Stories are told through the years about seeds tucked in a saddlebag on a long journey or cherished heirlooms from Europe carried for hundreds of miles to be planted in a new homestead. 905 more words

New @ The Witch's Corner ~ Incense Blends!

I’ve been having So Much Fun blending — and burning! — my own incense.  I’ve added this product to The Witch’s Corner with three incenses:  #1 Love ~ Romantic Love/Self-love/Positive Energy; #2 Meditation; #3 Cleansing/Purifying.  31 more words

Amythyst Raine

Garlic ("Chinese") Chives is hereby announced as "herb of the month"

I’m not very disciplined about posting an herb of the month but after Charlett remarked on the remarkable white blossoms on my patch of garlic chives, I thought I should give them the spotlight for September. 54 more words


Get Steamy

When herbs are subjected to heat they release their essential oils. In that essence are all the healing fragrant qualities we know and love. Now imagine a warm steaming tub of water (with you in it, of course) filled with fragrant herbs to relax your mind and muscles and soften and heal skin. 61 more words